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August 13th 2006 


Warning:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action.


These transcripts have been edited slightly.  Arrivals, Departures and Greetings of participants have been removed for easier reading.  Other information such as personal e-mails intended for private use have also been removed. 


Today's Chatter's

Albertus Ambush Brom
Bynw Db144 Dov
Jemler KK Mistyck
RainbowDragon Shiral Wrengl

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ Hello, folks.

* Bynw is counting down the 2 weeks until he gets his Bengals!!!

* jemler causes a golden aura of light to settle around KK's shoulders

~KK~ Ooo, cool, Bengals!

~Dov~ bengals?

~KK~ Do you have pictures yet?

~jemler~ here kitty, kitty, kitty :)

~Bynw~ actually ... yes there is a pic of the whole litter but i'm only getting 2 of the 4

* brom welcomes KK with carpet of roses and long tall warm mug of chocolate ..

~albertus~ real bengals?  wow

~Shiral~ They have serious house pets in Iowa, yeah

~KK~ Boys or girls or one of each?

~albertus~ i imagine so... i think the authorities in atlanta would not be pleased...

~brom~ just don't lose them in the cornfields ..

~Bynw~ girls

~Shiral~ Awww... *G*

~Dov~ what facilities do you have set up for them?

~jemler~ they wouldn't be pleased? imagine the looks on the faces of any rats in Iowa!

~albertus~ or dogs or cats or cows or sheep for that matter

~jemler~ lol

~brom~ there goes Field of Dreams ... 8)

~Shiral~ Tee hee... Well, Bengal is a breed of cat.  They LOOK exotic, but they are house-cat sized

~jemler~ in comes Field of Nightmares!

~Dov~ that's better

~Bynw~ scroll down to the 4 silver kittens half way down the page

~Mistyck-afk~ did you see we have a new chatter in Albertus?

~Shiral~ And they're somewhat cheaper to feed than real Bengals, too

~brom~ KK, hows the move going?

~albertus~ hi katherine...  spent two decades wondering how i could ever say "hello" to you and here you are online!  wow

~jemler~ long-armed Mistyck-afk strikes again!

~Mistyck-afk~ yeppers

* Mistyck-afk is now known as Mistyck

~Mistyck~ just got back from the Indian store

~jemler~ i'm part Cherokee, so I can say this: You buy Indians?

~brom~ not anymore

~albertus~ lol jemler

~Shiral~ Just the way Bynw can buy Bengals

~Wrengl~ lol

~KK~ Not moving yet, but in a couple of weeks.

~brom~ unless you're from cleveland

~jemler~ I'm just wondering how much I'm worth!

~Wrengl~ lol jemler

~Shiral~ Hold out for the highest price you can get, Jemler

~Mistyck~ oh and Pat, I found a new terrific Samosa source!

~KK~ I did finish proofing Childe Morgan this week; must still type up the corrections and send them off tomorrow or Tuesday.

~Wrengl~ indeed

~Mistyck~ awesome KK

~Wrengl~ great on the samosa's mistyck

~brom~ need a volunteer, KK

~jemler~ hmm. I think the highest was $1.20 USD

~KK~ Hello, Albertus.  Consider yourself helloed!  :-)

~Wrengl~ great katherine

~albertus~ :-d

~Dov~ good news katherine

~RainbowDragon~ sounds like progress is being made, KK

~Mistyck~ guy said to do 50 of them he needs about 3 or 4 days notice

~Wrengl~ that won't be hard for you to do!

* ambush joins and is greeted by everyone

~Wrengl~ and fifty means we could even sneak some for thanksgiving appetizers

~Mistyck~ it's going to be really great since the store is only about half mile from the house

~KK~ Samosas are yum!  We went for Indian food Friday night.

~Mistyck~ yeppers

~Wrengl~ mistyck is bringing some for the Rampant Lion, katherine

~ambush~ hey

~KK~ Excellent!  Pat, how're you feeling?

~Wrengl~ since we have the toaster oven and microwave it will be easy to heat them up! doing great this week

~KK~ Even more excellent!

~Wrengl~ always do good after a chemo treatment

~brom~ we have a new victi ... guest, albertus with us today ...

~Wrengl~ but my white cell count was about normal thanks to the neulasta

~Shiral~ Ssh, Brom, don't scare him off so soon!

~jemler~ what about db144?

