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January 29th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

Ambush The_Bee Bynw
Celebdraug Debbie-VB JoeT
KK Martine Mistyck
Natlog Nuuka RainbowDragon
Rowena1 SilverFire TerryOBrien

* KK has joins #Deryni_Destinations and is greeted by everyone

~RainbowDragon~ You're alive and well!

~KK~ Hello, gang!

~Bynw~ we've missed you

~Mistyck~ yes we have!

~RainbowDragon~ How have you been?

~KK~ I've missed you too.

~RainbowDragon~ What have you been up to?

~Mistyck~ Hope you had a very good Christmas and New Years

* ambush has joined #Deryni_Destinations

~KK~ I'm good. Starting to dig out from under the after-book debris.

~Bynw~ its done???

~KK~ We're still working madly on the house, which is nearing completion.

~TerryOBrien~ Does that mean its finished?

~Mistyck~ cool!

* ambush strolls in, seeing KK and almost having a heart attack

~KK~ Book is finished; house is not.

~Mistyck~ how much longer on the house?

~Bynw~ weee the book is done

~ambush~ woohooooo

~KK~ 4-6 weeks.

~ambush~ the book is done

* Bynw dances around the channel with anyone that wants to dance a happy joy dance

~Mistyck~ cool! That's not really all that long

~ambush~ oh, KK, news from the bynw side

~Mistyck~ see, Pat...all you had to do was put out the grilled cheddar sandwiches :)

~KK~ No. In many respects, it isn't long enough--but we really are in the hose stretch at last.

~ambush~ i moved in with bynw and tika

~TerryOBrien~ IT was the new grill that did it

* the_Bee opens the chilled champaign to celebrate the completion of KK's book

~RainbowDragon~ Is Childe Morgan still only a working title or will that be the actual name?

~KK~ home stretch It's the actual name, unless my editor can come up with a better one. We haven't discussed it yet.

~RainbowDragon~ okay, thanks

~Mistyck~ it's a very good name

* Bynw likes it anyway

~ambush~ yep

~Mistyck~ I remember liking it from way back when you first talked about doing that trilogy someday :)

~Bynw~ how soon before it hits print and the like

~ambush~ great name

~RainbowDragon~ Done any discussion on what the cover will look like?

~KK~ It will be out in the autumn; don't have an exact date yet.

~RainbowDragon~ Hooray!!!

~Bynw~ so it will be the most signed book at darkover this year

~Mistyck~ ahh...good timing...we can discuss it during Darkover :) have you thought any more about moving back to the States?

~the_Bee~ Do we get to meet Jehana's brother?

~KK~ I'm now gearing up to update the website.

~Mistyck~ cool!

* RainbowDragon changes topic to 'Official Chat of Katherine Kurtz -- Welcome back, KK!'

~KK~ You will meet Jehana's brother--but don't hold your breath on the next book. I haven't started it yet.

~RainbowDragon~ A website update. That's terrific news too :-)

~Mistyck~ hey that's understandable...you need to get the house finished

~KK~ Yep.

~Mistyck~ Katherine: ?I reached a milestone yesterday

~KK~ Yes?

~Mistyck~ I finished the Templar short story...my very first original story finished

~KK~ Very good.

~ambush~ nice

~the_Bee~ congrats, Mistyck!

~Mistyck~ of course, it needs editing and going over with a fine tooth comb, but I got some great ideas of how to do it from Holly Lisle's website

~Mistyck~ thank you

~ambush~ do i get to ?see it when i come down for baseball, mystick?

~RainbowDragon~ Done any discussion on what the cover will look like?

~Mistyck~ yes Ambush

~ambush~ yay!

~ambush~ :)

~KK~ I gave them some suggestions, but don't have any decision yet.

~Mistyck~ as far as review and editing that is

~ambush~ good reading and baseball over one weekend

~RainbowDragon~ okay

~ambush~ i'm not sure if i'll survive

~Mistyck~ ambush: you should be able to have it before then...my goal is to get it cleaned up by next weekend

~ambush~ wow

~Mistyck~ it's only about 20 pages.

