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Deryni Archives - The Magazine 


Issue 18  - Summer 2002  - 129 pages

Edited by: Julianne Toomey-Kautz & Laura Jefferson

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Editorial Items


     Progress Report by Katherine Kurtz

     Editorial by Laura Jefferson & Julianne Toomey-Kautz

     Deryni Ink: Letters of Comment

     Deryni On the 'Net

     Our Contributors

     Crossword Puzzle by Kiri

     Art Credits:  Hannah Shapero     Kathi Spivey


Ballad of a Dynasty's Dawning by Beverly Allen

Lyrical poetry about the founding of Lost Caeriesse that sank beneath the sea

The Ring by James Wittenauer

A poetic recounting of a Haldane's first experience of the Ring of Fire's power.


Undamned Deryni by Susan Werner 
Explores the question of what happened to the children of those Deryni who were blocked by Healers. One mother discovers that her son is not only Deryni, but also a Healer and she must decide what to do to keep him safe from his Deryni-hating father.
Close Encounter by Mary Alice Kropp
Tells the story of Sean Lord Derry and a most unusual meeting with...of all things... a mermaid! Or is she a sea nymph, as she prefers to be called. Do you think Morgan will
ever believe it?
Where Fancy is Bred by Sharon Henderson
 A riotous tale of Nigel Haldane, appointed Official Cupid to the Court of King Kelson, and
what happens when he completely forgets the Feast of Saint Valentine - thus ensuring that the King also forgets his first Valentine's Day as a married man. Delightful scheming on the part of the lords and their ladies make this story one to be savored over and over.
Reconciliation by Melissa Houle
Focuses on the same series of events, but from the perspective of Araxie and Kelson. Read it to discover whether or not the men have to spend the night in the Royal Kennels for
their lack of forethought!
Sheltering Branches by Martine A. Lynch
Tells the story of Kelson's and Araxie's oldest daughter, Evaine, who was born deaf. Now, as a young woman, does she find her own true love in Kelric, the Duke of Corwyn's son? Read this sweet story to find out.

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