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Current Editor: Julianne Toomey-Kautz
Issue 1 Have you ever dreamed of being Deryni? 

Issue 2 

Issue 3 Ever thought that you'd like to spend some time in Katherine Kurtz's Gwynedd? 
Issue 4      
Issue 5 Ever wanted to go play there with the characters you've known for years?
Issue 6 Ever thought that life in Gywnedd, or as a Deryni, would be .  .  .
Issue 7 if not exactly fun, then certainly never boring? 
Issue 8
Issue 9 Then we have a zine for you! 
Issue 10      
  Deryni Archives, the Zine is a printed magazine
Issue 11 originally started by Katherine Kurtz in 1978
Issue 12      
Issue 13 It continues to publish fan fiction based upon Katherine Kurtz's 
Issue 14 series of fantasy novels about the Kingdom of Gwynedd and the Deryni.
Issue 15      
    Issue 20 now available!!!
Issue 16 This issue contains one-hundred and fifty pages
Issue 17 of Deryni stories, poetry, artwork, puzzles, as well as a
Issue 18 Progress Report from Katherine, and an editorial introduction.
Issue 19      
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Back Issues re-printed by request
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