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May 28th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

Ambush The_Bee Bynw
Debbie-VB Dov Jemler
Kelric KK Martine
Mistyck RainbowDragon Samuel
Shiral Slobbit Tika

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

* Shiral waves back to tika =o)

~KK~ Hello, all!

~RainbowDragon~ How have you been?

~Shiral~ How goes the House Stuff?

~KK~ Busy!  The house officially goes on the market on Thursday.

~RainbowDragon~ good good!

~Mistyck~ very cool!

~Shiral~ Have you found an alternative nest to buy?

~Wrengl~ great about the house

~KK~ And the copy-edited manuscript of Childe Morgan arrives tomorrow, and must be back by mid-June.  Gak!  Great timing!

~Wrengl~ indeed

~KK~ Not yet.

~Shiral~ Gak, that's a quick turnaround

~KK~ We have some possibilities, but nothing definite yet.

~Wrengl~ good luck on the house hunting -- staying in Ireland?

~Shiral~ Hope you find a place before someone buys Holybrooke out from under you. Hard to write in the road. =o)

* the_Bee joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ They usually allow about three weeks, so this is on target. Even once it sells, we'll have at least 30 days before the sale is completed.

~KK~ Yes, we're staying in Ireland.

~Wrengl~ by the way, lbarms says hello to everyone

~Shiral~ Hello back to Laura

~KK~ How and where is she?

~Wrengl~ i shall tell her pretty busy

~KK~ So, is everyone having a good Memorial Day weekend?

~Mistyck~ so far yes

~Shiral~ Pretty tame, but pleasant enough

~the_Bee~ a fairly normal day for me.

~Wrengl~ she says: Things are OK here.  I had my first day off since returning from Emergency leave on the 19th of April.  It was nice to just relax for a day.  Give my greetings to the newsgroup for me. warm but nice

~jemler~ nice and warm here

~KK~ Do we know why she was on Emergency Leave?

~Wrengl~ made fried chicken last night with potato salad and broccali slaw

~the_Bee~ an that put laura on emergency leave?

~Wrengl~ grilling chicken thighs tonight that i parinated in a Jamaican garlic sauce and stones ginger wine

~KK~ Broccoli slaw?  As in, you shred broccoli?

~Shiral~ It must have been the Broccoli slaw that necessitated the emergency leave

~jemler~ No comment on that one, Wrengl

~Wrengl~ yup although it comes in a package, we could not find pre-shredded cabbage

~the_Bee~ I once had a recipe for chicken with garlic and sherry

~Wrengl~ laura's brother died suddenly

~the_Bee~ ah :(

~Shiral~ Oh dear, that's awful!

~Tika~ :(

~Mistyck~ oh no!

~Wrengl~ and i believe she had gone home because of death of father in law and then they found her brother

~Mistyck~ oh my god!

~KK~ We had rack of lamb with lots of garlic rubbed all over, for dinner tonight--a special treat.  It was yummy!

~Wrengl~ so the emergency leave was extended

~jemler~ Sounds like my family.

~KK~ Good heavens, poor Laura!

~Wrengl~ that sounds good katherine

~Shiral~ Poor Laura indeed. A double Whammy

~Bynw~ that sounds yummy KK ... need to have some of that

* Martine joins and is greeted by everyone

* slobbit joins and is greeted by everyone

~Martine~ Hi! How are you all?

~slobbit~ hi all

~ambush~ bad keyboard here

~ambush~ not gonna talk much

~Wrengl~ poor ambush

~Shiral~ You need to ambush a new keyboard, Ambush

~Tika~ lol

~Wrengl~ lol

~Wrengl~ but indeed you do

~ambush~ lol

~Martine~ Urgh..... full frontal kitty attack on lap.......

~Wrengl~ lol

~KK~ Which one, Martine?

~the_Bee~ if we develop our deryni mind powers we won't need keyboards ;)

~jemler~ ambush, you get a new keyboard, I'll learn to type!

~Wrengl~ we have rehomed violet and two of the babies

~Martine~ Rowena, of course. Ms Velcro.

~Wrengl~ lol jemler and locket ran away

~KK~ Violet was which one?

~Wrengl~ one of the charmed ones

~jemler~ KK Violet was the purple one!

~Martine~ lol

~Wrengl~ as was locket but he is not a nice kitty at all

~the_Bee~ I never saw a purple cat...

