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February 19th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

Ambush The_Bee Jemler
Kelos al-Hazar KK Mistyck
Natlog RainbowDragon Samuel
Slobbit Tika Wrengl

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ Hi, guys.

~KK~ Wait--what's this? Bynw-hospital?

~jemler~ a reverent silence fall across the hall

~Mistyck~ RD and Jemler: Paul also starred in the spin-off movie, Highlander: Endgame, and is as of 2005 filming the 5th Highlander movie entitled Highlander: The Source in Lithuania.

~RainbowDragon~ Bynw's mom is in the hospital

~the_Bee~ visiting his mom

*** KK Quit

~Mistyck~ woops

~RainbowDragon~ ack!

* KK re-joins and is welcomed back by everyone

~Mistyck~ from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Paul

~the_Bee~ did we scare her of???!!!!

~KK~ Ack, I booted myself out. What's this, Bynw-hospital? (Can't read the last few letters.)

~Mistyck~ visiting his Mom

~KK~ ah.

~the_Bee~ bynw's mom is in the hospital awaiting surgery

~KK~ Nothing too serious, I hope.

~the_Bee~ lung cancer :(

~Mistyck~ Per Tika (who seems to be away), they think they caught the lung cancer in time

~KK~ Yike! Entirely too much cancer going around.

~jemler~ My aunt had cancer on her brain.

~Mistyck~ very true. how are you doing Katherine?

~Wrengl~ i like shiral's plan to ban cancer

~KK~ Well, I spent several hours today reorganizing the website material. This will take a week or so, I suspect. I'm fine. I have a Gus on my lap, biting my hands when I try to type.

~Tika~ heya KK

~KK~ Hi, Tika.

~Tika~ yes Bynw is visiting marnin today

~RainbowDragon~ reorganizing the website as well as updating the information?

~the_Bee~ now, now Gus--licking, not biting

~KK~ Both. We're refining it, and losing 2 of the 3 versions. Takes up too much space, and is too hard to maintain.

~RainbowDragon~ ahhh, sounds good

~KK~ Licking is also distracting.

~Wrengl~ true but it is less painful than biting

~the_Bee~ but less panful--unless it's your eyelids

~KK~ Mostly, though, he tries to bite the rings and knuckles.

~Mistyck~ or claws digging in

~Wrengl~ true

~KK~ Mind you, I haven't yet started actually updating my bits--but at least I now know what I need to do.

~Tika~ heh Neko was doing something similar to my son's hands at marnin's house earlier when he was online there

~Mistyck~ that's always good :)

~Wrengl~ that is good

~KK~ wrengl! hurrah!

~Wrengl~ we had a great week in atlantic city, katherine, although I missed you last sunday!and all we lost there was my hair! tee hee i am nearly an egghead

~Mistyck~ lol Pat

~samuel~ How goes the hunt for a new home? have you decided on a bit north or back across the pond yet?

~slobbit~ bald is sexy

~Wrengl~ i am not the sexy type

~jemler~ why do you think Telly Savalas always said "Who loves ya baby?

~Mistyck~ everyone can be the sexy type Wrengl ;)

~slobbit~ there's no such thing as not sexy

~Wrengl~ but kathi suggested i should get a wig since i will still not have hair for worldcon or our alaska cruise after it

~slobbit~ so sez me A friend of mine did the scarf thing

~Tika~ you could get a pretty scarf, Wrengl

~slobbit~ she had rather a lot of them, and very stylish

~Wrengl~ and we did get a lot of work done on the fourteen chapters i've written so far

~Tika~ great minds... ;)

~Mistyck~ you can always do a Kashmiri head-dress thing :)

~slobbit~ yay for progress!

* ambush joins and is greeted by everyone

~Tika~ lol

~the_Bee~ a turban

~ambush~ hey

~Mistyck~ very cool Pat

~jemler~ Caught by Ambush

~Wrengl~ so far just crocheted hats kathi has made me

* Kelos_al-Hazar joins and is greeted by everyone

~ambush~ hiyas kk and gang

~slobbit~ I have uploaded my final Boskone report if anyone's interested

~Mistyck~ Bee: Kashmiri head-dress for women is VERY ornate :)

* Kelos_al-Hazar waves to the crowd and bows to KK.

~natlog~ turban trick I learned from a former boss: use a

shoulder pad on top of your head to make it look fuller

~Wrengl~ first I need to get used to wearing hats

~slobbit~ oh, I hate hats

~Wrengl~ so do i. even my bush hat spends most of it's time on my neck!

~the_Bee~ hats=winter headwarmers. winter wonderland

~KK~ Could always do a Minbari headdress....

~Mistyck~ yep

~the_Bee~ Minbari?

~samuel~ babylon 5

~Wrengl~ true

~Mistyck~ Babylon 5

~jemler~ no, go Centauri!

~samuel~ nobody knows what ever happened to Babylon 4

~KK~ Not to mention 1,2,3.

~jemler~ It was sent back in time with Sinclair (aka Valen)

~Mistyck~ Ryan and I are watching Season Two of "Highlander"

~the_Bee~ I started getting scifi for a couple of weeks, but

then it stopped

~samuel~ if I recall.... 1, 2, 3 were destroyed by

sabatoge..... but I could be wrong since I haven't seen it since

Season 1.

