07-16-06 Chat Transcript
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July 16th 2006 


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Today's Chatter's

The_Bee Brom Bynw
Ethan Harvey JastaElf
Jemler KK Kelric
Mistyck RainbowDragon Samuel
Tika Wrengl  

* KK joins and is greeted by everyone

~jemler~ my spell worked! Hello KK

~KK~ Hello, troops!

~kelric~ she's here

~RainbowDragon~ Shiral, look look!

* the_Bee divebombs the room with honeycombs

* Shiral quietly closes the door of the author trap

~Wrengl~ glad i had not yet signed off!

~RainbowDragon~ How have you been KK?

~Wrengl~ how goes things, kk

~KK~ Sorry I was away the past two Sundays--a party the first Sunday, given by our next-door neighbors, and last Sunday....Pirates!

* Brom sends an iced mug of a-b to kk with a "hi, kk"

~KK~ hi, brom!

~jemler~ Pirates? Where is Saint Bearand when you need him?

~KK~ So, how is everybody?

~Wrengl~ all the critters will soon have new quarters to explore!

~jemler~ doin good

~Ethan~ better now

~Wrengl~ not doing too bad

~Bynw~ its kk

~Shiral~ Functioning within factory specs

* Brom warns KK the iced mugs has been magically endowed to never empty 8;

~Wrengl~ unless i melt into a pile of goo this week

~the_Bee~ muddling through

* ambush joins and is greeted by everyone

* ambush tackle-pounces kk

~KK~ That's so.  In all, it wasn't as good a Pirate movie as the first: a bunch of scenes in search of a plot.

~ambush~ hey

~KK~ Wrengl, you aren''t allowed to melt into a pile of goo!

~Shiral~ Look out floor's kind of sticky from the hot fudge and Bee's honeycombs

* Brom pours a mug of a-

~Wrengl~ i do not do well in the 90's with lots of humidity

~Shiral~ Pat, neither do I

* Samuel joins and is greeted by everyone

~Wrengl~ the big ac in the bedroom died last year

* ambush grabs pringles and mtn dew

~KK~ Fascinating, that she's found a new WMD.  Never heard of honeycomb bombardment before.

~Samuel~ hello all

~Wrengl~ but we found a small carry cool that kathi put in the bedroom and it works

~Shiral~ It's good for creating sticky situations

~ambush~ how ya been, kk?

~KK~ Poor Wrengl!  You didn't need this kind of hot and sticky weather.  (For that matter, <no one needs that kind of weather.)

~Wrengl~ indeed

~the_Bee~ the wax knocks them down, then the honey glues them

to the floor

~KK~ ah.

~Brom~ one order of iced mugs for the house!

~Wrengl~ chemo is tuesday so at least i get to spend the morning in air conditioning

~KK~ That's good.

~kelric~ man it's hot here.

~Samuel~ Brom: skip the mug....  just gimme the ice.

~jemler~ Wrengl, it's the afternoon air that's too hot

~Wrengl~ then i go to see the gyn to find out how the tumor is doing (hoepfully shrinking) so more ac!

~Shiral~ Good weather for lying still and doing as little as possible

~KK~ Wrengl, how do you guys survive in NYC in the summer without AC?

~Brom~ ah, but the mug is full of cold A-B ... and never goes empty 8)

* the_Bee sips from her mug. "thanks, Brom!"

* ambush waves to brom

~Wrengl~ we spend lots of time in front of fans!

~Samuel~ a-b?

~jemler~ and sweat a lot!

~KK~ I guess.  And with them blowing air across blocks of ice, I hope.

~the_Bee~ A&B Root Beer, I presume

~Wrengl~ this week nights should be warm also but normally we get a coolish breeze from the harbour so a fan cools the room enough for at least a sheet

~jemler~ i thought it was A&W?

~Shiral~ Wouldn't it be simpler to find a meat locker somewhere?

~Wrengl~ we have done that!

~the_Bee~ I coool off in the shower before crawling into bed still damp

~Brom~ Anheuser-Busch's finest ... I worked just down the hill from the brewery

~Wrengl~ gone to the wholesale meat market and stayed in the meat area until frozen

~jemler~ how much were you worth a pound?