~Mistyck~ and these are actually BETTER than the ones I got the other time

~Wrengl~ and my hemoglobin count was a little high thanks to the procrit

~KK~ I'm happy to report that Edgar has made an amazing comeback.  Thank God we have great vets!

~Mistyck~ great to hear kk!!

~Wrengl~ great katherine

~Wrengl~ yeah edgar

* ambush falls over

~Shiral~ Hooray, for Edgar, and hooray for Pat feeling better

~jemler~ way to go Edgar!

~Mistyck~ awesome Pat!

~Wrengl~ i have even started walking again

~Mistyck~ that's fantastic!

~Wrengl~ not much but starting to rebuild my stamina

~KK~ Very good!  And I hope it's cooled down a bit, where you are?

~jemler~ Don't wear yourself out before you get to Alaska!

~Mistyck~ take your time Pat, don't want any setbacks

~Wrengl~ it has the last few days - cool enough for a blanket at night but going to get warmer this week again i am only doing a little and not pushing myself

~Mistyck~ good good!

~Wrengl~ i need to be able to walk around and enjoy the science fiction museum in seattle

~Mistyck~ yeppers!

~brom~ good, pat - remember tortoise, not hare ..8)

~Bynw~ everyone look at the silver babies from that website?

~Wrengl~ that is practically across from our hotel (which is across from the space needle) yes i am doing tortoise, brom

~Bynw~ space needle ... Seattle???

~Shiral~ yup

~Wrengl~ yup

* Bynw likes Seattle, one of his fav cities

~brom~ yup

~Wrengl~ we will be there for five nights before our cruise

~Shiral~ I've eaten breakfast at the Space Needle

~Wrengl~ first time going

~ambush~ somebody tell Bynw that i'm right when i say he's naughty

~jemler~ pills or food?

~Wrengl~ we will probably eat there lol ambush

~brom~ didn't know corndogs was a breakfast 8)

~jemler~ it's alright to be naughty, ambush

~Shiral~ Bynw, Ambush is right when he says you're naughty

~Wrengl~ we will do some sightseeing in seattle besides that

~jemler~ lol, shiral

~Bynw~ moi? why would you say such a thing about me Shiral ... i didnt do anything

~Bynw~ Wrengl let me give you some suggestions ...

~Wrengl~ and are taking only two land excursions on the cruise

~Bynw~ goto the top of the needle

~Wrengl~ we plan on that

~Shiral~ I have a feeling Tika would say differently, Bynw =o)

~Bynw~ and while in Seattle go downtown and do the underground tour

~Mistyck~ agreed Shiral

~Wrengl~ we thought of that also we also need to find a japanese restaurant

~brom~ pat, observation platform gives great view, going to top not really necessary

~Wrengl~ i have not had sushi or sashimi since before my chemo! thanks, brom

~Shiral~ KK, any progress on the permanent housing front?

~jemler~ cook the fish

* db144 has left #Deryni_Destinations

~Wrengl~ i like my fish raw! and it will be four weeks since my last chemo so the

white count should be okay!

~ambush~ same here -- the fish

~Wrengl~ tuna and yellow tail especially

~jemler~ ambush: white count or raw fish?

~brom~ too far north to see St Helens, but should have great views of Ranier

~KK~ No permanent housing yet.

~Wrengl~ yummy, yummy, yummy

~KK~ Bynw, the girls are lovely!

~jemler~ what girls

~Bynw~ i will of course have lots of pics of them once i get them

* ambush likesraw fish

~albertus~ guys I need to run and eat dinner..  great to find the site and will talk to y'all later..  Great to make your acquaintance KK...  :

* everyone bids Albertus farewell

~KK~ The silver tabby girls.

~Wrengl~ the bengle kitties

~Bynw~  scroll down to the 4 silver kittens half way down the page

~jemler~ ok

~Mistyck~ take care albertus and nice meeting you.  Stop by often!

~brom~ should see fantastic scenery of olympic peninsula from the cruise ship

* albertus Quit

~KK~ I need to boogie, too.  I *think* we're signing the last of the paperwork on the house sale in the AM.

* Everyone bids Katherine farewell, a great week, happy editing and writing, and many thanks for coming and many hopes to see her for longer next week.

~Mistyck~ very cool KK

~Mistyck~ finally eh?

* brom send fair winds and following seas to albertus

~KK~ Yet, finally.

~Wrengl~ good

~Shiral~ What sweet kitties

~Shiral~ night, kk

~KK~ I'll try to make it again next week.  We had guests last week.

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. (Quit)




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