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February 12th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

Ambush The_Bee Bynw
KK Martine Mistyck
RainbowDragon Shiral Slobbit

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~Shiral~ my word! it's herself!

~KK~ Hello, small gang!

~the_Bee~ a lot of people had to leave early

~Shiral~ We're being intimate today

~KK~ yeah, and i'm a bit late.

~Mistyck~ yeah..people started dropping off a few minutes ago

~KK~ Oops.

~RainbowDragon~ How was your week?

~Shiral~ Silly people *G*

~Mistyck~ How was your trip?

* Martine joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ Good week. The house is all of a sudden coming together on many fronts.

* Martine Quit

~the_Bee~ bought any castles lately?

~Mistyck~ awesome, KK

~KK~ And I've been working on the website updates. Shiral, I hope to send some stuff out to you guys in the next couple of days.

~Shiral~ excellent kk

~Mistyck~ very cool!

* ambush re-joins and is welcomed back by everyone

~RainbowDragon~ A website update... awesome!

~KK~ Nothing bought yet, but we've got some hot prospects.

~Shiral~ Ambush is Re-Ambushing us

* Martine re-joins and is welcomed back by everyone

~Mistyck~ great news Katherine.

~Bynw~ staying this time??

~Martine~ Hi. Let's see if I can stick around this time :-)

~Shiral~ Near Edinburgh, perhaps, KK?

~KK~ Martine, are you snowed in?

~Martine~ My ISP has been having routing problems since the 5th. Makes internet life... er... fun.

~KK~ Nearer Glasgow, actually.

~Bynw~ only us diehard fans are years for you right now KK ...the others all jumped ship

~the_Bee~ snowed in in boston

~Martine~ Sure am, Katherine! 15 glorious inches.

~Mistyck~ cool, kk

~Shiral~ Glasgow is good

~Bynw~ you got 15 inches of snow?? you can keep that crap over there

~RainbowDragon~ heh heh heh

~Shiral~ We didn't get anything CLOSE to that!

~Martine~ I confess... Shiral was keeping watch for me so I could crank on making greeting cards for a cat rescue fundraiser :-)

~KK~ Glasgow is not as good as Edinburgh, but the house is only about 20 minutes from the airport, and not in the direction of heavy traffic.

~Shiral~ Nice house?

~Martine~ Have you and Scott settled definitively on Scotland, then?

~KK~ It will be, once MacMillan and Wife get finished with it--if we buy it. It's looking that way.

~Mistyck~ awesome

~Martine~ Now I"ll have an excuse to finally go to Scotland ;-)

~Bynw~ me too

~KK~ As if one needed an excuse.... ;-)

~ambush~ same here

~Shiral~ No major restoration needed?

~Mistyck~ true

~Bynw~ other than the excuse of i want too

~Martine~ LOL Details. Excuses help convince the hubby ;-)

~the_Bee~ "all among the bloomin' heather"?

~KK~ Major decoration needed, but most of the heavy restoration is already done--and there's a grant in place for some work.

~Mistyck~ I've always wanted to go to Scotland ever since I was a teenager

~KK~ It's a beautiful land.

~Mistyck~ that's always good

~Martine~ Would that be the Glasgow house?

~Bynw~ KK, you missed barticus ... he gave use the news that his uncle passed away today of cancer

~KK~ Ah, sad. I hope he'd had a long, full life.

~Martine~ Me too

~Bynw~ and this weekend brought the news that my mom has lung cancer :( ... all of her siblings have come to see her in the hospital at least thats good

* slobbit joins and is greeted by everyone

~Martine~ ack! bynw!

~slobbit~ Hi folks

~Martine~ It's an epidemic. My next door neighbor died of lung cancer two weeks ago.

~Mistyck~ sorry to hear that Bynw

~Bynw~ thanks all

~RainbowDragon~ family illness can at time bring a family together

~Mistyck~ hope they caught it early enough

~KK~ Bynw, I'm so sorry!

~Martine~ Bynw - tell your mom not to ignore the doctor like my neighbor did ;-)

~Martine~ And {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

~KK~ You're aware, I think, that Julianne's mom is also fighting cancer....

~Martine~ Yup.

~Shiral~ Yes, very sad

~Mistyck~ yep too much cancer going around

~the_Bee~ yes :( very bad

~Shiral~ I've decided to Ban Cancer

~Shiral~ There's been WAY too much of it in the past year

~Bynw~ we are thinking they did ... all the test results arent in yet... but right now it looks like it can be removed by surgery

~KK~ Send some Ban Cancer thoughts to Pat Nolan, too.