~Wrengl~ but no room to put meat in freezer this week does a-b actually have a beer that tastes like

something other than dish water?

~Brom~ hi ambush (glad that his attempt to dump cold A-B on ambush for pouncing on KK was aborted

* Wrengl puts out icy bottles of samuel smith's nut brown ale, sam adams summer brew, and woodpecker cider

~Samuel~ Anheuser Busch?  rats!  I was hoping for a beer.

* Shiral sticks with iced tea

* RainbowDragon hands Shiral some peach tea

* Wrengl takes a cider

* the_Bee offers Sam a chilled microbrew

~Shiral~ Now I'm a two-fisted drinker, RD! Thanks. =o)

~Wrengl~ :)

~Brom~ of course, A-B actually has a bunch of the local "micro" business ...  I'd never give friends anything Bud

~Wrengl~ ah, good

~RainbowDragon~ Are you all packed and ready to go, KK?

~KK~ Nope--though I've been culling books this weekend.

~Wrengl~ i don't think i've had a bud since i was in my teens (18 was drinking age back then)

~RainbowDragon~ I'll bet thats a daunting and difficult task

~KK~ We're having professional packers do their thing--when we have a place to move to.

* Shiral does not do beer

~jemler~ now that you're all o f 21, you go for the hard stuff, wrengl?

~Wrengl~ yup the macallan 18 year or cask strength

~Samuel~ it's amazing how those that are too young to drink waste their drinking on stuff not worth drinking.

* the_Bee likes pale ale or lager. or bitter at a British pub

~Brom~ kk, have you switched from Irish to Scotch as yet?

* kelric does not do any alcohol period

~KK~ Irish whiskey as opposed to Scotch?

~the_Bee~ You can be our designated driver, kelric :o)

~Brom~ yes 8)

~Ethan~ sadly, I am no longer allowed spirits

~Wrengl~ too bad ethan

~jemler~ why not?

~Ethan~ no kidding

~kelric~ heh

~Wrengl~ although we have to moderate the alchohol

~Ethan~ interferes with my meds

~Brom~ he's regressing inage?

~KK~ I don't like either--though Scott has always been a fan of The Macallan.

~Wrengl~ yes he is

~Wrengl~ and it is a great lure to get him into the rampant lion!

* ambush is now known as ambush-the-cook

~jemler~ the pub or the cat?

~Wrengl~ the rampant lion pub

~Brom~ have to admit I've never heard of that brand.  single or


~jemler~ ok :)

~Wrengl~ on the fourth floor of the darkover con hotel

~Shiral~ Ambush, be careful NOT to ambush the cook when said cook is handling hot oil. *G*

~Wrengl~ single, brom

~the_Bee~ I got some Clan MacGregor Scotch on sale.  I don't know its reputation, but I like it.

~Wrengl~ if you make darkover ask us we will have the 12 year old

~jemler~ ammbush, is the cooking that bad? is that legal?

~Wrengl~ and we have a secret stash of the cask strenth but that is for special friends only. what to have liquor?

* ambush-the-cook is now known as ambush-cooking-dinner

~the_Bee~ to have 12-year-0lds

~Shiral~ tee hee!

~Wrengl~ tee hee

~Wrengl~ 12 year old macallan

~Brom~ used to attend the local celtic/clan games/festival ... always a tasting booth was present

~jemler~ I don't have much of a mind, but what i have is dirty

~the_Bee~ I bet he was delicious

~Wrengl~ well we do get ryan and rick but they are not served anything harder than soda!

~Brom~ and grumble 8;

~Wrengl~ 12 year old macallan scotch, sillies tee hee brom

~jemler~ i'm sorry. i've been bad :(

~Wrengl~ but they get plenty of other stuff; including all the food they can eat!

~Shiral~ Yes, but entertaining too, Jemler

~Wrengl~ indeed

~Shiral~ This chat room is not known for virtue

~Brom~ but what rick is grumbling about is that I've had a shot ...

~Wrengl~ well we used to be pretty clean when we had the young ones coming in, like richenda

~RainbowDragon~ I've not seen her in ages

~Shiral~ And we used to be naughty when we didn't!

~Wrengl~ and one day he will be old enough to share one!

