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June 25th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

The_Bee Bynw Dov
Jemler KK Klric
Mistyck Natlog Slobbit
RainbowDragon Wrengl  

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ Hi, guys.

~RainbowDragon~ How have you been, Katherine?

~KK~ Sorry I wasn't here last week.  We went for "drinks" at friends' house, and stayed for dinner, and stayed to chat after.... Got home around 2 AM!

~RainbowDragon~ chats with good friends is time well spent though

~the_Bee~ "home" still Holybrooke?

~KK~ Been ok.  Have just finished reviewing the copy edited manuscript of Childe Morgan.

~RainbowDragon~ How is the new computer doing, KK?

~KK~ Yep, still here.  Wednesday is the big day. New computer is fine.

~Wrengl~ moving day already!?

~KK~ No, auction day. Lots of interest.

~RainbowDragon~ thats a good thing

* slobbit joins and is greeted by everyone

~Wrengl~ what are you auctioning? I missed your last visit here, not feeling well

~KK~ The house.

~slobbit~ hi folks, RainbowDragon & the_Bee and kk

~Wrengl~ ah

~KK~ Pat, feeling better now?

~Wrengl~ so you decided to auction it?

~Wrengl~ actually not really

~KK~ Yep, that was the decision from the beginning.

~Wrengl~ i have not rebounded from the last chemo session as i had been

~KK~ bummer!

~Wrengl~ little energy although heat and humidity could contribute to that

~the_Bee~ hope you get a good price, esp. after all the work

you put into it

~Wrengl~ but I will be well this week and next

~KK~ I understand there's record heat in most of the US this weekend.

~Wrengl~ i am volunteering for the visit of the Godspeed to New York

~KK~ The Godspeed?

~Wrengl~ it is a reproduction of one of the ships that brought the first colonists to Jamestown

~KK~ cool!

~Wrengl~ a sailing reproduction

~KK~ Double cool!

~Wrengl~ it goes to boston after new york

~KK~ I love tall ships.

~Wrengl~ it will be at south street seaport

~the_Bee~ a tall ship came to Boston recently.  I didn't get to see it, though

~Wrengl~ it is amazingly small, as I recall from the original reproduction, to have carried that many people

~KK~ What are you volunteering to do, Pat?

~the_Bee~ sterage was very crowded, I bet

~Wrengl~ will find out tomorrow at orientation they have docent and guide positions and office work

~Mistyck~ ahh cool

~jemler~ You're a surprise volunteer?

~KK~ Ah.  That sounds great.

~Wrengl~ since i was a history major and have archaeology training anything is possible

~Mistyck~ :-)

~Wrengl~ they will tell us all tomorrow at orientation what our assignments will be

~KK~ Let us know when you find out.

~jemler~ I hope you feel up to it, whatever it is.

~KK~ Hi, Bynw.

~Wrengl~ kathi is making me a mob cap (one of those colonial days ladies hats) to wear since i have to wear a hat

* Dov Quit (Connection reset by peer)

* Bynw was helping Tika make dinner

~Wrengl~ will do orientation is tomorrow evening

~KK~ Ah.  I just got here about 5 min. ago.

~slobbit~ sounds like fun, Wrengl

~Wrengl~ it should be

* the_Bee stings peer up the wazoo "bad peer" bring dov back!

~Wrengl~ very casual dress - shorts, comfortable shoes, and the tee shirt they will be giving us at orientation

~jemler~ at least you didn't slap it with a fish! :)

~Wrengl~ and they have a dining tent and will provide us with water

~the_Bee~ thanks for reminding me , jemler

* the_Bee slaps DeryniBot around a bit with a large trout

* Dov re-joins and is welcomed back by everyone

~Dov~ :)

~KK~ Ah. peer must be propitiatable by food! Either that, or he was fleeing the fish! I, too, had forgotten that fish were the preferred weapon for dealing with Peer.

~RainbowDragon~ lol

~jemler~ she slapped me with that trout last week. It's a good thing I like fish!

~Wrengl~ or my indiana jones bullwhip

~jemler~ ooh , leather!

~RainbowDragon~ Bee's stings are quite formidable as well!

~the_Bee~ people were falling asleep.  I had to wake them up somehow.

~jemler~ by slapping me sllier

~Wrengl~ lol

~jemler~ sillier

~KK~ Sounds good to me.

~kelric~ mmm.  food.  I should make dinner

~Mistyck~ Katherine:  When is the tentative release date for Childe Morgan?

~KK~ Early December.

~Mistyck~ neat!  In time for Christmas ;)

~kelric~ woot.  an early christmas present

~the_Bee~ It will be on my Christmas wishlist

~KK~ Yep.  It might even be available at Darkover.

~Mistyck~ and hopefully available at Darkover...

~Mistyck~ yes!

~Wrengl~ :)

~kelric~ darkover.  with luck and not many term papers I might actually be able to make it to darkover this year

~jemler~ Mistyck is mind-seeing!