~Mistyck~ that's good to hear Bynw

~Martine~ That's good news, Bynw!

* the_Bee sends good-health woodgies to all who need them

~Shiral~ I hope the surgery will take care of it, Bynw

~Mistyck~ yeah, I think Pat's either snowed in at home or in CT...I think she went shopping today

~KK~ Can't be too snowed in, then. ?That's good.

~the_Bee~ Pat's next chemo is due on tuesday, iirc

~Mistyck~ they got 26.9 inches at Central Park

~Martine~ If she's home, they tend to clear NYC better than the 'burbs.

~slobbit~ we got quite a bit here

~Shiral~ Definitely send Ban Cancer thoughts to Pat

~Martine~ We probably got the same here, but only 15" on the ground thanks to the wind blowing it down into the bowl.

~Martine~ There's nearly four feet on the sports field below my house.

~KK~ TV says DC has gotten about 2 feet.

~Mistyck~ at least your power's on, Martine. I heard them say on TV that a lot of people in NYC don't have power

~Martine~ Yup! Only lost power when hubby hit the wrong circuit breaker while wiring the new bathroom ;-)

~ambush~ heyas kk

~Shiral~ That would be a nuisance, most definitely Snow on the ground and no power

~KK~ Aha, new bathroom is progressing!

~ambush~ i was telling the peoples here about an idea i had

~Martine~ Yeah, no power = no furnace

~Mistyck~ exactly...very cold :(

~Martine~ Yup! Had the electrical inspection, so now he's fixing the things that dind't pass.

~Shiral~ Might as well not get out of bed, in that case! Just hibernate

~Martine~ If we had no power, we'd be snuggled in bed with the cats ;-) I have a feeling Arwen and Rowena might call truce for such circumstances.

~Shiral~ A foursome?

~Martine~ yup! :-d

~Shiral~ WEll, I've been sleeping with Pan all winter

~Martine~ kkkkkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

~Shiral~ Poor old guy feels the cold these days

~Mistyck~ hehe which one is that?

~the_Bee~ hi rowena

~Martine~ LOL And I guess that's what Rowena thinks of the subject.

~Martine~ It's always Rowena. Arwen doesn't do laps.

~slobbit~ foursome? sheez, people, don't give me any plotbunnies

~Mistyck~ ah, ok

~Mistyck~ lol, Beth

~RainbowDragon~ heh heh

~KK~ We've had three-cat nights lately. Gus and Tillie calla truce--more or less--with Sasha, for most of the night.

~Mistyck~ both of mine love to jump on the keyboard

~Shiral~ Nina just stations herself between me and the keyboard like a furry boulder

~Martine~ So Sasha's really got run of the house now? Or was it just really cold?

~KK~ Absolutely, and loves to be with people.

~Martine~ yay!

~KK~ Both, Martine.

~Mistyck~ I'm assuming the new house will have central heat

~ambush~ you write fanfics too, slobbit

~ambush~ ?

~Martine~ We had to shut Rowena in our bedroom last night, because Arwen was so freaked out by the snow piling in her window that she kept crying to be "saved" from her perch. Every time she jumped

down, Rowena chased her back up :-P

~ambush~ roflmao

~slobbit~ no, ambush

~ambush~ ok

~Shiral~ poor arwen!

~ambush~ thought you did my bad

~slobbit~ did once

~Mistyck~ she's working on original fiction Ambush

~slobbit~ (which reminds me, I have to withdraw one)

~ambush~ ahhhh

~KK~ Poor Arwen.

~ambush~ i was going to mention my fanfic idea to see what our gracious kk thought

~the_Bee~ Arwen sounds like a fraidy-cat :O)

~slobbit~ and I just got some interesting feedback at the Baen's Universe slush

~Martine~ When I sneaked out this morning, she was finally happily curled and cozied into the faux fur blanket on the sofa :-)

~Martine~ LOL Bee, Arwen is a chicken in a cat suit.

~KK~ We have central heat now, Mistyck.

~Mistyck~ very cool, Beth

~Shiral~ So is Pan, Martine

~Mistyck~ ah, ok kk

~Martine~ Maybe we should have paired Arwen and pan. They'd

never both each other, because they'd always run away from each other!

~Martine~ *bother

~Shiral~ I was wondering how a cat could "both" itself *G*

~Mistyck~ lol

~KK~ Is Pan that much of a chilcken?

