Deryni Archives The Zine - Issue 3 Details

Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 3 - October 1979  - 34 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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Issue 1

Cover by Michael C. Mahaney

Editorial Items
   Issue 2      Status Report from Katherine Kurtz
  Issue 3        We get letters - with answers from Katherine
  Issue 4      From Cambers Library: Suggested Reading
Issue 5      Other Worlds of Interest to Deryni Fans
Issue 6
Issue 7 Poetry & Music
Issue 8      Poet to Shadows by Lohr E. Miller
Issue 9      Young Cathan by Derek Foster
Issue 10      Saint Camber by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 11      The Burden of the Crown by Derek Foster
Issue 12


Issue 13 Essays
Issue 14      In The Beginning: The Birth of the Deryni Series Part III by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 15      Of Interest to Miniature Builders by Valerie Singler & Terri Nevins
Issue 16      Deryni Rising - The Proposal by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 17      On Heraldry and Habiliments of the Order of St. Michael by Katherine Kurtz & Michael C. Mahaney
Issue 18      Decessi Mundi (Divergent Worlds?): The Known History of the Deryni by Ereland of Dundarave
Issue 19      The Heraldic Field, Ordinaries, and Sub-ordinaries by B. Fraser
Issue 20
Art Credits
Michael C. Mahaney Lynda K. Yamamoto    Caryl McHarney
Patricia Munson Diana L. Paxson
Mary Wood Jay Freeman
Calligraphy:  Caryl McHarney