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  • Overseen by Katherine Kurtz
  • Current Editors Julianne Toomey-Kautz & Laura Jefferson
  • 19 Issues to Date
  • Issue 20 to be released soon




   The 2005 Deryni Calendar by Melissa Houle
  • There will be no 2005 issue unless there is enough demand. [click here or the picture to contact artist] 
  • Containing the dates of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Saint's Days and other events in Deryni History
  • Includes a minimum of 13 Original Artworks by Melissa
Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis (A codex supplement) 
  • $15.00 [click here or the picture for ordering link]
  • Full Color reproductions of paintings depicting Kelson (front cover) and Araxie (back cover) plus 2 interior illustrations by Kathi Spivey
  • 21 illustrations from Melissa Houle
  • 60 pages of text
  • Laminated Covers, Linen Pages
  • Message from Katherine Kurtz 
  • Coil Binding

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