~Shiral~ Well, Nina is turning into a little bully She keeps swatting him, and he keeps hissing at her

~Martine~ Poor Pan :-(

~Shiral~ She picks on her mother too, but Francesca fights back

~Martine~ So she's reached social maturity and making her place in the hierarchy?

~Mistyck~ Queen Evaine is the boss of everyone until Chance decides he's had enough of her swatting everyone

~Shiral~ But it sounds as if Pan and Arwen would be good housemates

~Shiral~ It seems so latey, Martine

~ambush~ speakig of cats, i'm thinking of making one or two cats part of my fanfic idea

~RainbowDragon~ what's your fanfic idea, ambush?

~Martine~ xccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

~Shiral~ I think Rowena wants to join the CC!

~RainbowDragon~ heh heh

~Martine~ LOL No she just wants the attention I'm giving the silly lightbox and button board!

~Mistyck~ sure sounds like she's asking KK if she can

~ambush~ i was thinking of elaborating on jehana's and barrett's relationship

~ambush~ unless kk already has something about that in the works...

~Martine~ And here lies the seven minute lull.....

~Mistyck~ yep..we all got very quiet

~KK~ Ah...I may well do more with that.

~Shiral~ Jehana struck us all with awe

~Mistyck~ yep

~the_Bee~ Will their courtship involve cats?

~Shiral~ Barrett would really be taking on a "project" in Jehana

~Shiral~ Not to mention that he'd have to compete with her memories of Brion

~Martine~ Somehow I don't think "projects" scare Barrett.

~Shiral~ He also seems to have taken her on, and quite well

~Martine~ ;-)

~Shiral~ =o)

~the_Bee~ I can see Jehana as a non-cat-person who gets converted to a cat-lover

~KK~ Well, yes and no. We know that she has a good heart, and that she loves her son very much. ?And now that she's "seen the light"....

~Shiral~ This is true

~ambush~ actually, that was meant as a transition from cat to fanfic

~Mistyck~ lol

~Shiral~ But the thing about queens is that they're rather used to having their way =o)

~KK~ I don't think the memories of Brion would bother her that much. It's been a while; and the relationship was not always the smoothest....

~Mistyck~ write it ambush. ?It's always fun to write :)

~the_Bee~ likecats

~KK~ Cat queens and human queens, both.

~the_Bee~ having their own way, that is

~Shiral~ Will we see some of that in Childe Morgan? Jehana's and Brion's marriage, that is?

~KK~ Yep.

~ambush~ and that towards the end of kkb you wrote that she had pretty much moved on after she started coming to terms with her powers and who she was

* Shiral tries not to sound too curious *G*

~Shiral~ oh good!

~Martine~ LOL you're not quite succeeding, Shiral! *G*

* Shiral rubs hands in anticipation

~Shiral~ Idle curiousity you understand, Martine*G*

~Martine~ Oh, absolutely ;-)

~KK~ Well, just keep in mind that I have several other smaller projects to wind up before I actually start writing the next Childe. BTW, Debby and I talked a couple of night ago about maybe doing the new Adept in the next year....

~Shiral~ Oh.... will we have to wait until book 3?

~Mistyck~ woohoo!

~Bynw~ cools

~Martine~ yay!

~the_Bee~ Goody! more Adept!

~ambush~ ooooooo

~Bynw~ KK, poke that MacMillian of yours to finish the 3rd book of the Knights of the Blood :-)

~Mistyck~ that will make Pat very happy

~Shiral~ more adept is always good...

~KK~ I'll tell you, it won't happen until the house situation is resolved. he has no office. That's his story and he's sticking to it!

~Mistyck~ oh yeah, Katherine...I've been asked to bug Scott about that by Silverfire too :)

~KK~ Consider him bugged.

~ambush~ lol

~Bynw~ i see

~Martine~ LOL what happened to that office with the nice built-in bookshelves that were going in when I was there?

~Martine~ And its very own bathroom?

~Mistyck~ hehe..thanks!

~the_Bee~ any chance Adam & Ximena, or Peregrine & Julia, will have kids?

~KK~ BTW, I'm taking him someplace way cool for his birthday next month.

~ambush~ oh?

~Shiral~ Oh? Where?

~Martine~ ???/

~Martine~ Inquiring minds want to know :-)

~KK~ He's a big fan of Monserrat Caballe, and she's doing one night only in Killarney....so we're going!