~Wrengl~ she and scarlett are solid black

~Shiral~ Purple Tabby--Very rare breed

~Wrengl~ they were named for the kitty collars we bought for them

~Martine~ Not that rare, Shiral. Rowena fits that description when she decides it's naptime on my stamping ink pads!

~Wrengl~ scarlett go out of hers immediately but violet kept hers on for months

~KK~ Well, I hope they went to good homes--not that you would allow them to go anywhere else.  Maybe they'll be happier there.

~ambush~ lol

~Wrengl~ probably

~Wrengl~ and fewer cats means less chaos in the house

~KK~ So, how many are you down to now?

~Shiral~ Tell me about it, Martine.  My paint pallette has little cat hairs stuck in all the little paint compartments

* Bynw wishes he had some chaos

~Wrengl~ i may even be able to put things back in the pantry so i can get at canned and jared goods!

~Shiral~ If a Painting doesn't have a cat hair on it, it ain't a Houle

~KK~ lol

~Wrengl~ four downstairs one on second floor and four on third

~KK~ Wrengl, I take it that your cats nest on the shelves?

~Wrengl~ although we would like to find homes for madam and scarlett also

~Wrengl~ yup

~Martine~ LOL Shiral! Just remember... in the crafting world,

fur is a fiber!

~Shiral~ Even two cats can fill an apartment

~the_Bee~ do you ever intentionally work the cat hairs into the design?

~jemler~ Try Tara for Scarlett, if you can find someone to give a damn :)

~Shiral~ Nina and Francesca have battles and chase each other around the whole apartment on a daily basis

~Wrengl~ this is true shiral

~Wrengl~ lol jemler

~jemler~ Someone got it huh? Poor joke!

~slobbit~ we're blaming our cat for the unexpected failure of our shower curtain rod yesterday

~slobbit~ it's a complete loss . . .

~Shiral~ I think upon reflection that bringing a pregnant teenage cat into Pan's later life must have been very stressful for the poor old dear

~Wrengl~ the big problem is that frankie (baby huey) flies around and he is big and less than graceful

~jemler~ Are you sure it wasn't Norman Bates?

~KK~ Oh, dear!  Been there, done that--or coped with that.

~slobbit~ the cat had that air of culpability about him Norman acted innocent enough

~Wrengl~ lol slobbit

~KK~ Actually, Shiral, a young cat can and usually does add years to an older cat's life; recharges them.

~Wrengl~ yes it does

~Shiral~ yes, kk

~Shiral~  And I think Pan did sometimes like the company

~Wrengl~ once he got used to the youngsters i am sure life was more interesting for him.

~slobbit~ even tho they might detract from the owners'

~Shiral~ But Nina bullied him--there's no way to sugarcoat that one. =o)

~Bynw~ i think a young cat can add years to an older dog's life too

~KK~ And I'm sure that Unca Pan enjoyed having the two young ladies around him in his last months.

~Martine~ LOL! I think Rowena must have been secretly tutoring Nina.

~jemler~ I would

~Bynw~ which is why Neko is still at my mom's house taking care of her and Peaches

~Shiral~ Francesca was more sedate company for him, and they did like cuddling up together in the cold

~Shiral~ But NIna pestered Unka Pan

~KK~ Nothing like another cat to help warm an old cat's bones.

~Wrengl~ well see he had a friend in francesca

~KK~ Kittens always pester older cats.

~Shiral~ This is true I was quite a sight this past winter-- me on the sofa

burried under three cats =o)

~Martine~ Aw! You should have had someone take a picture!

~Bynw~ must have been warm for you Shiral .... i liked being

burried under cats on a winter night

~Shiral~ Too late now, I guess. Ah well.

~Martine~ me too!

~Shiral~ I do too, Bynw. But it's a little easier under two

than three

~Martine~ Wish Rowena would stop the furry furnace act once the mercury rises above 80, though! *pant pant*

~jemler~ I'll stick with Cindy Crawford!

~Shiral~ LOL, does she have fur? Katherine, how can you manage with six furry people

when the temperature drops?

~jemler~ No, but if you pet her just right, she purrs!

~Martine~ If she does, she sure has a heck of a wax job done!

* Bynw knew that KK was coming to the chat today :o)

~KK~ We regularly have 2-3 cats on the bed at night; and we've had as many as four.

~Martine~ Arwen's getting brave lately. There've been two nights in the last month when she sneaked into our bedroom after Rowena fell asleep and made a nest for herself on the dresser.

~Shiral~ Nina's an undercover type of cat

~jemler~ Are they sleeping in your bed, or are yuo sleeping in theirs?