~Brom~ no, we all have virtues .... but don't ask 8;

~Wrengl~ just not now!

~Shiral~ KK, how goes the search for a temporary roost?

~Wrengl~ this is very true shiral

~RainbowDragon~ and how long before you move to the new, smaller place?

~Ethan~ have been gone awhile, what has happened to KK's home?

~Shiral~ Since we used to speculate about what Alaric would NOT wear to go swimming

* Brom must be behind, he thought KK'd already moved ...

~the_Bee~ his birthday suit

~Brom~ does His Grace know how to swim?

~KK~ We have one potential one--but the rent is higher than we want to pay, so we need to try to negotiate a lower rate.  OR, we're looking at a house that we thought was already sold, but its sale has fallen through.  So we might buy that.  But we're still trying to pin down the one we really want to buy.  (Though that doesn't eliminate the needs to find a place to rent.  We do have a temporary backup, that would be ok for a few months, if necessary.

~the_Bee~ actually, he probably would wear that, as long as no ladies were present

~jemler~ since he goes everywhere on a ship, he'd bette!

~Wrengl~ indeed he better swim

~Brom~ hah, an unbelievable percentage of the age of sail RN sailors couldn't swim ...

~Shiral~ Yes, Alaric can swim, remembr in High Deryni?

~the_Bee~ A lot of sailors don't swim.  If you go down miles

from shore, swimming just prolongs the agony.

~Brom~ no, was too high ... g,d&rlh in RL, survival depends on the water temp of the ocean

~RainbowDragon~ because they'd freeze to death?

~Brom~ tech name is hypothermia, but yes

~the_Bee~ Alaric's swim in HD was in summer, IIRC

~Shiral~ And on the Southern Sea coast

~the_Bee~ an he didn't have to swim far

* JastaElf joins and is greeted by everyone

~JastaElf~ Hi folks

* Bynw huggles {{{{{ JastaElf }}}}}

* ambush-cooking-dinner tackle-pounces jastaelf

~KK~ Hellllloooooo, Jasta!

* JastaElf wiggles fingers hello to everyone

* Tika joins and is greeted by everyone

~JastaElf~ Sorry I'm late, was making dinner

~Tika~ weeeeeeeeee Jasta!

~Bynw~ ohhhh a Tika tooo!

~Tika~ and weeeeeeeee KK!

~JastaElf~ :-) Hi

~the_Bee~ as long as you're here

* Tika waves to all

~Tika~ how's life Jasta?

* ambush-cooking-dinner tackle-pounces tika

~JastaElf~ It's going.  :-)  The bruise is disappearing and the break wasn't bad.

~Tika~ how's life and writing, KK? :)))

~Shiral~ What break??

~Tika~ oy

~Brom~ Rick is looking over my shoulder and waves Hi to all ...

~Tika~ did you fall????

~Shiral~ hi rick

~RainbowDragon~ Ack!! Jasta, do tell

~JastaElf~ No, I made the mistake of leaning over Jasper's head as he was grazing--his halter was crooked.

* RainbowDragon waves to Rick

~the_Bee~ yes, tell!

~Tika~ is Jasper involved in this????

~Tika~ aha.....

~Shiral~ Owie

~JastaElf~ A mare 30 feet away startled him by striking her hoof on the exercise pen... his head shot up... His hard nose hit the occipital ridge of my right

eye.  Owwies.

~Tika~ owwwwwwwww

~Bynw~ ouch!

~JastaElf~ Interesting bruise tho.  *g*  And it was a clean break, no fracturing.

~Tika~ did you tell people they should see the other guy? :)

~Shiral~ Owie indeed

~RainbowDragon~ how's the horse?

~JastaElf~ *g* I told most folks the Orc is dead.

~Shiral~ We just can't take you to the bar, any more

* the_Bee sends JastaElf quick-healing woodgies

* Brom rubs his ears to recover from Rick's laughing

~JastaElf~ Oh, Jasper went RIGHT back to eating...  *snicker*

~Tika~ ROFL

~KK~ Horses know their priorities.

~JastaElf~ yup... And it was my fault for leaning over rather than crouching beside.

~Shiral~ orcs? jeez, you go to rough bars!

