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Deryni Archives - The Magazine 


Issue 19  - Autumn 2003 - 110 pages

Edited by: Julianne Toomey-Kautz 

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Editorial Items

Deryni Archives Issue 19 Front Cover
Front by Kathi Spivey

Deryni Archives 19 Back Cover
Back by Melissa Houle

     Progress Report by Katherine Kurtz

     Editorial by Julianne Toomey-Kautz

     Deryni Ink: Letters of Comment

 Our Contributors

     Spring Fling in Rhemuth Logic Puzzle by Kiri

      Deryni Wall Map Information By Grey Ghost Press
     Art Credits:  Melissa Houle &  Kathi Spivey
The Oak and the Swan: A Caeriessan Epithalamion 
      by Beverly Allen
Lyrical poetry about the great love between the two children of the founders of "Lost Caeriesse"
Deryni Night Before Christmas by Mary Alice Kropp
An excellent Deryni take on Clement Clark Moore's classic Christmas poem.


Return Journey by Susan Werner 
Sends two old men, who were young at the time of the sacking of St. Neot's, back to the place of their many memories.
Hay is for Horses by Katy Colby
The story of one Mearan widow's reaction to her husband's death at the hands of Donal Haldane. How she protects her children from the King's directives makes a gripping story!
Conversion of Life by Samuel Wise
A story in two parts. In A Soldier's Curse, two young men - little more than boys - meet on the Mearan battlefield; one must consign the other to prison. When he is much older, he seeks forgiveness from the other, who is now a priest. In part two, The Price of Faith, an old priest who is responsible for the test of merasha at priestly ordinations must decide whether or not to help Denis Arilan pass the ordeal. His actions are tempered by the earlier part of the story.
Balachan Math by Sharon Henderson
A sweet and wonderful story of Duncan McLain, at four years old, already impressing visiting prelates. It's also the story of his mother's care and concern for her Deryni son.
Second Encounter by Mary Alice Kropp
Another look at the mermaid. This time, Alaric Morgan gets to meet her and receives a warning of piracy!
Heart of a Healer by C.H. Specht
The story of Analia, who is good with animals and who comes to the attention of the Deryni Duke of Corwyn as a potential Healer.