Deryni Archives The Zine - Issue 06 Details

Deryni Archives - The Magazine

Issue 6  - February 1981  - 32 pages


Edited by: Katherine Kurtz

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DAtZ   Editorial Items & Essays
Issue 1

     Progress Report from Katherine Kurtz

   Issue 2      From Camber's Library: Suggested Background Reading
  Issue 3        Other Worlds of Interest to Deryni Fans
  Issue 4      A Liturgical Calendar
Issue 5      Marshalling Arms by B. Fraser
Issue 6      The Lesser of God's Creations by Dennis Jarog
Issue 7      Notes on Matrix Technology by Orion Hubbard
Issue 8      The Four Archangels by Antoinette Brenion
Issue 9      Rushlights by Beverly J. Miller
Issue 10
Issue 11 Stories, Poetry, & Music
Issue 12


     Windows on the Soul by Mary Frances Zambreno
Issue 13      Gabrielite Invocation to the Archangels by Dom Melchior
Issue 14            Reincarnation by Dante Gabriel Rosetti (Sudden Light)
Issue 15 Art Credits
Issue 16
Lynne Anne Goodwin Sven Allyn Dom Melchior
Lynda K. Yamamoto Dineh Torres B. Fraser
Calligraphy: B. Fraser
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20