~JastaElf~ lol!  yup!  best in middle-earth... Hi Pat!  how's it going?

* Wrengl tackles jasta and gives her a great big bear hug

~JastaElf~ :-)

~RainbowDragon~ just beware of her eye, wrengl

~Shiral~ I don't think I'd want to try Orc Grog though

~JastaElf~ No, me either.  :-)

~Wrengl~ poor jasta

~JastaElf~ Yeah, owwies.  :-)  All my own durned fault tho.

~Shiral~ The hangover is a KILLER, and it's none too smooth going down either

~the_Bee~ I bet orcs would enjoy Klingon blood wine

~JastaElf~ Yes, but Klingons would find Orcs dishonourable. :-)

~Wrengl~ katherine, the duck says hello

~Bynw~ Wrengl, tell that duck he needs to come to chat again

~RainbowDragon~ where has that Duck been hiding?

~the_Bee~ in the Emerald City?

* Brom wants to know if Pat means Duck Down Under?

~Wrengl~ i was verra careful of the eye

~Samuel~ I have a couple recipies for Romulan Ale on the shelf behind me.

~KK~ Good to hear from Duck.

~Wrengl~ the duck was on his way off to work

~Wrengl~ i just caught him for a minute

~Bynw~ really sam? neato

~Wrengl~ and tomorrow (his tuesday) he is off to the field again

~Tika~ oh Sam... you know what I want for my birthday, right? :P


* Brom reports that Duck Down Under was seen to be in good condition as of 01 May ...

~Bynw~ that duck needs to be in chat again ... dang it

~Wrengl~ duck down under has spent a lot of time in the field since then

~KK~ Duck down under--a good moniker!

~RainbowDragon~ lol

~Tika~ lol

~Samuel~ Tika: I have some in bottles in the basement.  I just hope it didn't turn to vinigar.

~Tika~ you have NO idea, KK

~Brom~ he spends alot of time on his digs ... dont make me get his number and call him

* Tika winks at Wrengl

~JastaElf~ Sounds like it should be a recipe.... Duck Down Under...

~Wrengl~ tee hee we need to get him up here again!

~Tika~ well you could bring a bottle to Darkover to test, Sam ;)

~Shiral~ Bury a duck and cook it the way Hawaiians do for a luau

~the_Bee~ another Grommette challenge?

~Wrengl~ tee hee perhaps

~Samuel~ no no no....  a movie....  "Duck Down Under" a cross between "Quigly Down Under" and "Kangaroo Jack"

~JastaElf~ Isn't there something called Duck under glass?

~Brom~ I saw him in Melbourne then

~Wrengl~ yes there is

~Samuel~ Tika: wilco!

~Wrengl~ and they have now found fossils of a carniverous kangeroo and a demon duck

* Tika giggles

~Bynw~ thats only like 5 cents a minute for the ld call for me to Melbourne

~the_Bee~ a poor person;s substitute for pheasant under glass?

~JastaElf~ yup!

~Tika~ did Duck say "oh this must be one of my ancestors"?

~ambush~ lol

* Tika giggles some more

~ambush~ rofl

* ambush-cooking-dinner slaps Tika around a bit with a large

stinky catfish

~Wrengl~ yes, as a matter of fact he did, tika

~Brom~ shiral, I'll have you know that luaus do not involve burying & cooking hawaiians ..

~Tika~ hah

~ambush~ lol

~Wrengl~ no long pig, brom?

* JastaElf *giggles*

~Shiral~ No, but they do involve cooking pigs

~Brom~ except duck lives in Perth ...

~Wrengl~ indeed shiral

~Shiral~ Sorry, mis understood statement

~RainbowDragon~ isn't that why they call them that? Lu-ow!

~Wrengl~ and true enough brom, or more correctly Fremantle lol rd

~Shiral~ At my college, the Hawaiian students held a luau every year, and the night before, they'd hold a big party while cooking their pig

~Samuel~ RD: only if the "guest of honor" is named Lu

~Wrengl~ are you moving this week, katherine?

~RainbowDragon~ heh heh

* Tika pokes Harvey

~KK~ Not for 4-6 weeks.  The new owners are in France for the summer, and have asked us to stay until around the end of August.  They won't be moving in until mid-September.

