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Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 4 - May 1980  -  38 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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DAtZ   Editorial Items & Essays
Issue 1

     Progress Report from Katherine Kurtz
   Issue 2      Our Cover Story by Thomas Deitz
  Issue 3        Other Worlds of Interest to Deryni Fans
  Issue 4      From Camber's Library: Suggested Background Reading
Issue 5      Basic Blazoning by B. Fraser
Issue 6      Arthurian Elements in the Later Haldane Kings by Dennis Jarog
Issue 7
Issue 8 Stories, Poetry, & Fun Stuff
Issue 9      Lover to Shadows - Part I by Lohr B. Miller
Issue 10      The Final Spell by Derek Foster
Issue 11      The Choice by Pete Hylton 
Issue 12


     Cross-Universal Whimsy by Dennis Jarog et al
Issue 13      A Diversion of Ranks and Files by E. Amber Drake
Issue 14      
Issue 15  Art Credits
Issue 16
Thomas Deitz James Bozarth Lynne Anne Goodwin
Mary Jean Holmes Michael C. Mahaney Lynda K. Yamamoto
Sweyn Allyn Patricia Munson B. Fraser

Cathy Brown

Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20
Calligrapher:   B. Fraser