~ambush~ i like hard-copies....they make my eyes hurt less

~the_Bee~ cleaned up? You wrote a dirty book about the Templars, Mistyck!?

~Mistyck~ lol bee!

~ambush~ roflmfao

~KK~ Once I've updated the website--or maybe while I'm working on that--I need to do the index for Childe Morgan, and then do the polish on High Deryni. And *then* I'll start on the 3rd Childe book.

~Mistyck~ very cool, KK

~ambush~ YAY to the entire list!

~ambush~ bbiab

~Mistyck~ most definitely!

~Wrengl~ hi katherine!!!!!!!

~KK~ Hi, Pat! ?How're you doing?

~the_Bee~ how are you doing with the chemo, pat?

~natlog~ KK ae you going to add the next issue of DA the zine to your list?

~Wrengl~ not bad, katherine

~Wrengl~ survived my first chemo treatment

* silverfire has joined #Deryni_Destinations

~DeryniBot~ silverfire stumbles into #Deryni_Destinations while

chasing after a Lehr Cat.

~Mistyck~ hiyas Silver!

~silverfire~ hi

~the_Bee~ hi ho silver

~Mistyck~ Katherine: ?This is Silver, I met him in a writer's


~KK~ Oops! Forgot about the next DA. Guess I do have to add that to my list. Otherwise, Julianne will probably kill me. :-)

* Martine has joined #Deryni_Destinations

~Martine~ hi all!

~silverfire~ Forward Motion writer's community, to be precise. ;)

~the_Bee~ Does anyone have news of Julianne's mother?

~KK~ Hiyo, Silver! ?(How many times have you heard ~that~?)

* JoeT joins and is welcomed by everyone

* Nuuka joins and is welcomed by everyone

~Mistyck~ wow...lots of peoples!

~silverfire~ almost every day, actually. :P

~KK~ Haven't heard re Julianne's mother for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, no news is good news.

* the_Bee was a big Lone Ranger fan as a child

~KK~ hi, martine!

~Martine~ has Julianne's mother been ill?

~the_Bee~ Yes :(

~KK~ Alas, yes. ?Metasized brain cancer. ?:-(

~silverfire~ yeah, the Lone Ranger was cool

~Martine~ oh, ick!

~silverfire~ :( cancer of any sort is not good

~Nuuka~ 'lo

~Mistyck~ KK: ?any ideas yet if you're moving back to the States or to Scotland?

~the_Bee~ hi neeka

~Wrengl~ no cancer is not good

~KK~ We're currently looking at Scotland; going on Wednesday for 4 days to look at prpoerties.

~the_Bee~ and nuuka too

~Mistyck~ wow...cool!

~Nuuka~ lol

* silverfire has never been to Scotland. He's envious

* Wrengl has not either

~KK~ Scotland is way cool!

* Martine hasn't either

* Bynw hasnt been there either and is 1/4 scottish

~silverfire~ my parents have, though. For a day, maybe, lol. I think they had some haggis while there.

~the_Bee~ Is Scott from Scotland?

~KK~ Haggis is excellent!

* TerryOBrien has been to Glasgow but its not the same as seeing the country

~Martine~ I thought Ireland was way cool, too! :-)

~Nuuka~ brb

* Nuuka departs

~Wrengl~ i tasted haggis at a scotland worldcon bid party and liked it

~silverfire~ Ireland *is* cool

~KK~ Scott is Scottish descent, but was born in--gasp!--Utah! (It was right after the war, and that's where his father was stationed at the time.)

~the_Bee~ do you prefer highlands of lowlands, KK?

~natlog~ i'd go back to ireland in a heartbeat

~Mistyck~ highlands! ?Of course!

~TerryOBrien~ We won't hold it against him.

* Debbie-VB joins and is welcomed by everyone

~KK~ Highlands, though we're looking at places in the lowlands.

~Mistyck~ hehe...

~Debbie-VB~ Hi all

~TerryOBrien~ I'll bet you're not looking for another "fixer-upper" are you?

~Debbie-VB~ katherine!!!!! ?welcome back

~Wrengl~ debbie are you from victoria or vancouver?