~Wrengl~ ah

~Brom~ DDU is now working heritage issues with a mining company

~Wrengl~ well at least that gives you a little more time to find a new place

~Shiral~ Ah, well that keeps things manageable schedule wise, KK

~JastaElf~ Hard to think of Holybrooke in someone else's hands...  :-(

~the_Bee~ Anon3727, feel free to join in and introduce yourself

~Brom~ or Lou 8;

~Wrengl~ anon never answered the guestion i asked ages ago

* ambush-cooking-dinner waves to harvey

~Harvey~ hi. I'm here. What did I do?

~Wrengl~ Anon3727 has been idle 3hrs 35mins 35secs

~the_Bee~ maybe s/he drifted away without logging off

~Harvey~ I'm getting poked.

~Tika~ nothing - that's why you were poked :)

~Ethan~ I've been out of it for a bit.  Katherine, you are moving?  No more Hloybrooke?

~ambush~ hehe

~Wrengl~ yes you are harvey the silent

~Harvey~ Ah.  Well thank you.

~RainbowDragon~ could be... or they might be shy and logging the chat

~Shiral~ Nigel Haldane

~Wrengl~ tee hee

~jemler~ grin and bear it, harvey

* JastaElf says "did someone mention Nigel???"

~Bynw~ they arent logging the chat from the java

~Shiral~ Just checking

~Tika~ shiral has a selective type of Tourettes Syndrome...

~JastaElf~ lol!

~Tika~ she just shouts out "Nigel Haldane" every now and then

* JastaElf asks "Did someone mention Shiral??"

~Brom~ harv, it's endemic to being male

~Bynw~ no one mentioned Nigel

~Harvey~ Getting poked?  Mentioning Shiral?

~Bynw~ or cheese for that matter

~KK~ A family has bought it--four kids.  The house needs kids.

It will be good, and in good hands.

* JastaElf asks "Did someone mention Shiral??"

~Brom~ all of the above

~Shiral~ That's good to know! Shiral Duncan  Moat Monsters

~Ethan~ after all the work you put into it?

~JastaElf~ Well, I'm glad of that... but still.

~the_Bee~ Is your new home going to be another fixer-upper?

~RainbowDragon~ Kids should bring lots of happy vibes

~Ethan~ oh my, kind of sad really

* JastaElf asks: "Did someone mention Duncan??"

~Wrengl~ sounds like they will really enjoy holybroke, then

~Brom~ Tiercel de Clarion

~ambush~ Kelson

* Wrengl throws some shrimp to the moat monsters

~Brom~ Richenda

* JastaElf whistles and stares at the ceiling

* Shiral pokes harvey

~jemler~ is that holybroke, or "Wholly Broke?"

~Wrengl~ lol jemler

~Brom~ from my sis who lives nearby, the latter

~jemler~ Rothana

~Shiral~ Tiercel de Clarion? Is that a Gwynedd Newspaper

~JastaElf~ Sorry, I only perk up for Duncan and Nigel.  *grins*

~jemler~ his name is de Claron

~Mistyck~ now that was a good one Shiral

~ambush~ Camber

~the_Bee~ Javan

~KK~ If we get the one we want, another restoration project. (Goes far beyond a "fixer-upper.")

~Wrengl~ nigel

~jemler~ jasta, you DO know that Duncan is spoken for (BIG TIME)

* JastaElf asks "Did someone mention Nigel??"

~Wrengl~ tee hee

~jemler~ shiral did

~Brom~ and the wheel turns

~JastaElf~ Well yeah, he's a priest, and spoken for by God... ';-)

~jemler~ like i said big time!.

~JastaElf~ I can dream.  :-)

~Shiral~ But the two of you could have a very platonic evening discussing spirituality, nonetheless

~Wrengl~ jasta wants him just before he entered the priesthood

~JastaElf~ I'm a priest too, after all.

~Wrengl~ before he took his vows

~jemler~ kinky

~JastaElf~ *nods*

~Wrengl~ tee he

~Bynw~ yeah we know what kind of a priest you are JastaElf

~Brom~ shhh!

