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Warning:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action.


No Chats -- January 1st, 8th, 15th, & 23rd 2006

29 January 2006

  • 48 Minutes, 16 Participants

  • Well wishes and such from the holidays

  • Kathering & Scott are working "madly" on the house

  • Childe Morgan is done, release will be in the autumn. 

  • Discussion of the cover for Childe 

  • Wrengl survived her first chemo treatment (yay!)

  • Moving 

  • Animal transport / travel 

No Chats -- February 6th & 26th 2006

12 February 2006

  • 42 minutes, 10 Participants

  • The house is finally coming together.

  • Travel and Snow

  • Bart's uncle has passed away. Our sympathies.

  • Cats

  • Fan Fiction writing

  • Jehana & Barrett's relationship. Jehana's views in general .

  • Scott isn't writing - he says he has no office (renovations) that's his story and he's sticking to it until house situation is resolved!

  • Katherine's plans for Scott's birthday

  • Parents and Alzheimer's

19 February 2006

  • 27 minutes, 12 Participants
  • Health updates on different folks.

  • A ban on Cancer was proposed.

  • Katherine spent several hours this week re-organizing website material

  • Hats, hair loss and style!

  • Books, TV and Sci-Fi Writing

  • Olympics

No Chats -- March & April 2006

No Chats -- May 7th, 14th, & 21st 2006

28 May 2006

  • 75 minutes, 16 Participants
  • Holybrooke officially goes on the market on Thursday. 
  • The copy-edited manuscript of Childe Morgan arrives tomorrow, and must be back by mid-June. 
  • Laura sends her hellos via Wrengl
  • Cats
  • Spamalot
  • Items served at Rhemuth Castle.. 
  • Ice Cream... 
  • Panera 

No Chats -- June 4th, 11th, & 18th 2006

25 June 2006

  • 11 minutes, 11 Participants
  • Katherine just finished reviewing the copy edited manuscript of Childe Morgan

  • Today was auction day for Holybrooke - lots of interest.

  • A health update on Wrengl

  • talk about the record heat in the US.

  • Ships and sailing

  • Darkover

No Chats -- July 2nd & 9th 2006

16 July 2006

  • 79 minutes, 14 Participants

  • Katherine was away the past two Sundays, a party and last week Pirates! 

  • The Heat (weather), nad options for staying cool! 

  • An update on Wrengl's health

  • Beer, types of beer, ales, other alcoholic beverages. 

  • Katherine & Scott's Castle buying adventures

  • JastaElf turned up! she's ok, the fall from her horse wasn't serious. 

  • Duck sent greetings via Wrengl. 

  • Katherine is ready to start Childe III right after they get moved. 

  • Childe II will be out in time for Christmas.

  • DaVinci Code and other books were discussed 

23 July 2006

  • 52 minutes, 9 Participants
  • Edgar (the cat) health

  • Katherine's moving plans.

  • Castle differences and what they want to live in.

  • Update on Wrengl's health.

  • Alphabet silliness

  • Travel plans / reading during vacation options

  • Katherine worked on High Deryni this week.

30 July 2006

  • 35 minutes, 14 Participants

  • Bengal Cats / Cat talk in general

  • sale of Holybrooke

  • Katherine's new house/castle & the move

  • She's polishing High Deryni

  • Katherine has the page proofs for Child Morgan, to be done by Aug 17th.

  • Wrengl's Health 

  • The heat waves and overall weather for everyone.

06 August 2006 - No Chat

13 August 2006

  • 19 minutes, 12 Participants

  • Katherine did finish proofing Childe Morgan this week; but still has to do some corrections. 

  • Katherine had guests last week. 

  • It is possible they will sign the last of the house papers tomorrow! 

  • They plan to move in a couple of weeks. 

  • Edgar has made an amazing comeback! Yay! 

  • Bynw is waiting for his new bengal kittens. they arrive in 2 weeks [photos here! the 4 silver kittens half way down the page ]

  • Welcome to Albertus! 

  • Bynw gave Wrengl tips on Seattle tourism! 

  • Wrengl is feeling great this week!




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