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Deryni Archives - The Magazine 


Issue 17  - Summer 2001  -  178 pages

Edited by: Julianne Toomey-Kautz & Laura Jefferson

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Editorial Items

Progress Report by Katherine Kurtz  

Editorial by Laura Jefferson & Julianne Toomey-Kautz  

Deryni Ink: Letters Of Comment  


Our Contributors

Crossword Puzzle by Melissa Houle

Art Credits: Melissa Houle, Carolyn White-Shilts, Aislinn

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Issue 17Poetry & Music
Issue 18
Issue 19Lament for a Lost Land by Beverly Allen
Issue 20
A song/poem of the long lost land of Caeriesse and its foretold return.
Deryni: The Musical by Melissa Houle and Linda Richardson
You have to read these song adaptations to believe them! The Lusty Festil Lass or Where are the Simple Joys of Tyranny? would have Lerner and Lowe rolling in their graves. These songs and many others are why we've taken to calling this collection Camber-lot. (If you don't at least smile, you aren't human.)
Domine non sum Dignus by Julianne Toomey-Kautz
This poem is an adjunct to the Healer's Hymn.

The Messenger by Julianne Toomey-Kautz

Bishop Alister and Father Joram set up a network of riders to warn the outlying border lords of the Lords Regents' intentions toward Deryni. What happens when young Lord Jonathan runs afoul of Baron Rhun's army out on "maneuvers"?

Dyeing for Justice by Linda Epstein

A tale of a young Deryni lord named Padrig and his encounter with the infamous Rannulf, Lord Vaudemont (from early in the Camber books). Will Rannulf capture and subdue the lad or will Padrig surprise him?
The Lion Rampant by Katherine Ward
Tells the story of how the Crimson Lion was commissioned by Queen Michaela and of the artisan who created it.

Choices by Mary Alice Kropp

A young, recently-ordained Denis Arilan has a clandestine group who help smuggle Deryni out of danger. What will he decide when a boy is caught and is destined to be burned at the stake by Archbishop De Nore and Father Gorony?

Beds of Roses by Sharon Henderson

Nigel and Meraude are on a greatly deserved holiday with their two children, Conall and Rory. They have received orders from their king to "relax and rest" or be considered treasonous. What does all this have to do with roses and gardening gloves? Read this delightful story and find out!

The Unstained Gift by Kendall Boyd

Kelson, Alaric and Duncan have received word of a remote village that has two trained, Gabrilite Healers. What do they learn? Can our two lovable rogue Deryni receive training in their Healing gifts?
The Princess of Meara by Marion Moebus
Ever wonder about Deryni in our time? This story tells of Bronwyn, Princess of Meara, who doesn't believe in Deryni nor in magic - until she has an encounter with a strange man hooded and cloaked in grey. Her life cannot be the same again.