~JastaElf~ that too.  *g*

~Wrengl~ lol

~JastaElf~ Shh, my bishop might hear.  *huge grin*

~Shiral~ Or celebrate Mass together

~ambush~ i thought he spoke FOR god......wait, no, that's Warren

~Mistyck~ Zevon?

~Wrengl~ indeed ambush

~jemler~ mass of what?

~JastaElf~ Mass with a big M.  That eucharistic thing.

~the_Bee~ Katherine, do you ever regret having locked in a character's death-date (like Javan's) long before you write his story?

~Brom~ six times a day?

~Bynw~ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00067F1CE/ref=pd_ys_ir...

~ambush~ talk about stamina

~KK~ Sometimes it makes for--er--challenges.  That's what made me figure out how to give Camber a second lease on life.

~Wrengl~ ah

~the_Bee~ after Iomaire? or in HG?

~jemler~ bynw are you selling that tank!?!?

~Brom~ where do the C-M stories stand?

~Bynw~ no its just interesting

~JastaElf~ Bynw has a TANK??  What size are the treads??

~Brom~ are his neighbors that bad?

~jemler~ the link he just sent is for a tank on Amazon!

~Shiral~ Don't mess with Bynw!

~ambush~ yes,they are

~Shiral~ Where some of my neighbors are concerned, I've WISHED for a tank

~Wrengl~ and it's only 20,000 dollars!

~Brom~ haven't we all ;-)

~jemler~ cheap isn't he?

~Wrengl~ yup

~Shiral~ A mere trifle--there are more expensive luxury cars!

~Brom~ cheaper than a H3

~jemler~ i wwouldn't want a hummer if they were recommended by God. Ugliest things I ever saw.

~KK~ I'm ready to start Childe III right after we get moved. Childe II will be out in time for Christmas.

~Brom~ yea

~Shiral~ Excellent, KK

~JastaElf~ yay!

~kelric~ yay

~the_Bee~ adding it to my wishlist

~jemler~ I'll put out my stocking

~Mistyck~ very cool KK

~ambush~ woot!

~Wrengl~ Yeah

~JastaElf~ Darn--not in time to get autographs at Darkover?? :-)

~Wrengl~ and i should have an amazon gift certificate by then - for doing surveys

~Anon3727~ yay I'm also looking for it for Christmas

~jemler~ No rush KK. one book a month is fime :)

~Wrengl~ lol jemler

~Bynw~ lol

~Tika~ lol

~JastaElf~ After all, isn't writing easy??? You just stare at the paper until you sweat blood?

~natlog~ not waiting for christmas -- release date is my anniversary and my birthday comes in between as well

~Brom~ maybe we can sweettalk KK into having some ARCs brought to Darkover (Begging with style ..)

~Shiral~ We don't want to be greedy, after all

~JastaElf~ *wry grin*

~Bynw~ well Scott needs to write a book ... #3 of the Knights of the Blood ... poke him and drop a few hints for me on that KK :-)

~KK~ MIGHT be out for Darkover....

~Brom~ yea

~Wrengl~ lol bynw

* JastaElf hyperventilates...

~Bynw~ book 3 ???

~Wrengl~ thee are many waiting for book 3 of knights of the blood

~Bynw~ darkover???

* jemler hands JastaElf a papwer bag, and tells her to breathe

~Mistyck~ yes there are

~JastaElf~ BRB--there's some baskin robbins "tea of

tranquility" ice cream calling my name

~KK~ We've got to get moved first.  And then we need to get his computer updated.  He's still running Windows 98.

~Shiral~ Oh yea, he needs a new one, I'd say

~Bynw~ beats running windows me ....

~Brom~ maybe scott's having idea issues after the Davinci code ....

~Wrengl~ he is way behind!

~jemler~ don't get him Windows ME (Moron Edition) That program is brain dead!

* the_Bee uses windows 98

~Wrengl~ the davinci code is a pretty good murder mystery, IMHO

~ambush~ me too

~Wrengl~ i should finish it at the doctor's tuesday

~RainbowDragon~ After the first of the year, Windows Vista is supposed to be released

~jemler~ did you ever read Angels & Demons?

~Brom~ but it does a number on the templars ...