~Shiral~ But she's ruined some of my fitted sheets catching bedmice

~Martine~ lol!

~Martine~ Jemler, that depends on whether you're looking at it from the cat's or person's point of view!

~Martine~ brb, need to put dinner in oven

~jemler~ lol

~Wrengl~ she's sleeping in theirs of course

~the_Bee~ shiral: did you ever read the mystery novel "Undercover Cat"?

~Shiral~ From the cat's point of view, everything belongs to the cat. No, I haven't Bee

~KK~ Arwen and Rowena in the same room, and by choice!  It's a miracle!

~the_Bee~ It's hilarious!

~KK~ I'm presently reading a book on Cathedral Cats--a photo book about cats who live in and around some of the best cathedrals in the UK.

~Martine~ back

~the_Bee~ church cats to catch church mice?

~RainbowDragon~ There are cats which actually live in cathedrals?

~KK~ It's quite well written, as well as being very well photographed.

~Shiral~ And who appreciate the magnificence of their setting, I'm sure

~Martine~ It was, KK! And she's tried it again!

~KK~ They do, indeed.

~Martine~ Though Rowena catches her more often than not, and then it's all over.

~Wrengl~ poor arwen

~KK~ Sounds like Arwen is developing some backbone--and really wants to be with her humans at night.

~Wrengl~ have you started on high deryni yet katherine?

~Shiral~ Interestingly enough, Nina is turning into the dominant cat. I keep telling Francesca she needs to keep her kitten under a firm paw, but it doesn't help, much!

~Martine~ Arwen hasn't developed much backbone - she still cows to Rowena every time. She's just gotten more desperate for company, I think.

~KK~ I'm about a quarter of the way through, but haven't picked it up all month, since I got back from the States.

* Debbie-VB joins and is greeted by everyone

~Debbie-VB~ hi katherine!!!!!!

~Martine~ Nina sounds like she's turning into a little Rowena. They must be secretly communicating....

~Debbie-VB~ Hi everyone

~Shiral~ Yup, With little Kitty Chat devices *G*

~KK~ I wonder if those require a full moon....

~Martine~ Nope, just telepathy *G*

~Shiral~ It helps if you do it at the full moon on Midsummer's Eve, though

~KK~ Well, that's coming up soon....

~Martine~ When they have that far-off stare that looks right through you. That's when they  must be conversing.

~the_Bee~ I'd think a cat would function well under the dark of the moon--when hecate/witchcraft in in power

~Shiral~ If cats can live near cathedrals, why not near neolithic standing stones? =o)

~Martine~ Cats will live anywhere that it suits them.

~jemler~ Like CatMandu? *heh*

~KK~ Well, of course they can and do, Shiral.

~Shiral~ Francesca's just staring at me now, and I can easily see what she's trying to commuicate

~RainbowDragon~ there must be sunlit spots though... and at least one high perch

~Martine~ Like an overheating lap on a hot summery day.... *take the HINT, Rowena!* LOL Shiral! Let me guess..... feed me?

~KK~ Is it a hot, summery day today in NJ?

~Shiral~ Wow, she's really transmitting clearly, Martine!

~Debbie-VB~ either that or pay attention to ME, not that screen

~Shiral~ Since it's getting all the way to NJ

~Martine~ Sure is. Went from 60s to a brief 2-day stint in 70s, and now 85.

~Wrengl~ it is a warm summery day in brooklyn today

~Martine~ And humid.

~Shiral~  A little of both, Debbie

~KK~ yuck!

~Wrengl~ yup humid

~KK~ It was gorgeous here today.

~RainbowDragon~ It made it to the low 90's in Missouri

~Shiral~ This is spring--don't blink you might miss it

~Wrengl~ i made sure to be finished my walk before ten this


~Martine~ It's like Memorial Day Weekend came and summer suddenly turned on!

~KK~ yuck!

~Shiral~ It's windy and in the low 70's on the West Coast where  I am

~Wrengl~ i am back to walking, albeit not the distance I was before the white cell crash

~Martine~ You tease, Shiral!

~Mistyck~ cloudy and warm on the gulf coast

~Shiral~ I know, sorry

~the_Bee~ is your white count better, pat?

~jemler~ Warm in Ohio, not humid at all.

~Shiral~ (But not VERY sorry....)

