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July 23rd 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

The_Bee Harvey KK
Kelric jemler Mistyck
Purple RainbowDragon Wrengl

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~kelric~ ooh.  kk's here :)

~KK~ Hi, guys.

~kelric~ ok so everyone WAS quiet.  I thought I was peered

~KK~ Wow, I must be early.

~Wrengl~ how is edgar? yes you are about 45 minutes early

~kelric~ man.  I forgot how depressing the Heirs trilogy was at some points.  It makes a lot of events in the kelson books so uplifting.

~KK~ He's doing great.  No more coughing, and has put back on some weight.

~RainbowDragon~ better early than never  :-)

~jemler~ it's only about 5:20 here, KK

~Wrengl~ good for edgar, we were worried about him

~KK~ I need to check with the vet this week and see when they want him in for more blood work.

~RainbowDragon~ What's wrong with Edgar?

~kelric~ ooh.

~Wrengl~ i can sympathize with him about blood work!

~KK~ They want to wean him off his diuretic, now that we seem to have the fluid away from his lungs.

~Wrengl~ go edgar! :)

~KK~ He takes his pills (Tiny ones) like a trooper.

~kelric~ good for him

~RainbowDragon~ thats good

~Wrengl~ that's good

* Wrengl has had struggles with kitties and dogs over pills

~KK~ He was having coughing bouts--can sympathize with that!--and had 4x the level of thyroid hormone that he should have had.  Also, racing  heartbeat.

~RainbowDragon~ oh my!

~Wrengl~ and at his advanced age anythiing going wrong is serious

~RainbowDragon~ that sounds really serious

~KK~ All the symptoms apparently were coming from the thyroid imbalance, which appears to be responding well to medication.  So I think we've bought him some more good quality time.  Kidney function is still excellent, but could have been an additional complication. He's a great cat, and he's had an amazing life thus far.

~Wrengl~ true kidney failure can be the last straw with them

~KK~ Absolutely.  No real reprieve from that.

~Wrengl~ nope

~KK~ Anyway, everybody else is doing well.  And Cameron is home for the week--goes back Friday--and we had a great party for him here at the house last night.  It was good to see the house entertaining like it was designed to do.

~RainbowDragon~ How goes the house situation?

~Wrengl~ i am sure it was happy to be filled with people

~KK~ We close on Friday; are planning to move the last week in August--temporarily, down to a friend's cottage in Arklow.

~Wrengl~ so they will take possession just around the time school begins, if they have kids in school

~RainbowDragon~ but, you will have to live in temporary digs until you finalize things on a new place?

~KK~ That's right.  We should know by the end of the week, whether we're getting the castle we want.

~RainbowDragon~ lets hope!

~jemler~ do you find it easier writing about castles by living in one?

~Mistyck~ that's a good question Jemler...I don't remember anyone ever asking her that!

~Wrengl~ fingers are crossed for you getting the castle

~KK~ Welllll--we don't really live in a castle right now, so I can't say for sure.  And the one we want is a more modern castle--not like a medieval one.  But visiting castles definitely helps visualize


~Mistyck~ :-)

~KK~ This house was good inspiration for Adam Sinclair's world.

~Wrengl~ ah

~Mistyck~ I can see how that would be

~Wrengl~ speaking of Sir Adam, any word on him?

* the_Bee joins and is greeted by everyone

~Wrengl~ doing pretty good

~KK~ Debby and I are working on the proposal for the Adept prequel, which *may* be framed within a new Adam Sinclair adventure, as the story is told of how the Hunting Lodge, in its most recent

incarnation, came to be.

~Wrengl~ gyncologist says tumor is responding to this chemo drug

~Mistyck~ good to hear Pat

~KK~ Oh, excellent!

~the_Bee~ cool!

~KK~ This means it's worth it, for the extra discomfort this latest treatment has been causing,

~kelric~ excellent

~Wrengl~ of course he also says it needs to be treated as a chronic condition which means continuing the chemo when we get home from the cruise

~KK~ You go, lady!

~Wrengl~ yup

~KK~ Chronic is way better than acute!

~Wrengl~ and she has put me on procrit so the anemia/fatigue should go away soon. this is true!

