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Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 2 - July 1979  - 34 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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DAtZ   Editorial Items & Essays
Issue 1

Cover Art by Lee McMahon

     Status Report from Katherine Kurtz
   Issue 2      Other Worlds of Interest to Deryni Fans
  Issue 3        Notes from Grecotha by Dennis Jarog
  Issue 4      Our Cover Heraldry by B. Fraser
Issue 5      Ex Cathedra: Architecture of the XI Kingdoms by James-Phillip Llewllyn
Issue 6      A Rebuttal to "Psi-magic-Laran" by Fiona Griffiths
Issue 7
Issue 8 Stories
Issue 9    Lords of Sorandor, Part II by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 10
Issue 11 Music
Issue 12


    Gwydion's Song by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 13     Deryni Spellsong by Suellen Plonski
Issue 14 Art Credits
Issue 15
Sir Lee McMahon James-Phillip Llewllyn Lynne Czarnecki 
Patricia Munson Michael C. Mahaney Sven Allyn 
Issue 16
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20