~Wrengl~ yes

~Debbie-VB~ we had a lovely week until victoria day weekend

then It suddenly went back to being the we(s)t coast here

~Martine~ John and I have been talking about hiking in New York state tomorrow. I think we'll end up doing more strolling until we get used to the weather :)

~Wrengl~ it seems to be around normal

~the_Bee~ :)

~Wrengl~ next blood test is on 5 June for chemo on 7 june

~slobbit~ good luck, Wrengl

~jemler~ Good luck, Wrengl!

~Shiral~ GOod luck, Pat

* Debbie-VB sends wrengle some good-blood-test woodgies

~Shiral~ Tell those white cell counts to behave

~Martine~ Yeah, what Shiral said!

~jemler~ copycat

~Wrengl~ thanks all

~Shiral~ Mrraow

* Martine scritches Shiral behind the ears to see what happens

~Shiral~ Martine, what is a hike if not a very long stroll?

~jemler~ here kitty kitty kity....

~Wrengl~ actually this new drug (taxol) seems to be doing okay with me

~KK~ Excellent!

~Mistyck~ good to hear that Pat

~Martine~ LOL! A hike at a much slower, more leisurely pace, of course! :-)

* Shiral flops down on the floor and presents a scratchable tummy

~the_Bee~ is that the one made from yew?

~Wrengl~ and I even have some fuzz on my hair although oncologist said i waould lose what little i had

~KK~ Just so long as it's baaaaad for the cancer cells!

~Shiral~ It's all in the attitude.

~Wrengl~ indeed

* jemler scratches Shirals' tummy...

~Shiral~ Tell me I'm going on a stroll, and I'll come quite willingly.  Say the "H-word" and I'll come down with any ailment I can think of to avoid it.

~Wrengl~ i will find out in july when i see the gynocologist for my three month check up

* Shiral purrs and drools

~Debbie-VB~ I've got lots of extra hair Pat.  You can have some of mine if you want

~Martine~ lol shiral!

~Wrengl~ lol shiral

~Martine~ But the scenery is worth it! We're hiking the grounds at Mohonk Mountain House!

* jemler keeps scratching...

~Wrengl~ some days I walk fairly fast and somedays it is just a stroll

~Shiral~ Everytime I have a session with Francesca, she drools absolute rivers to show her pleasure

~Martine~ Of Rakovian mayhem "Mahican" inspiration fame :-)

~Wrengl~ then i feel like I have failed somehow.

~Martine~ LOL! Sounds like you need to keep a towel handy, Shiral!

* Dov joins and is greeted by everyone

~Shiral~ Pat, as long as you're walking, you're doing yourself good

~the_Bee~ Do  as much as you feel like, pat

~Wrengl~ it was VERY frustrating not being able to walk

~Shiral~ Too right

~Dov~ greetings all

~Martine~ Ah! Here's the link... http://www.mohonk.com

~Shiral~ Give yourself a break, Pat

~Dov~ Welcome, Katherine

~Wrengl~ but i made 2.5 miles this morning

~Debbie-VB~ hi dov

~Shiral~ I'm sure you're doing more than I would be donig

~Martine~ Pat, rather than getting frustrated, you should be

celebrating the victory of walking as far as you do!

* Samuel joins and is greeted by everyone

~Wrengl~ which is only two miles off my top distance

~Shiral~ I haven't done 2.5 miles, and I don't have cancer!

~Wrengl~ lol shiral it is all part of not giving in

~Shiral~ I have done my bellydance fitness routine, though

~Wrengl~ besides I sleep better and feel better when I do a

good walk

~KK~ Strolls are good.  Thursday after the crew had left, Scott and I piled into the Morgan with Oswald in the back seat, and drove down to the seafront for an ice cream and a stroll on the beach. Oswald got a cone too, but in a cup--and daintily lapped up every smidgen.  He then proceeded to exhaust himself by happily running up and down the beach--and collapsed in a heap after dinner, snoring magnificently.  I think he loved it.

~jemler~ Shiral, you're a bellydancer?

~Shiral~ And it must be good for the spirits, too Umm... not as such, Jemler

~Debbie-VB~ I found some bellydance fitness DVDs recently. It';s kind of fun, but very hard work

~Wrengl~ i am sure he did katherine

~Martine~ that sounds like a doggy heaven daytrip, Katherine!

~Shiral~ I put a fitness DVD in my player and follow along with

two smiling, Sadistic ladies named Veena and Neena

~Wrengl~ it is good for the spirits

~Shiral~ But their bodies don't lie

~Wrengl~ lol

~Shiral~ It's been very good for shrinking my spare tire

~KK~ Yep.  He hadn't been to the beach since his accident, or without Scrappy, so he loved it.