~KK~ That's terrific. I think you'll enjoy your cruise.  Just don't overdo when you go ashore.  My mom did, and came home exhausted.

~Wrengl~ and since the lousy blood counts are my only side effect (my hair is coming back) I can live with that

~KK~ She did enjoy the cruise, though.

~Wrengl~ i have only signed us up for two shore expeditions - one to visit the native american village

~KK~ That's good.  Spend the rest of the time aboard and resting, relaxing.

~Wrengl~ and a whale watching boat ride that includes a good view of the glacier

~KK~ Whale-watching is a good, sedentary occupation, with mostly the eyes exercised!

~Wrengl~ well we will probably go ashore at the other ports but just kinda toodle around near the docks, like we did on our two night cruise to bermuda

~Wrengl~ yup

~jemler~ unlike girl watching! ;)

~KK~ That sounds like the best plan.

~Wrengl~ and they promise you will at least see them in the distance or you get most of your money back. tee hee, jemler boy watching is better, though!

~the_Bee~ Watch out for mosquitos!  I hear that in Alaska they're big enough to ride like horses. ;o)

~KK~ I suspect they know where to find the whales.  :-)

~Wrengl~ tee hee yup

~KK~ I've heard that too.  Hate mosquitos!

~jemler~ only if i'm the one you're watching!

~Wrengl~ i have the off wipes I did not use in north dakota last summer. tee hee jemler. well I sort of prefer blonds in black, to tell the truth. alaric - luke skywalker

~jemler~ i'm ash blond in blue

~Wrengl~ well then, well blue is okay

~KK~ That works.  ;-)

~Wrengl~ blue is my favourite colour i like most colour as long as they are blue

* the_Bee likes 'em tall, dark and handsome.

~Wrengl~ although i AM allergic to pink

~jemler~ so am i :)

~Wrengl~ tall is good (although luke isn't!)

~KK~ brb

~Wrengl~ k

~jemler~ if we keep abbreviating, we'll eventually work out the rest of the alphabet!

~Wrengl~ lol

~the_Bee~ abcdefg.

~Wrengl~ tee hee lmnop

~jemler~ hijklmnop

~the_Bee~ qrstuv

~Wrengl~ wxyz

~jemler~ w

~Wrengl~ gmta

~jemler~ we did it! aaaahh

~the_Bee~ chooo!

~Wrengl~ indeed we did

~kelric~ hijklmno I need some hijklmno

* jemler passes kelric a glass of cold water

* RainbowDragon throws alphabet soup on this crazy bunch

~Wrengl~ lol

~jemler~ let's go spelling!

~Wrengl~ we have not gotten this silly in a long time

~jemler~ it's the heat

* the_Bee sips the alphabet soup

* Wrengl slaps rd with a dead salmon

~KK~ No, you're right, we haven't.

~the_Bee~ wb kk

~jemler~ my bad i started it

~Wrengl~ we used to get silly all the time jemler

~KK~ Pat, is it super hot where you are?  I know Shiral is sweltering.  Flat-cat syndrome and all.

~Wrengl~ it was the beginning of the week near a hundred with almost as much humidity

~the_Bee~ hot all over the US

~Wrengl~ we have gradually gone down although it was super humid through yesterday

~Wrengl~ i think Canada finally sent us some cool although the hundred thousand people in Queens could use cooler weather still since they have been powerless since monday

~KK~ I read that parts of Queens have been without power for 4-5 days.  Yuck!  No air con.

~Wrengl~ nope and they have lost everything in their freezers and fridges so they are living with that stench and no idea when power will return

~the_Bee~ I read about bad heat problems in Indianapolis

~Wrengl~ some got it back, restocked their fridges and then lost power again

~RainbowDragon~ St. Louis, MO was without power last thursday and friday from a big storm... not sure if the power is back or not though

~KK~ And some apparently got power back just long enough to restock their fridges and freezers--and then lost power again.

~the_Bee~ maybe is was St. Louis I was thinking of.

~Wrengl~ biggest problem here was the electric company lied for days saying 2000 customers had no power at the peak it was actually 35,000

~the_Bee~ the truth was how many?

