Deryni Archives The Zine - Issue 1 Details

Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 1 - December 1978  - 35 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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DAtZ   Editorial Items
Issue 1

Cover Art by Lee McMahon

     Quill and Pounce by Katherine Kurtz
   Issue 2      Update on the "Naming of Morgan" by Katherine Kurtz
  Issue 3        Preliminary Dispatch from the Lord Commander by Zack Richardson
  Issue 4
Issue 5 Stories
Issue 6      Lords of Sorandor, Part I by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 7   
Issue 8 Art Credits 
Issue 9      Sir Lee McMahon
Issue 10      James-Phillip Llewllyn
Issue 11      Mary Jean Holmes
Issue 12


     Joyce O'Dell
Issue 13      Katherine Kurtz
Issue 14      
Issue 15 Essays
Issue 16      About our Cover: A Crash course on Deryni Heraldry by B. Fraser
Issue 17      From the Duke of Corywn's Kitchen : Christmas at Castle Coroth by J.M. Bishop
Issue 18      Psi-magic-Laran: A Comparison of the Darkover Novels of Marion Zimmer Bradley 
Issue 19                and The Deryni Novels of Katherine Kurtz by Dennis Jarog
Issue 20      In The Beginning: The Birth of the Deryni Series by Katherine Kurtz
     Deryni Fandom, In the Beginning by Dennis Jarog
     From the Royal Wardrobe by Fiona Griffiths