~Wrengl~ most of the belly dancers i know are large women, like bambi and sometimes bigger

~Shiral~ Sounds like an Ideal day for Oswald, KK *G* Out for a run with his Humans!

~Martine~ And now that's made me want to run for ice cream! *G*

~Wrengl~ yes it does sound like he had a great time

~KK~ He ran; we strolled.  :-)

~Wrengl~ and ice cream too

~Shiral~ Sit, Martine

~Martine~ Yes, ma'am!

~Wrengl~ lol martine

~Samuel~ bellydance was originally a way for women to strengthen their pelvic muscles to get ready for childbirth.

~Shiral~ No doubt the beach was very exciting and smelly for him

~Wrengl~ very true sam

~KK~ Good on ya, Shiral!

~the_Bee~ so i've heard

~Debbie-VB~ so I understand Samuel

~Shiral~ Nothing so fecund for me, Sam

~Dov~ any leads on the house search, katherine?

~Wrengl~ and bambi is a very good belly dancer

~Martine~ oven beeped! brb

~Shiral~ But after doing it since January, I do notice a difference

~Wrengl~ i have seen her perform

~Debbie-VB~ even though childbirth probably won't happen to me

~Shiral~ But I do NOT put on anything revealing while I do it *G*

~jemler~ Who's Bambi?

~KK~ He found a particularly intriguing piece of driftwood that he carried around for about 5 min., stopping occasionally to chew on it.

~Wrengl~ Martine, let me know if you find blue bunny ice cream in any supermarket by you

~Debbie-VB~ Blue Bunny Ice Cream????

~Wrengl~ bambi is someone who comes to darkover, jemler, and is in SCA

~Shiral~ I didn't know how much tension I had in my shoulders until I had to learn to wiggle them around rapidly

~jemler~ I've heard of dust bunnies, and Easter bunnies but Ice Cream?

~the_Bee~ blueberry flavor? or bunny flavor? :)

~Shiral~ Now I can do a much better shoulder shimmy than I used to be able to do

~Bynw~ blue bunny is a brand of ice cream sillys

~Wrengl~ blue bunny is the company and they have some intriguing no sugar added flavours

~Shiral~ Blue Bunny---Is that Peep Ice Cream?

~RainbowDragon~ Nobody does a better shoulder shimmy than Pat Benatar

~Samuel~ Dust bunny flavored blue bunny ice cream?

~jemler~ Are you sure it isn't Blue Bonnet?

~Wrengl~ yup it is blue bunny

~Bynw~ RainbowDragon, very true

* kelricwatchingspamalot is now known as Kelric

~Dov~ no there really is a blue bunny brand

~Wrengl~ blue bonnet does margarine

~Wrengl~ wb kelric

~RainbowDragon~ welcome back, Kelric

~Bynw~ blue bonnet is a different brand name

~Wrengl~ how was the show?

~Shiral~ Hip shimmies are very good for everything between the waist and the knees

~Shiral~ Hi Kelric

~KK~ LOL, we really do get off on some--er--unusual discussions.  Myself, I prefer Moose Tracks.

~jemler~ Pat Benatar is Wrengls' real name, right?

~Wrengl~ i'm sure they are shiral

~Dov~ wb kelric

~Debbie-VB~ I'm not too good yet at hip shimmies

~Wrengl~ tee hee but no jemler

~Kelric~ lol rotfl lolsmIrotflmao

~RainbowDragon~ We discuss it all here. Don't we, KK? :-)

~Shiral~ But there are a LOT more ways to move one's hips than

I ever suspected before I started this!

~KK~ Yike, both Shiral and Dabbie are going belly dancing?

~the_Bee~ Is Hood Ice Cream available in the rest of the USA, or it it mainly in New England?

~Shiral~ I don't GO anywhere, I do this in the privacy of my


~jemler~ Where do I put the dollar?

~Martine~ back!

~Shiral~ But if you can do bellydance fitness routines under the scornful eyes of cats, then you've got something

~Martine~ How much floor space does the belly dancing routines need?

~Debbie-VB~ with the drapes pulled so as to not scare the neighbors

~KK~ In an envelope, Jemler, and then in the post, addressed to Shiral--and another to Debbie!

~Dov~ :)

~Bynw~ jemler, no Pat Benatar is a female rocker who has been called the Queen of Rock'n'Roll

~Martine~ rotfl shiral! isn't that the truth?

~Shiral~ Just throw 'em on the rug, Jemler. I'll rake up later! Not all that much

~Kelric~ Spamalot was great.

