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Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 8 -  June 1982  -  36 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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DAtZ   Editorial Items
Issue 1

Cover Art by Hannah Shapero

     Progress Report from Katherine Kurtz
   Issue 2
  Issue 3   Essays
  Issue 4
The Camber Embroidery: Report of the Royal Gwynedd 
      Archaeological Society on the Findings at Dun Cymbr 
by Rhiannon Evans
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7      Titles and Forms of Address in Gwynedd by B. Fraser
Issue 8      The Myth of the Independent Episcopate by Dennis Jarog
Issue 9
Issue 10 Stories
Issue 11      Season of the Sword Part II by Lohr E. Miller
Issue 12      Birthright by Marj Ihssen
Issue 13 Art Credits
Issue 14
Mary Jean Holmes Marj Ihssen Laura Jefferson
Hannah Shapero Dineh Torres Lee Vibber
Calligraphy:  B. Fraser
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Issue 16
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
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