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Deryni Archives Issue #20 Cover Deryni Archives - The Magazine
Issue 20  - Autumn 2009 - 150 pages
Edited by: Julianne Toomey-Kautz 
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This Issue is Specially Dedicated to:

Kim Bergman-Warriner (Sedina)  Pat Nolan (Wrengl) 

and   Susan Werner (Our Mistress of Complications)

fellow fans who have passed on, whom we love and dearly miss.
Front Cover     
Editorial Items
    Progress Report by Katherine Kurtz
    Editorial by Julianne Toomey-Kautz
    Deryni Ink: Letters of Comment
Our Contributors
    Puzzles (Jumble and Wordfind) by Kiri  (see note at bottom)
    Art Credits:  Melissa Houle, Kathi Spivey,
                          & Pyracantha (Hannah M.G. Shapero)

   Soultide: An epic poem of Cariesse by Beverly Allen

   I Shared a Dream by Cynthia Shipley
         A poem of gratitude to Katherine for reminding us that intolerance 
         exists not only in the Deryni world, but also in our own
   Journey of a Thousand... by Julianne Toomey-Kautz 
           What befalls when a young woman from the 21st Century 
             is pulled into Camber's Gwynedd?
   Bequest by Melissa Houle
           A teenaged Alaric Morgan is learning that being an 
             openly-known Deryni is not an easy thing.
   Forgotten Words by Sharon Henderson
          Duncan and Jared share a quiet moment to grieve 
            Kevin's and Bronwyn's deaths
   Vision of a King by Linda Epstein (aka Jessie)
          On Kelson's wedding day, as Jehana visits Brion's tomb, 
          someone puts in a ghostly appearance.
   Demon Child by Mary Alice Kropp
           What if a Deryni child doesn't develop shields? 
   A Midsummer Fancy by Martine Lynch
             Saint John's Day, Midsummer Day, sees Dhugal enjoying the    
                company of a lady fair. Will it come to anything?
   Precious Gift by Cherie Cornmesser
              Kelson gifts Araxie with a ferret, 
                   who finds and makes more trouble than imaginable!
   Quarter Calls
              By a number of people from the now defunct newsgroup   
                at alt.books.deryni - laughing out loud funny!
Note about the Jumble Puzzle.  
          Due to an unforseen printing error it is unclear which letters create 
          the solution.   Therefore the puzzle (not the solution) is avaliable 
          in pdf format for download and printing here. [click]