~Kelric~ if it comes to your town,  watch it

~Shiral~ About the same area as the rug between my coffee table and my tv

~Martine~ Oh perfect! That helps :-P

~Debbie-VB~ is that the play based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

~Kelric~ I also bought a t-shirt with this on the front.  "I'm Not Dead Yet"

~Dov~ where were you watching it kelric?

~Kelric~ yep and it does it great

~Martine~ Hee hee Kelric. I've got the Spamalot soundtrack downloaded to my cell phone for ring tones :-D

~Kelric~ Cadilacc Palace theater in Chi-Town

~jemler~ i hate spam! (courtesy of monty python)

~Shiral~ So Haldane Hash is a great kind of ice cream served at Rhemuth Castle.

* Shiral sort of steers conversation into Deryni channels

~KK~ And that would be made of...what ingredients, Shiral?

~jemler~ Don't forget Duncan Donuts!

~Shiral~ Don't know, never had any

~Martine~ Inquiring minds ... uh... sort of want to know?

~Shiral~ But I suspect some strawberries get into it

~slobbit~ oh, could they have ice cream?

~the_Bee~ nuts.  chocolate? or is that american?

~Martine~ There must be honey, of course.

~Shiral~ Haldane scarlet you know Naturally

~KK~ Strawberries and honey--yes, those are period.

~the_Bee~ honey, nuts and cherries

~Shiral~ And cream

~slobbit~ my folks get to have snow-cones

~Shiral~ Sounds pretty good to me!

~KK~ And nuts--some nuts--would robably be ok.

~Wrengl~ hood is available in ny bee as is friendlys

~the_Bee~ good!

~Dov~ well i have made the online recipe for shortbread

~Shiral~ Perhaps a bit of sweet Fianna wine Although that would be more of a sorbet, I suppose

~KK~ Shortbread cookie dough, perhaps?

~Martine~ Mmmmmmm!

~Shiral~ How was it, Dov?

~KK~ Cinnamon.

~Dov~ yummy

~Martine~ Oh yum! Cinnamon and honey!

~Shiral~ Jemler, LOL about the Duncan Donuts

~the_Bee~ ginger. Mu ex-boss told me about ginger ice cream

~Shiral~ He's got a nice figure for a man who makes donuts Oh, Ginger Ice cream is dangerous

~the_Bee~ ?

~Shiral~ That's what made me realize I need to bellydance it off, again!

~jemler~ Makes 'em, doesn't eat 'em

* KK makes a face at the very thought of ginger ice cream.

~slobbit~ oh, ginger snow-cones

~Shiral~ It's delicious, KK Really it is

~Wrengl~ ginger?

~Shiral~ yes

~Shiral~ Extremely good!

~the_Bee~ my boss didn't go for bland flavors

~Debbie-VB~ It would be, especially if made with candied gigner.

~Martine~ Oh, it is very yum!

* Bynw is a strawberry icecream type

~Shiral~ With a bit of shaved dark chocolate on top, Ginger Ice Cream is FABULOUS!

~Wrengl~ strawberries are period

~jemler~ Strawberrirs on pancakes

~Wrengl~ they are in europe

~Martine~ I'm a cookie dough or dulce de leche girl :-)

~KK~ Hmmm, ruination of perfectly good ice cream, if you ask me.  (But then, I prefer to confine my ginger intake to ginger with sushi or the occasional gingerbread man.)

* Shiral can't really see the pont of Cinnamon Ice Cream,


~the_Bee~ Green Monster mint--a Hood Red-sox-themed flavor

~Wrengl~ cherry or strawberry if i can't have chocolate candied ginger is good katherine

* Shiral nails her feet to the floor so that SHE won't run to Trader Joes for a Pint of Ginger Ice Cream

~Wrengl~ and ginger ice cream is great after a sushi dinner!

~the_Bee~ can someone name a slightly tart berry native to the British Isles?

~Wrengl~ perhaps red currents?

~the_Bee~ preferably edible ;)

~Wrengl~ i know black ones are in england

~KK~ Or black currants.

~Wrengl~ i think red are tarter

~KK~ Raspberries.

~Debbie-VB~ Are not raspberries from the british isles?

~Wrengl~ true

~KK~ Yes.  And here in Ireland, too.

~jemler~ I'll stick with the blackberries behind my grandmothers house.

~Shiral~ Wild blackberries are fabulous

~Wrengl~ blackberries are good

~KK~ Bramble barries, too.

