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Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 5  - October 1980  - 36 pages


Edited by: Julianne Toomey

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DAtZ   Editorial Items & Essays
Issue 1

     Progress Report from Katheine Kurtz
   Issue 2      From Camber's Library: Suggested Background Reading
  Issue 3        Other Worlds of Interest to Deryni Fans
  Issue 4      Gnostic Influences in the Gywnedd Church by Dennis Jarog
Issue 5      Cadency by B. Fraser
Issue 6      The Paranormal: Definitions, Etiquette, and Ethics by Orion Hubbard
Issue 7      A Glossary of Psi Phenomena by Orion Hubbard
Issue 8
Issue 9 Stories
Issue 10      Lover to Shadows, Part 2 by Lohr E. Miller
Issue 11
Issue 12 Poetry & Music
Issue 13      Fair Fallen Lord by Katherine Kurtz
Issue 14      Thank God I'm Deryni by Deirdre & Mary Murphy
Issue 15 Art Credits
Issue 16
Thomas Dietz Michael C. Mahaney B. Fraser
Lynda K. Yamamoto Lynne Anne Goodwin Sweyn Allen
Calligraphy:    B. Fraser
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20