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July 30th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

Ambush The_Bee Brom
Bynw db144 Ethan
Kelric KK Mistyck
RainbowDragon Shiral Slobbit
Tika Wrengl  

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~DeryniBot~ The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws KK into the chat.

~slobbit~ lol!

~KK~ Hello, folks.

~Mistyck~ how was your week?

~Wrengl~ we figured you would be in bed by now!

* brom is glad he's wrong and welcomes KK

~Wrengl~ did you have a good week?

~Bynw~ its Katherine!!!!

~Shiral~ I guess we were both wrong, Brom

~slobbit~ several people were just saying you must be in bed

~KK~ Would have been, but Scott was on the machine.

* ambush joins and is greeted by everyone

~DeryniBot~ ambush enters the chat as RainbowDragon passes around a plate of cheese.

~Wrengl~ ah

~Kelric~ never mind.  sound just came back up

* ambush tackle-pounces kk

~RainbowDragon~ How was your week, KK?

~brom~ KK, hope your week has been cooler than over here

~the_Bee~ did you get your castle, KK?

~ambush~ hey Wrengl

~KK~ OK.  We were supposed to go to a picnic yesterday, but it was bucketing rain--so most of the picnic moved to the house.  it was fun.

~Wrengl~ i'll bet

~Shiral~ Not much fun to eat in the rain

~KK~ No news yet on the castle front.  Hopefully, in a day or two.

~brom~ yo ambush

~Wrengl~ indoor picnics can be fun

~RainbowDragon~ indoor picnics can be fun

~Wrengl~ fingers crossed, kk

~brom~ if not in basement ...

~KK~ It was nice--and we got to use the house again, got a taste of what it would be like to actually use it the way it was intended.

~ambush~ hey brom

~KK~ That was cool.

~RainbowDragon~ how far away is the potential new place from your current abode?

~the_Bee~ KK. are you planning to settle in your new home, or will it be another buy up, fix up, sell off?

~KK~ About 20 minutes farther south and west.

~brom~ ambush, good timing ...

~RainbowDragon~ ah, okay

~KK~ Buy up, fix up, stay.

~ambush~ ?

~the_Bee~ ah

~brom~ joining exactly when KK showed up ...

~ambush~ i live with Bynw, brom

~RainbowDragon~ he's got connections  ;-)

~ambush~ you think i miss these things?

~Shiral~ And Bynw gets Ambushed *G*

~Bynw~ he can see connections if he's paying attention to them

~brom~ just figured u for psychic

* ambush tickles rd and shiral

* Shiral fights ambush off

~KK~ Still waiting for the sale to complete; was supposed to close on Friday, but has been extended for a week to 10 days.

~RainbowDragon~ Does the new place need any fixing up at all or is it good to go from the move in?

~Mistyck~ :(

~Shiral~ The sale of Holybrooke, or the purchase of the new house?

~KK~ No problem; it's just that the buyers are in France on their holidays, so things aren't moving as quickly.  Sale of Holybrooke.

~Shiral~ ah

~KK~ New place, if we get it, will require complete restoration, probably take a year to a year and a half.

~Mistyck~ wow, that's a long time

~brom~ arrgh ... waiting and hoping they don't change minds

~Wrengl~ yup

~KK~ That's better than the three years it took to do what we've just finished.

~Kelric~ holidays. the dreaded murphy of business deals

~brom~ or lose too much at the casinos

~Wrengl~ not funny brom

~KK~ It feels weird not to be working on the house anymore.  We keep driving past DIY stores and thinking about what we need to pick up--and then we realize that we dont have to pick up anything at all, 'cause it's finished!

~Wrengl~ lol I bet that seems strange

~Bynw~ oh that will be "fixed" when you get your new place

~brom~ no, been there with a sale lost cause of that ...

~Shiral~  At least until you start in on a new project =o)

~KK~ Yep--and everything will be much farther away--though we'll still be able to use the same suppliers we've been training for the past three years.

~Wrengl~ that is good

* Bynw looked at some bengal kittens this morning from a local cattery ... they were very very cute and adorable

~brom~ let me understand, new place is also in land of green?

~Wrengl~ i'll bet, bynw. kittens usually are

~KK~ Meanwhile, we still do not have a place to live in the longer term.  Gak!

~Shiral~ ek

~KK~ Yes, still in Ireland.

* db144 joins and is greeted by everyone

~DeryniBot~ The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws db144 into the chat.

~ambush~ he's been blabbing about them every chance he gets

~db144~ hello

~KK~ Bengal kittens are cool, Bynw.

~brom~ then none of the problems of cross-borders shipping of furniture, etc ...

~KK~ Scott loves their little spotted bellies.

~Bynw~ yes they are ... i'm going to get one ... maybe two

~KK~ They're expensive, though.

~Shiral~ I keep telling myself I've got two little spotted tummies already

~Shiral~ For about the price of one Bengal

~RainbowDragon~ hopefully they are as good natured as the average variety of house cat

~Shiral~ They're very lively, curious cats

~brom~ any pictures of new house as yet?