~Martine~ Our mulberry tree is starting to grow its berries. Yay!

~the_Bee~ I was thinking black curerents.  I'm thinking of inventing a Caeriessean brakfast dish with berries, nots and barley

~Debbie-VB~ They can definitly be a bit tart.

~jemler~ Cream and sugar

~Shiral~ So is blackberry ice cream

~Martine~ They make great breakfast crepes in late June :)

~Wrengl~ lingonberries are tart also

~Shiral~ Lol, Martine, for a minute, I read that as "Breakfast Creeps"

~Martine~ LOL! Only if the cats try to steal some cream

~Wrengl~ but i don't think they would grow in the caerissean climate

~Shiral~ Lingonberry sauce is very good--tastes very like cranberry sauce

~the_Bee~ John before his first cup of coffee?

~KK~ Soft fruit season is about to begin here!  Soon there will be roadside kiosks selling berries picked only that morning, first strawberries, and later in the season, the raspberries.

~Martine~ not john, bee. me! *G*

~Wrengl~ more like cream and honey to be in period jemler

~jemler~ Who's talking period, I'm talking now!

~Shiral~ lol

~Wrengl~ strawberries have started in nj and our couple of plants are producing one or two

every couple of days bee was talking period

* Debbie-VB recently found some yoghurt with saskatoon berries

~Wrengl~ never heard of them

~KK~ The first strawberries began to appear here, too, though it seems just a tad early to me.  But I saw a kiosk Friday, on the way to and fron the bank....

~Wrengl~ have heard of juneberries, though

~Shiral~ Yup.... from Kim

~Dov~ *sigh* and i'm with peregrine on blueberry scones, which i don't dare try to make--they wouldn't last a week in my house

~Wrengl~ but they only grow in north dakota

~KK~ What are saskatoon berries like?

~Debbie-VB~ same thing pat.  their called saskatoons in Canada

~Wrengl~ they are very good ... ah

~the_Bee~ same as what?

~Wrengl~ sakatoons are the same as june berries

~the_Bee~ ah

~Wrengl~ according to debbie

~Martine~ Dov, my weakness is the chocolate chip scones the cafeteria at work makes every morning.

~KK~ Hmmm, I didn't really care for them. Chocolate chip scones, though--now there's a thought!

* Debbie-VB never bakes scones. i

~Dov~ chocolate chip? that's dangerous! :)

* Shiral tries not to bake

~jemler~ with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce!

~Shiral~ My mom makes wicked good blue berry pancakes, though

~Debbie-VB~ They never last in my place, except around my waistline

~RainbowDragon~ a scone is like a biscuit, right?

~Martine~ they're verrra dangerous! and they're huge!

~jemler~ Jusy keep bellydancing, Deb

~Martine~ Sort of, RD. More sweet than buttery.

~KK~ Somewhat like a biscuit, RD, but sweet.

~Dov~ somewhere between a biscuit and a muffin

~RainbowDragon~ Ah, okay

~Shiral~ They go extrmely well with morning coffee

~slobbit~ it's a biscuit base, just add sugar

~Martine~ And fresh pineapple, which is how I usually have mine!

~Debbie-VB~ they go extreemly well anytime

~slobbit~ I've got a recipie I could send you, RD

~KK~ They're usually sweet, but they do some nice cheese scones some places.

~slobbit~ they've got yummy orange-glazed ones at Panera

~Martine~ Oh yes! Those are yum too!

~RainbowDragon~ cheese? hmmm

~KK~ Orange glazed scones?  Those sound dangerous! Are you sure they're not muffins?

~slobbit~ everything at Panera is dangerous they're scones

~Debbie-VB~ This reminds me of Peregrine from the adept books. he loved scones

~Shiral~ Sounds like a wonderful place, Slobbit *G*

~slobbit~ and they have free wi-fi

~Martine~ You don't have Panera on the west coast, Shiral?

~Shiral~ I'm trying to stay AWAY from baked goods, Martine

~KK~ I'm told that, strictly speaking, scones are not breakfast food--but what do the Brits know about it anyway?

~Dov~ i mentioned him debbie :-)

~Shiral~ With only partial success

~Debbie-VB~ I've never heard about that chain.  Is it in Canada?

~slobbit~ dunno

~Martine~ Scones are to be eaten whenever the mood strikes you :-) www.panera.com

~Shiral~ This whole group is dangerous for me. You're the ones who turned me onto Cinabon

~Martine~ Don''t think it's in canada, Debbie

~Tika~ lol

~Bynw~ cinabon

~slobbit~ Cinnabon is pure evil

* Bynw drools

~Tika~ Cinnabon is evil incarnate

~Mistyck~ yes it is!

