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Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 14 - Fall 1993 - 60 pages


Edited by: Yvonne John & Yvonne Johnston

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DAtZ   Editorial Items & Essays
Issue 1

Cover Art by John F. Fique

     Progress Report by Katherine Kurtz
   Issue 2      Quill's Point by Yvonne John & Yvonne Johnston
  Issue 3  
   Thoughts on the Landscape and Geography
of Gywnedd by Shelagh Gorringe
  Issue 4
Issue 5     Deryni Saga Calendar by Jack M. Baldwin
Issue 6
Issue 7 Stories & Poetry
Issue 8      Beth's Journey by Julianne Toomey
Issue 9      A Deryni Letter by Mark W. Klinger & Jeffery D. Olson
Issue 10      Magic Lost by Elizabeth L. Baldwin
Issue 11      Death Debt by Mary Robertson
Issue 12      Elegy for Evaine by Anne M. Valley
Issue 13 Art Credits
Issue 14
Shelagh Gorringe John F. Fique  Hannah Shapero  Brenda Tropnski 
Calligrapher: Joan M. Verba
Issue 15
Issue 16
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20