~KK~ I'm told they're very gregarious.

~Bynw~ they are

~KK~ Nope.  We don't have it yet.

~Bynw~ since i've now seen them in person

~Shiral~ They have to be kept entertained, or they can misbehave

~slobbit~ my kitty has a spotted tummy, and he was free--because someone abandoned him at the bus depot

~KK~ I've heard that, too.  So definitely get two, so they can entertain one another.

~KK~ That's food advice, whatever kind of cat one gets.

~Shiral~ My spotted tummy cat came from the shelter...but she had a surprise inside

~KK~ good advice, even.

~Bynw~ and the cattery is gonna give me a deal on 2 of them ...

~KK~ lol, she did, indeed, Shiral!

~brom~ that too...

~Wrengl~ lol shiral

~slobbit~ the food advice would be, obviously, to buy twice as much as for one cat

~Shiral~ But the baby is so cute, there was NO way I was going to let her go

~KK~ lol, yes, slobbit

~Shiral~ And now NIna's just a love sponge, with a cute tummy of her own

~KK~ The baby is adorable and gorgeous!

* Tika joins and is greeted by everyone

~DeryniBot~ Hi there Tika! Welcome to the chat.

* Tika waves

~KK~ Big eyes!

~Shiral~ VERY big Eyes, And very cute white paws

~Shiral~ So it all turned out for the best

~Tika~ hehe KK must be looking at the cattery website :)

~KK~ A charmer, to be sure. No, I'm talking about Nina.

~Shiral~ She rules the roost with a benevolent Iron Paw

~KK~ But I looked at the cattery site a couple of days ago.

~Tika~ lol Iron Paw

~RainbowDragon~  http://www.goldcharmbengals.com/upcoming.html

~Shiral~ It must really be Baby Bengal season, as I sent KK a link for a different Bengal Cattery a couple of days ago

~brom~ i've found scottish folds to be great pets ...

~Tika~ one in your area, Shiral?

~Shiral~ no

~Wrengl~ i love scottish folds

~Shiral~ Alas, I got the link off my cat newsgroup

~KK~ I've never met a Scottish fold in person.

~Shiral~ i can't afford bengals!

~KK~ Are they people-cats?

~Shiral~ So I'll stick with the girls I've got

~Wrengl~ but with a house full of domestic shorthaired goddesses and lions i need to refrain for any more

~brom~ very gentle and loving ... and short hair ...

~KK~ I think Scottish folds tend to be sort of burly, like my Nicholas.

~Tika~ Wrengl has the meow mafia, its tough to get another one in :)

~KK~ At least that's the impression I get, from photos.

~Shiral~ Nicholas is a lovely lad. How is Edgar faring?

~Wrengl~ indeed teek

~brom~ don't know i'd say burly, but are rounded, flatter faces with folded ears ..

~KK~ From the way Wrengl's mob proliferates, I should think it's hard to keep new ones *out*. Edgar is hanging in there; meds seem to have bought him some more time.  Of course, he mostly sleeps--but then, he did that before....

~the_Bee~ how old is he?

~KK~ 17 and counting.

~Shiral~ That's a venerable pussy cat

~KK~ Yep.

~Shiral~ But Pan slept a lot in his last years

~KK~ They all sleep a lot.

~Shiral~ yup

~Wrengl~ yeah but additions come from kitty tummies!

~Shiral~ Right now, it's naptime on the Serengeti Plain

~KK~ Incidentally, guess what Gus proudly brought into the house yesterday morning.

~Bynw~ that was like my monty kitty before he crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago

~Shiral~ A bat?

~Wrengl~ although madam, scarlett, and lockett have moved out

~KK~ A live frog, about 4 inches long, undamaged.

~Tika~ a present!

~KK~ No, Jessie brought in the bat a few days before that--also unharmed.

~Bynw~ did he give it to you as a present?

~the_Bee~ so now you have a croakpet?

~brom~ got my scottish fold in '89 at wash dc cat show ... was queen of roost for many years before final sleep last summer ...

~Shiral~ He must have seen you needed one, KK =o)

~KK~ Well, he certainly announced his arrival downstairs, proudly calling me to come and see what he'd caught.

~Wrengl~ lol

~Shiral~ They're always so proud of themselves!

~KK~ I think it was the one Scott had rescued a few days earlier from the bowl under the front fawcet and put into the foundain in the back.

~Wrengl~ slightly different present from squirrel tails, katerine

* Shiral sends a comforting Hug to Brom

* Kelric 's connection is peered. (Quit)

* Wrengl does same

~Bynw~ cats always give you the most interseting of gifts to show their love

~Wrengl~ yes they do

~KK~ Well, yes.  The squirrrel tails often had the squirrels still attached, in Hero's day--or parts of squirrels.  Though not for long.

~KK~ We do have mighty hunters in this house.