~Martine~ I'd love to horse-trek Scotland :-)

* silverfire always thinks of George MacDonalds' stories when he thinks of Scotland, for some reason. ;()

~silverfire~ er, ;) not ;()

~KK~ We don't mind the prospect of redecorating, but preferably no major restoration, please.

~Martine~ LOL had enough of that?

~Debbie-VB~ Burnaby. ?Which is ?a suburb of Vancouver

~Wrengl~ ah k

* Celebdraug joins and is welcomed by everyone

~TerryOBrien~ How much space would you be looking for?

~Wrengl~ we'll be stopping in victoria in september

~Celebdraug~ Hello

~KK~ About half to two-thirds what we have now.

~RainbowDragon~ Looking for another castle or more mundane accomodations this time 'round?

~KK~ 4-5 bedrooms, to allow for offices.

~silverfire~ Celebdraug? Is that partially Tolkien Elvish-inspired?

~KK~ Nothing mundane, thank you very much.

~silverfire~ mundane is boring, yes

~KK~ Maybe a castle. At least something baronial, like Holybrooke, only smaller.

~Martine~ Ow ow ow ow ow! Rowena's dreaming in my lap and rabbiting my leg!!!!

~Celebdraug~ ack and sort of. I got it from Tolkien but used it in D&D

~Wrengl~ lol martine

~the_Bee~ hi rowena1

~Mistyck~ lol Martine

~Mistyck~ Evaine ran away 2 days in a row

~silverfire~ I asked because another handle of mine is celebinar. ;) Same as this, only in Elvish

~Martine~ Do you have her back now?

~Wrengl~ oh dear is she in season?

~Mistyck~ snuck out in the morning when we let chance out

~Martine~ Is she spayed?

~the_Bee~ has she come back?

~Mistyck~ meowed to be let back in late at night no, Martine..I need to get her spayed yes...Bee, she's back now

~the_Bee~ before it's too late ;)

~Mistyck~ no, Pat, she's not in season...she was just being curious and naughty

~Wrengl~ yes indeed before it is too late

~Martine~ Yeah. As shiral's Cesca proved, it doesn't take much to get them pregnant.

~Wrengl~ good one of the charmed ones does that

~KK~ It may already be too late. ?How old is she?

~Mistyck~ ahh 1 yr old

~KK~ It's too late.

~the_Bee~ old enough

~Mistyck~ oh well how are your 5 doing Katherine?

~Wrengl~ well she can still be spayed

~Martine~ You can still get her spayed, but you'll miss all the

beneficial behavioral stuff and some of the health stuff.

~KK~ You mean, our six?

~Wrengl~ as long as she did not get knocked up

~Mistyck~ six now? Does that include Sasha? ok, thanks Pat

~KK~ Yep. He definitely lives here now.

~Mistyck~ cool!

~Wrengl~ good

~KK~ He *is* a cool cat--and huge!

~Wrengl~ how huge

~Mistyck~ I felt so bad for him when he got his whiskers cut off

* silverfire wishes he had a cat of his own. His apartment doesn't allow pets. :( Fortunately, his parents have a wedge head Siamese, lilac point, and he can visit her every now and then

~Wrengl~ frankie is as tall at the shoulder as thumper was

* JoeT departs

~Wrengl~ now that is huge

~RainbowDragon~ KK, when you ultimately do decide to move, will you take all of your fur family with you?

~KK~ Very affectionate. Of course, Jessie hates him. And Tillie isn't real crazy about him, not to mention Gus. But Edgar and Nicholas are ok with him.

~Wrengl~ so did i mistyck

~KK~ Of course they'll all go with us!

~RainbowDragon~ Great!

~Wrengl~ at least he has two friends then

~Martine~ My friend who runs a cat adoption organization did a 30-cat rescue last weekend that would make your stomach churn :-(

~Wrengl~ they're family

~Wrengl~ of course they move also

~Debbie-VB~ Sounds like sasha's got some Maine coon blood

~the_Bee~ how long does it take a cat to get acclimated to a new home?