~Martine~ Panera has healthy stuff, too. Salads, sandwiches, soup

~Shiral~ Excactly, Slobbit

~slobbit~ and . . . wifi

~KK~ Cinnabon makes my teeth hurt, it's so sweet.

* Shiral hands bynw a towel

~Debbie-VB~ Cinnabon has disappeared from canada

~Bynw~ yeah but its soooo good tooo

~Martine~ Breathing in the Cinnabon aroma will put five pounds on your hips.

~Debbie-VB~ It's now cinn-zeo

~Shiral~ Even if you happen to be doing hip shimmies at the time!

~Martine~ yup!

~Dov~ as for breakfast, i long ago developed a taste for oat porridge (oatmeal) the scottish way--with a little salt

* Bynw went to Cinnabon just the other day

~Martine~ Although the Panera cobblestone is far more dangerous, IMO.

~Tika~ should be called Sin-abon

~KK~ They seem to have stopped selling their really yummy


~Shiral~ Really, the only way to combat the caloric onslaught is to DO hip shimmies while eating them

~Debbie-VB~ or instead of eating them

~Mistyck~ I still have 2 bottles of it KK

~Martine~ Cinnamon raisin bread dough with apple chunks,

spices, and cinnamon roll icing..... *drool*

~Mistyck~ if you'd like one

~Shiral~ Oh, that's no fun, Debbie!

~jemler~ shimmy shimmy coco pop

~Martine~ Bop 'til you drop!

~Bynw~ Martine, where do you get that bread from??

~Bynw~ i want it

~Tika~ lol

~Martine~ lol! Panera.

~Bynw~ fresh from the oven too

~KK~ Actually, my mother has turned me onto an even better cinnamon from Vietnam, of all places--though I'm currently out, and using regular stuff.

~Mistyck~ oh ok

~Martine~ They also have a wicked tart cherry scone, baked with cream. Vietnamese cinnamon is yum!

~Mistyck~ I'll have to try that

~Shiral~ It can take me a LOoooong time to work through a jar of cinnamon

~Mistyck~ lots of Vietnamese stores around me

~Samuel~ is it really cinnamon?  or is it some other plant that they just call cinnamon?

~Shiral~ I didn't even know the Vietnamese HAD cinnamon

~Mistyck~ me either Shiral

~KK~ I put a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla sugar on my rasin cinnamon bagel every morning.

~Mistyck~ but India does, so it's not so far fetched

* Debbie-VB makes a note to check out her local asian

supermarket for vietnamese cinnamon

~the_Bee~ a lot of spices originated in the East

~Mistyck~ Vietnam does have hills too

~Shiral~ IT's not a cuisine I normally associate with Cinnamon, but you learn something new every day

~KK~ I need to check one of the Vietnamese stores here; easier than having my mom send it from SF.

~Wrengl~ but cinabon's cinnamon is wonderful

~Mistyck~ yes it is

~Dov~ i think mccormick sells vietnamese cinnamon

~Kelric~ man.  it's hot in Chi-Town today

~the_Bee~ we used to have cinnamon and sugar on toast

~Mistyck~ Dov, we've got some vietnamese stores on San Felipe near Warwick

~Shiral~ I did too, Bee Tasty

~KK~ I still do!

~Dov~ *nod*

~Debbie-VB~ I still like cinnamon/sugar on toast

~Mistyck~ it is yummy

~KK~ Yike, just looked at the time, troops.  Gotta head off to bed.  It's been a long day, with another similar one tomorrow.

*** Everyone bids Katherine good night, farewell, and a good week.

~Bynw~ me too when i dont have rasin cinnamon swirl bread to toast

~Martine~ And I must now go in search of ice cream!!!

~Shiral~ Thanks for Popping by

~the_Bee~ when my sister was little, we were out of cionnamon. she kept demainding that Mom "MAKE SOME CINNAMON!"

~Tika~ Martine you evil woman LOL

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles, wondering what anyone would think if her sparkles changed color....

* Shiral waves back to kk

~Martine~ :-d

~Shiral~ We'd be shocked, KK!

~Debbie-VB~ they can be any colour you want them to be KK

~Martine~ We'd have to check our eyes

~Shiral~ Sparks get in your eyes.....

~Martine~ blue!

* KK decides that she will think on the possibility....

~KK~ Good night, guys! (Quit)




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