~Shiral~ For the one you love--they always bring the hairy beast

~KK~ lol

* brom thanks shiral and will pass hug to Rick ... couldn't take her to hawaii, so Rick had her since 2002 in Fairfax ...

~the_Bee~ Remind me--are Nicholas and Jessica littermates?

~KK~ No, they're next door sweethearts; Gus and Tillie are littermates.

~Shiral~ I'm sure my girls would bring me interesting artifacts if I let them out, but they are both indoor cats

~the_Bee~ ah

~KK~ But they'd pounce on any mouse unlucky enough to get in--and probably do in a wayward cricket or cockroach.

~Shiral~ Oh yes. Insect life is scarce around here

~KK~ Now you know why--in addition to your housekeeping.

~Bynw~ my mom doesnt have any mice anymore ... not a one in the last 2 years that Neko has been there

~brom~ Caitlyn would climb onto back of chair when watching tv or at computer and then lay across shoulders and back of neck ...

~KK~ ;-)

~Shiral~ And if Earth is ever attacked by aliens that look like leather tassels or drinking straws, my girls will protect us all!

~Tika~ ROFL

~Shiral~ Pan was a furpiece like that, Brom

~KK~ We have to go inot the attic tomorrow to find some documents, so I think I'm going to take a cat or two up with us; we know there are mice in the attic.

~Shiral~ A definite shoulder cat

~brom~ it was OK until she'd start 'cleaning' my hair & ears ...

~KK~ Ah, the dreaded leather tassel monsters and their drinking straw allies!

~Shiral~ you know it, kk

~Ethan~ the attic at Holybrooke?

~Shiral~ Small tubular aliens beware--Nina is on the job!

~KK~ Yep.

~Ethan~ is it extensive?

~KK~ Yes, big attic.

~Shiral~ Sounds like paradise for a mighty hunter

~Ethan~ should be quite the adventure for them then.

~brom~ like the Vorkosigan House attic?

~Ethan~ fresh hunting grounds

~the_Bee~ Vorkosigan?

~brom~ full of lots of stuff from ages past ...

~KK~ Dunno about that kind of attic.  My only concern is that they not go too far in, to the part where there's insulation.  If that happens, then woould have to be bathed. One doesn't want them licking fiberglass off their fur.

~RainbowDragon~ definitely not

~Shiral~ Ew, no. Don't imagine they'd appreciate the bath much, either

~KK~ Anyway, that's what we've been up to--and I've been polishing on High Deryni.  By next week, I hope to have more definite news on the impending move.

~brom~ furniture, suits of armor, old weapons, ...

~Shiral~ Good news about HD, though =o)

~KK~ Just boxes of books and files.

~Wrengl~ that is good news katherine

~KK~ I got the page proofs for Childe Morgan, too, so those have to be done by Aug. 17.

~Wrengl~ i just ordered some new books from B&N.com

~brom~ need any help ...

~Shiral~ Good thing you have a house Hiatus then, KK *G*

~KK~ Timing is good, though, since both projexts will be wrapped up before we have to really hunker down to the moving.

~Wrengl~ so we will have new books for my chemos and for the trip next month

~KK~ Yep.

* db144 departs channel

~KK~ Anyway, it's now past 12:30, so I'd better sign off.

*** Everyone bids Katherine goodnight and farewell.

~Wrengl~ hope to see you next week

~brom~ bye KK, have a good week ..

~the_Bee~ goon night and good week, Katherine

~Shiral~ GOod luck polishing and proofing

~Wrengl~ when i might not be melting

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.

~KK~ Is it a bit cooler now?

~Wrengl~ nope

~Shiral~ Yup, at least on my coast

~KK~ We've cooled down here.

~Wrengl~ another heat wave. sigh

~brom~ nope ... 100 here

~KK~ Pat, you're not allowed to melt.

~Wrengl~ of course it was nice having a cat scan friday - heavy air conditioning

* Shiral is grateful for a bit of cool air

~KK~ Was cat scan good? Is the tumor shrinking?

~Wrengl~ i am sleeping longer to enjoy bedroom ac

* brom is sitting in front of a fan ...

~Shiral~ But you get cat scanned every day from the Meow Mafia, Pat!

~Wrengl~ don't know yet

~KK~ lol!

~Wrengl~ they did chest, abdomon and pelvic area

~Mistyck~ g'nite Katherine, have a great week!

~Wrengl~ guess she wants to ensure it has not spread. True shiral

~KK~ We'll all keep our fingers crossed and keep the prayer wheels turning.

~Wrengl~ and frankie charges a lot less! ;)

~Shiral~ And Tumor Shrinking Woodgies flowing

~Ethan~ yes we will!!

~Wrengl~ thank you for all the prayers

~Shiral~ All Frankie wants is a kipper?

~brom~ and prayer beads

~Wrengl~ lol no a few shrimp is more like it shiral

~Shiral~ Still, cheap at twice the price =o)

~KK~ lol.  Nighters, everybody.

~Shiral~ night, kk

* KK departs (Quit)




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