~RainbowDragon~ Wasn't sure of any restrictions on taking animals out of Ireland or into Scotland

~Mistyck~ and it's easier to get pets from Ireland to Britain than vice versa

~Martine~ Anywhere from three weeks to years and years, Bee.

~KK~ Nope, just big. ?He's very short-haired--the shortest-haired of any cat I've ever had.

~silverfire~ depends on the cat, Bee

~Wrengl~ cats are very territorial

~Celebdraug~ aparently it is easyer to transport cats into and out of Canada to the States (and visa versa) than dogs.

~KK~ No problem either way. It's on and off the Continent that can be tricky, though we now have pet passports teamed with microchipping.

~Wrengl~ but many of them move okay since so many things are also moved

~the_Bee~ good!

~Mistyck~ I think if they have familiar furniture they adapt pretty quickly

~Martine~ If they all move together they adjust quickly. If a new cat comes into the household, it can take a while.

~KK~ Wherever we end up, we'll have lots of space for them to roam, both inside and outside. ?And you just keep them in for the first few weeks.

~Wrengl~ and, of course, their familiar staff

~KK~ Yes, well, most of the staff won't change. ?:-)

~Mistyck~ hehe

~Martine~ Hee hee

~Wrengl~ tee hee

~KK~ I expect they'll miss our builders, though.

~Wrengl~ probably no one to supervise

~Martine~ Do the builders supplement their diets, too? *g*

~Mistyck~ those builders have been around as long as some of them have been alive I think

~KK~ Oswald definitely will miss them. Bingo, Martine!

~Martine~ How's Oswald been doing without Scrappy?

~Wrengl~ i am sure he will does he get handouts from them?

~KK~ He's adjusted ok, though he's put on weight, since he doesn't run around as much as a singleton dog.

~Wrengl~ that is normal

~KK~ We've had to tell them not to feed him anymore. Even they realized he was getting fat.

~Mistyck~ lol

~Martine~ lol

~Wrengl~ good that they realized it

~Martine~ His belly doesn't have far to go before it starts dragging! *g*

~silverfire~ that just means you need to play with him more. ;) Take him for long walks in the Highlands

~Wrengl~ although a sadness from his perspective i am sure

~Debbie-VB~ And Oswald is now feeling totally hard done bye. Or at least acting like that?

~KK~ He's certainy made a brilliant recovery, though. I had to take him to the vet just before Darkover, to get his ears really cleaned, and all the staff were amazed to see him. They'd all thought he'd be a goner, with two broken front legs.

~Martine~ Good for him!

~Wrengl~ he's a tough kid

~KK~ (His surgery was done at the vet college, so his local vets hadn't seen him since the initial visit right after the accident.)

~Mistyck~ ahh

~Wrengl~ ah

~Martine~ My sister and her boyfriend just adopted a sheltie/terrier mix. He's the cutest little tiny thing!

~Wrengl~ yes i am sure they were surprised then that would be a small dog

~Debbie-VB~ that would be a good looking doggie Martine

~Wrengl~ imho

~silverfire~ golden retrievers are better. :p

~Wrengl~ cardigan welsh corgis are the best

~Martine~ LOL not when you live in a high-rise apartment, like they do.

~TerryOBrien~ Our family has always favored dachsunds

* Mistyck loves her half dalmatian, half english setter just fine :)

~Wrengl~ australian cattle dogs are neat also but not for everyone

~silverfire~ heh, Martine. That's true

~Celebdraug~ My dad has a half Great Dane.

~TerryOBrien~ Just the size to fit on your lap, and tremondously affectionate

~Wrengl~ no you would not like too big a dog

~silverfire~ actually, pugs are great

~Martine~ That's gotta be a big dog, half great Dane!

~Wrengl~ yes they can be

~KK~ Our immediate next door neighbors got a Shih-tzu (or however you spell it), and she's afraid of the cats, especially Nicholas, who apparently sits on the wall between us and glares at her.

She won't go out in her own back yard if he's watching. Of course, he used to live there....

~Celebdraug~ Suprised the heck out of him, since he was told it was a half boxer

~Wrengl~ you got it pretty close katherine

~Martine~ lol kk!