~Mistyck~ heehee

~Bynw~ darkover would be good

~KK~ Speaking of release dates, I do believe that the paperback of the latest Harry Potter comes out early in July.  :-)

~Mistyck~ Katherine we are hoping that Kelric and RD can be there with all of us this year

~KK~ That would be great.

~Wrengl~ yes it would

~Wrengl~ and the pub is doing thanksgiving for any early arrivals who want to come and chip in for the dinner

~Mistyck~ yep yep Ryan and I will be there we'll be bringing food too

~Wrengl~ but the hostesses are shopping on wednesday this year when the store still has food

~kelric~ if I come I'll chip in

~Wrengl~ :)

~Mistyck~ it's always a fun time at the Pub

~Wrengl~ i will post on the ng because we will need a number before we leave

~KK~ That sounds like a distinct possibility.

* natlog joins and is greeted by everyone

~natlog~ hi all

~Wrengl~ well last year tika, bynw, and ambush joined us and it was less expensive and better than most of the restaurants

~Mistyck~ Pat, we'll have to plan the menu in October

~Wrengl~ yup

~Mistyck~ and I found another place that will sell me bulk samosas

~Wrengl~ we have decided to do a spiral cut ham for the pub again this year

~Mistyck~ so I will be bringing about 50 of those too oh good!

~Wrengl~ it worked better than any of the other things we've tried

~Mistyck~ yep

~the_Bee~ you're making me hungry!

~Wrengl~ oh good mistyck, they were good

~Mistyck~ yes and I was reluctant to get some that weren't quite as good as the ones I'd brought

~Wrengl~ tee hee

~Mistyck~ but an Indian restaurant near work told me they'll make them for me and be ready to pick up the day prior to my leaving

~Wrengl~ :)

~Mistyck~ they just want 3 days notice

~Wrengl~ great

~Mistyck~ and I think 50 is a good number...last time Martine took a few back with her

~the_Bee~ speaking of food:  Dov, is kosher salt slaughtered according to prescribed rituals?

~Dov~ kosher salt is coarse salt, used to draw blood out of meat as part f the kosher process

~the_Bee~ ah. I'm reading a mystery that began with someone preparing gravlax salmon with kosher salt and sugar

~Dov~ lax (or lox) is somehow related to a persian word for "pink" also connected to a kind of dye known as "lake" and "shellac"

~the_Bee~ The novel is set in Texas

~Dov~ oops, you pushed my "vocabulary" button :-D

~RainbowDragon~ lol

~Mistyck~ teehee

~RainbowDragon~ but quite interesting, Dov

~Mistyck~ very interesting

~the_Bee~ one of a series featuring Ruby the Rabbi's Wife (widow)

~Mistyck~ we're a quiet bunch today

~Dov~ fighting with an ornery printer

~Mistyck~ ahh

~RainbowDragon~ KK are you still with us?

~the_Bee~ We don't want to pester KK till she's done relocating

~KK~ I'm still here. But I'm fading fast.

~Mistyck~ got all your extra stuff packed?

~KK~ You must be joking.

~Mistyck~ lol

~Dov~ how are the various quadrupeds?

~Mistyck~ yes I was I hate moving

~KK~ And what would constitute "extra stuff"?

~Dov~ :)

~KK~ All the four-foots are fine.

~Mistyck~ all the stuff in the attic/closets/etc that we never use but have to somehow keep around

~RainbowDragon~ the non-auctionable stuff

~Mistyck~ yep!

~KK~ I've weeded out a great deal of that "stuff" in the past two years.

~Mistyck~ good for you!

~KK~ And we'll be selling a lot of the furniture rather than put it into storage.

~RainbowDragon~ that should simplify the packing tremendously

~Mistyck~ oh good!

~KK~ No, because books still need to be put into boxes. Furniture just goes into trucks.

~RainbowDragon~ how soon before the big move?

~KK~ Don't know.

~RainbowDragon~ ah, okay

~KK~ Possibly as soon as 4 weeks.

~the_Bee~ last time I moved I had to leave most of my stuff behind to keep the health department off my back

~Mistyck~ closing on the new place contingent on the closing of Hollybrooke?

~KK~ No, it's more complicated than that.

~Mistyck~ ahh ok

~KK~ As soon as I have the new (interim) address, I'll let you know.

~Mistyck~ cool!

~Dov~ think i'm going to sign out now. blessings and good health all around.

~the_Bee~ shalom dov

~Mistyck~ take care and be well Dov.  Have a great evening

~KK~ Blessings to you as well.  And I'm away as well.

*** Everyone bids Katherine farewell, goodnight and a happy week

~KK~ Will try to make it next week.

* Dov (Quit: Dov steps onto the Transfer Portal and vanishes )

~Mistyck~ cool

~RainbowDragon~ Thanks for stopping by

~KK~ I have to get back on the repolish of High Deryni this week, now that Childe is back with the typesetters.

~Mistyck~ goodie!!!

~RainbowDragon~ good news!

~KK~ All of you, take care.  and Pat--feel better!

~Mistyck~ have a great night Katherine

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. (Quit )




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