~KK~ I was just watching the tail-end of Starship Troopers--still a great flick!

~ambush~ coolness...

~Wrengl~ 1,2,3,and 4 were all lost due to a timewarp

~ambush~ yep

~Wrengl~ well 4 went back in time to help with a war back in time

~jemler~ kk, wasn't Starship Trooperson Stargate SG-1on Friday?

~KK~ I never really followed that series, though I liked the episodes I saw.

~KK~ I dunno. It was just shown on RTE1.

~samuel~ later all. time for me to get back to my book.

** Everyone bids Samuel farewell.

~the_Bee~ I get SG-1 and SGA a year late in syndication

~natlog~ yes, they mentioned Starship troopers on stargate friday night

* samuel Quit (Quit: see, I'm slowing down a little bit.....)

~KK~ Ah. Heinlein really wrote a good one in that.

~the_Bee~ I hardly get any cable channels. I need cable just

to get the broadcastr channels :(

~KK~ On the other hand, I recently reread his Friday, which is...strange.

~jemler~ I like Turner Classic Movies.

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ Cable is (IMHO) a ripoff.

~Wrengl~ heinlien's early books were often really good!

~KK~ Not if you don't get good terrestrial reception.

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ (Locally, I was paying close to $2 a channel,

and that was ridiculous.

~Wrengl~ yes friday is strange and so is stranger in a strange land, although it is decades since i read that

~the_Bee~ I've been reading Nancy Kress's books lately

~KK~ Actually, satellite is even better.

~Wrengl~ we like cable

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is good, too...and the source of "TANSTAAFL" LOL

~jemler~ I've been reading Jeffrey Deaver. Great crime stories.

~the_Bee~ my building doesn't allow satellites--nothing on the roof or outside walls

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)

~Wrengl~ i am waiting to get the new sneaky pie brown mystery

~the_Bee~ I love those!

~Wrengl~ me two i also like the susan connant dog lover mysteries

~ambush~ oh, i havent gotten much written with my fanfic yet...but i'm getting close to the first three or four pages being done

~jemler~ me almost three

~KK~ Look for a quirky little novel called Kitty and the Midnight Hour, about a radio talk-show host who gets call-ins from supernatural creatures and is, herself, a werewolf. It's really clever.

~Wrengl~ she knows her dog show/performance culture

~Mistyck~ very cool, ambush

~Wrengl~ i will

~ambush~ neko says 'hi' kk

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ The only disadvantage to satellite is that if electrical properties in the air are peaky (common in Alabama and Florida) you get lousy signal strength. Cable-run length makes a huge

difference, too.

~KK~ Give Neko a scritch for me.

~Wrengl~ i read a midnight louie mystery last year set at a science fiction convention in las vegas

~the_Bee~ Rita may Brown has another series involving hunting, horses and hounds--Sister Jane Arnold

~ambush~ he just looked up at the screen, pawed my hand, and meowed...

~ambush~ lol

~Mistyck~ heehee smart kitty :)

~Wrengl~ i don't need to start any more series i have a biography of stonewall jackson to finish then one of te lawrence to finish

~the_Bee~ I read a Midnight Louie parody of the Chthulhu stories

* Kelos_al-Hazar is still soldiering along on writing his (now-two volume) novel...

~Wrengl~ then fiery cross which i've been reading for a couple of years or more

~ambush~ well, he's whining about something...probably my choice of tv station

~Mistyck~ what are you watching?

~Wrengl~ probably

~ambush~ rush hour 2

~Wrengl~ have you fed him, ambush?

~KK~ Well, it's just been changing of the cats in my lap, and Sasha is telling me that it's bedtime--which sound sliske a good idea, since I spent about 3 hours on my hands and knees today, staining the ends of the stair treads.

*** Everyone bids Katherine farewell, good night, good staining, and a great week.

~slobbit~ how the heck does one pronounce "Chthulhu"?

~Wrengl~ that could be the problem, you know

~KK~ cu-thu-lu.

~Mistyck~ ahh..well, he probably doesn't like the movie then

* Kelos_al-Hazar needs to read "Fiery Cross" and the new book...

~ambush~ yes, i've fed him

~slobbit~ thanks, KK

~ambush~ lol

~Wrengl~ probably not going to read the next, not sure, although i have heard it said it is better

~Tika~ niters, happy staining :)

~KK~ Take care--and watch the Ice Dancing finals tomorrow from the Olympics. Tonight, nearly everyone fell down. It was amazing, though there were some good programs.

~Mistyck~ yep

~jemler~ i1 still don't know how they get ice to dance

~Kelos_al-Hazar~ Heh, Ms. Gabaldon might be able to give me a few warnings about how much 1200+ pages costs to duplicate at Kinkos'!

~the_Bee~ lol

~Mistyck~ lol Jemler

~RainbowDragon~ KK, please say a prayer for marnin

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.

~Wrengl~ yes indeed

~Wrengl~ have a good week katherine

~KK~ Prayers for all who need them! Nighters. (Quit)




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