~Bynw~ wish him a happy birthday for me ... he's one of my birthday buddies

~Shiral~ Excellent!

~Mistyck~ ooh cool!

~Martine~ neat!

~Shiral~ Caballe is quite wonderful

~ambush~ woohoo

~Shiral~ I didn't realize she was still singing...

* Bynw idly notes that those born on March 9th are really cool

~Martine~ lol

~Mistyck~ heehee

~KK~ We have no idea what she'll be singing, but I've known for a long time that he was a bigtime fan of hers.

~Mistyck~ that'll be a fun evening

~Shiral~ You're in a position to know, KK *G*

~Mistyck~ How's Cameron doing?

~Martine~ You mean he wouldn't prefer to be dragged to NYC to see the musical Spamalot? *G*

~KK~ It's actually on the 4th--the concert, that is. But it's as good timing as one could ask, for a birthday present. We'll stay a night at a nice hotel in Killarney, too. Romantic getaway for a weekend.

~Martine~ Oh, nice!

~KK~ Spamalot is definitely on my list of shows I want to see.

~Martine~ me too! With Eric Idle adapting the book, and its current cast, how can it go wrong?

~Shiral~ Montserrat was SO kind to conspire to give Scott the perfect birthday present *G*

~Martine~ It's been getting great reviews, too.

~KK~ Cameron is fine. Scott leaves Wednesday for a week, to visit Cameron (for his birthday on the 12th) and to see his mom. Sadly, this may be the last time he sees her while she'll still recognize him; her memory is slipping badly.

~the_Bee~ :o(

~Martine~ :-( Is she still in her house, or did she have to be moved?

~KK~ I've been reading Spamalot reviews; each one is better than the last, so it must be good.

~Mistyck~ oh, sorry to hear that Katherine. I know how that goes. I'm glad my Mom got to see Ryan for the last time while she was still halfway alert

~KK~ She moved into sheltered accommodation last summer; her decision. She's doing well there, but very much lives in the moment; later, doesn't remember.

~Shiral~ Well, I hope she and Scott have a good visit while he's there

~Mistyck~ are any of the new drugs helping?

~KK~ I hope so too.

~Martine~ At least it was her decision. I'm sure that made it a lot easier on Scott.

~RainbowDragon~ I can definitely relate as well. My mom had Alzheimers and it broke my heart when she no longer knew me... ?:-(

~Mistyck~ most definitely

~KK~ Not really. ?Actually, I don't know what they're giving her, at this point.

~Shiral~ And it's good to know she's not alone, when she needs help

~Mistyck~ ah, ok. My Mom couldn't take some of them because she was alergic

~KK~ Yep, Scott's brother and sister-in-law are there, along with Cameron.

~the_Bee~ My mom moved into assisted living last october

~KK~ It's a sad way to go. ?Truly, the long goodbye.

~Mistyck~ yep

~Shiral~ My mom bought a house in Santa Cruz with her lover last summer =o)

~KK~ Cool, Shiral!

~Shiral~ It's very hard. I'd much rather stay alert until my last day, and then go very quickly

~Martine~ Yeah. I want to go the way my grandfather did. Paying bills one moment, gone the next.

~Mistyck~ me too Shiral. ?Now it seems like my sister may have the beginnings of Alzheimers too :(

~KK~ Yep, I think all of us would prefer to go quietly in our sleep, after a long and happy life well-lived.

~the_Bee~ or my dad. ?died in his sleep

~Shiral~ Best way to go Wow, from Cancer to death. We're just full of good cheer, today =o)

~Martine~ Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

~the_Bee~ how old is your sister, Mistyck?

~Mistyck~ yep. Even my father having cancer and being in a coma was better than my Mom being in the nursing home. she's 55

~Shiral~ KK, I think my mom will outlive a great many of us. She outlived her cancer scare about 15 years ago

~the_Bee~ :o( much too young for Altzheimer's

~KK~ Well, enough of this for tonight. ?It's way after midnight here, and the builders arrive early. But you should see the dark gray marble effect they've done in the dining room below the chair rail.

*** Everyone bids Katherine farewell, goodnight, and a good week.

~Mistyck~ yep

~Shiral~ cool!

~Martine~ Hugs, Katherine!

~Mistyck~ very cool Katherine. Renovation almost finished then? take care and have a great week Katherine

~Shiral~ Thanks for popping by!

~KK~ Talk to you next week.

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. (Quit)




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