~kelric~ I just hope the heat isn't horrible in Indianapolis august 9-13th

~KK~ Amazing.  And yucky.

~the_Bee~ k

~Wrengl~ which comes out to about a 100,000 people

~the_Bee~ what are you doing in Indianapolis, kelric?

~Wrengl~ and the maximum loss you can claim, with no guarantee you will get much, is $1150 -- sorry $150 dollars

~jemler~ that's only abut 1 weeks worth!

~Wrengl~ we have more than that in the refrigerator and its

freezer, not counting the chest freezer

~Wrengl~ depending on where you shop that would be less than a week's worth

~kelric~ gencon indy

~Wrengl~ ah gaming con

~the_Bee~ If someone wins $500 at gencon indy, can they say they won the indi 500?

~kelric~ lol

~Wrengl~ lol

~the_Bee~ I'll look forward to a new Adept book, KK

~Wrengl~ so will i i am desperately looking around for a book to take with me on vacation next month

~Wrengl~ i thought it would be warding of the witch world but that will be finished by the end of the month

~Wrengl~ and davinci code will be finished by next chemo

~the_Bee~ have you read Nancy Kress's Probability trilogy?

~KK~ If you can get the new Jacqueline Carey book, Kushiel's Scion, it's excellent!  Hardcover only, though.  (I also just got the paperback of Harry Potter & the Halfblood Prince yesterday--will start

that when I finish the Kushiel book.)

~Wrengl~ have not read that trilogy, although i think i read something by her i may look for a tony hillerman

~the_Bee~ she wrore "Brain Rose."

~KK~ Kushiel's Dart is amazing--and she's our pro GOH at Darkover this year.

~Wrengl~ i love his navaho cop books that is a good reason to look for her

~KK~ Navaho cops?  This sounds interesting.

~the_Bee~ can you borrow something from your library, or will you be gone too long?

~Wrengl~ there is also a series of books about dragons as air force in the napoleonic wars i may look for

~Wrengl~ Hillerman's are good

~the_Bee~ PBS has done several of Hillerman's novels on Mystery

~RainbowDragon~ Dragons as an air force?

~Wrengl~ he has recieved awards from the navaho

~KK~ cool!

~Wrengl~ get a lot of good navaho information yes, rd

~the_Bee~ Are you looking for a fast read on the plane, or a slow read to fill your leisure time?

~Wrengl~ his majesty's dragon is i believe the first one

~KK~ I think I've heard of those.

~the_Bee~ who wrote it?

~Wrengl~ well something to read on the plane and in the hotel at night (5 nights in seattle before the cruise) so not too fast a read

~KK~ Kushiel will keep you occupied--and turning pages far too late inot the night!

~Harvey~ The dragons in Napoleonic wars are by Naomi Novik, I think

~the_Bee~ ty

~Wrengl~ yes

~Harvey~ I haven't read them, but I saw a review

~Wrengl~ she is a new writer i read about her in writer's digest since i will be getting an amazon  gift certificate from one of the companies i am with I may just get the trilogy since i do not have a large bookseller around to pick them up

~KK~ Oh, dear, late night last night is catching up wtih me. I'd better sign off.  But I've polished a couple more chapters in High Deryni, this past week. I will do more this week.

*** Everyone bids Katherine farewell, goodnight, happy writing, and a great week.

~RainbowDragon~ thats good news, KK

~Wrengl~ great! night katherine

~KK~ And Gus has just jumped up on my lap to tell me to come to bed.

~Wrengl~ did everyone see that landis won the tour de france?!

~KK~ More next week.

~Wrengl~ good for gus

~the_Bee~ hi gus!

~Wrengl~ have a great and productive week katherine

~RainbowDragon~ I wonder if gus did it with gus-to!

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of--wait for it!--

~purple~ sparkles!

~Wrengl~ hello gus from the meow mafia

~RainbowDragon~ purple!

~Wrengl~ tee hee rd

~KK~ Gus waves a paaw.

~Wrengl~ of course he did

~KK~ Nighters, all.

~RainbowDragon~ See you next week?

~KK~ Should do.

* KK departs (Quit)




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