~TerryOBrien~ A friend had a huskie that was 1/4 wolf. Leetah thought she was a lap dog.

~Debbie-VB~ lol

~Martine~ rotfl, cole!

~Celebdraug~ His name is Tyson

~Mistyck~ haha...I love it when the kitties scare the doggies

~Martine~ My sister's poor female 10-week-old puppy is named Khan :-P

~KK~ Well, Nicholas is bigger than little Coco.

~Celebdraug~ Hey thats a cool name

~Wrengl~ kitties LOVE to terrorize dogs especially little ones

~Debbie-VB~ Terry, My sister has a dog like that. and he's a total wuss

~Mistyck~ or puppies

~silverfire~ what would be funny is if a large dog were scared of a tiny cat. ;) Small dogs being scared of cats is one thing, but a *large* dog is "worse." ;)

~Wrengl~ it happens though

~Mistyck~ even if they are bigger puppies..Chance pulled a cute trick on my ex-hubby's puppy at Christmas time...walked right in front of Queen Evaine and brushed her nose..Zack tried the same thing and got hissed at!

~Martine~ I work with someone whose pit bull is terrified of the eight-pound cat :-D

~Wrengl~ lol

~Celebdraug~ heh

~Wrengl~ he knows that rule number one is the cat always wins and is in charge

~TerryOBrien~ Its more funny watching a pair of dachsund pups chase a a full-grown Irish Setter, because the setter got a little too close to them.

~Wrengl~ rule number 2 is when in doubt refer to rule number 1

~Mistyck~ hehe..Pat, that's EXACTLY what Evaine did with poor Zack

~Wrengl~ of course

~Mistyck~ he got so scared he ran to Dan's lap, yiping and Chance just walked around and flopped near the fireplace!

~Wrengl~ my first cattle dog used to let saren wallwalker jr jedi (kitty) run up and knock him over

~Wrengl~ he weighed 40 pounds; she was 8

~Mistyck~ lol

~Debbie-VB~ sounds like one cat my family owned. Actually was stalking a full grown St barnard who strayed into his yard

~Martine~ I still think it's amusing that my 12-pound eagle-eyed cat is terrified of the seven-pounder with only one half-blind eye *hee hee*

~Wrengl~ true but then rowena is TOUGH

~Martine~ She thinks she's a little scrapper kitty.

~Wrengl~ indeed

~Martine~ And knows how to give the evil eye! :-D

~Wrengl~ but isn't she? of course she does she knows about that contract arwen has out on her

~Mistyck~ lol

~Martine~ rotfl!

~Wrengl~ and the meow mafia's capo di tutti fruitti capi still has the wherewithall to carry it out

* silverfire needs to go. He's tired from not getting enough sleep last night, and needs to take a nap.

**Everyone bids silverfire farewell

~Martine~ Arwen inquires of the Meow Mafia when she might expect that contract to be fulfilled? She's been waiting over a year and a half now.

~Martine~ Night, Silverfire

~the_Bee~ years ago our cat let the family dog near her kitten, but when a neighbor's dog came near she lashed onto his rump with all 4 paws

~Wrengl~ hooligan has been in jail most of the time

~silverfire~ bye, all, nice to meet you (however briefly), Katherine

~Wrengl~ and has the stripes to prove it

* silverfire Quit

~KK~ Well, it's getting on on this side of the pond, too, so I need to sign off. Good to see you all again--and see you next week. Nighters, all.

*** Everyone bids Katherine farewell

~Debbie-VB~ In case anyone is interested, I finally got my copy of Deryni checkmate.

~natlog~ good to see you again

~RainbowDragon~ Thank you for stopping by. We were getting terribly concerned ?:-)

~Mistyck~ yes..have a very fruitful trip to Scotland

~KK~ No worry. I just had my nose to grindstone.

~Martine~ I should go too. I volunteered to make cards for a cat rescue fundraiser :-P Night, everyone! Huggles!

*** Everyone bids Martine farewell

~RainbowDragon~ okey dokey :-)

~Mistyck~ tell Scott hello

* KK steps onto her Portal and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. [Quit]




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