~Anon3727~ I don't think microsoft sells ME any more

~Wrengl~ unless the intevenous benedril puts me to sleep

~the_Bee~ Davinci Code is on my to-do list

~natlog~ yay wrengl!

~Shiral~ Somebody should be original... and write the Michelangelo Code, or something

~KK~ But it's a crap-written book, Wrengl!

~Wrengl~ true

~Brom~ course I loved National Treasure ... KK, sure you didn't do script for that?

~Wrengl~ but it gives me something to do at the doctors and i don't care if i fall asleep while reading it and it was less than 5.00

~jemler~ make passes at the doctor, Wrengl

~KK~ I wish!  I wish I'd gotten credited.  I expect that the author read Two Crowns.

~JastaElf~ Any way to sue them?

~natlog~ oops -- I missed a word wrengl -- I thought you were saying you'd be finished with the *doctors* on Tuesday

~Bynw~ Two Crowns was a good book :-)

~ambush~ lol

~Brom~ probably not worth it to sue

~Wrengl~ nope just the book

~Wrengl~ still have three chemos to go

~KK~ There's too much else out there of the same sort now.  But I won't spend money on any more of his books.  Couldn't believe how badly written it was.  On the other hand, it's sold millions.  Can't

argue with that, I suppose.

~Wrengl~ and since i am still bleeding i know the tumor is not yet gone

~JastaElf~ Brown's books, KK?  I was very disappointed when I read DaVinci Code.

~Wrengl~ i enjoyed two crowns

~JastaElf~ me too

~the_Bee~ alost everyone seems to have a strong opinion about the book and/or the movie

~KK~ I'm not saying he plagarized.

~Brom~ well robert jordan is a big seller, and IMHO his books are also crap .... but he supports the TOR line

~JastaElf~ Lots of writers put out crap.  :-(  And then lots of good ones can't get a foothold.

~KK~ Too much info dumping in the film.  And American Treasure was much better.

~jemler~ i'm rereading the WOT series, now

~the_Bee~ wot?

~Ethan~ Wrengl, please do take care of yourself and get better soon

~Brom~ natl treas = amer treas in UK?

~Wrengl~ we did not see national treasure

~jemler~ Wheel of Time

~Wrengl~ i am trying ethan

~KK~ Yeah, whatever.  (See what an impression it made?)

~the_Bee~ ah. Robert Jordan?

~Wrengl~ although it is weeks since i have been up to walking much

~jemler~ yah

~Ethan~ ok, prayers for you!!

~KK~ I agree re Jordan.

~Shiral~ Feel better Ethan

~Ethan~ me either, first real day out today

~Wrengl~ that is good. when i am up to walking these days it seems to be too hot and humid!

~KK~ I've missed something here.  Ethan, are you also ill?

~Brom~ my is with WoT is he loses control of his primary plot

and just keeps adding new plots and characters ...

~Ethan~ yes

~KK~ Sorry to hear that.  Get better quickly!

~Wrengl~ we trade prayers, ethan!

~Ethan~ was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last fall and have been not too good thisd year

* JastaElf huggles Ethan and sends healing woodgies

~Ethan~ then broke my pelvis a couple of months ago

~JastaElf~ Owww...

~Shiral~ Ouch, not a fun combination, Ethan

* JastaElf calls Rhys on speed-dial....

~the_Bee~ I enjoyed the Probability trilogy by Nancy Kress. more scifi tan fantasy

~Wrengl~ not at all good

~Shiral~ Although nothing would be

~Brom~ Pat, re Natl Treasure, was panned by critics, but good action/chase/treasure hunt flick

~Ethan~ not really but have been doing better this week

~Ethan~ I will Katherine

~KK~ Hmmmm, difficult to cope with.  On the positive side, Anne McCaffrey's daughter has Crohns--had terrible difficulties for a long time--but she's doing fine now.

~Wrengl~ thanks brom, will look for it on tv

~Ethan~ I hope to be in the doing fine with it very soon

~KK~ Had a colostomy, I believe--but that seems to have eliminated most of the problems.  She's a great lady--just like her mom.

~Ethan~ I didn't know about Anne's daughter

~Brom~ KK needs to bring forth a Deryni healer for Ethan

~Shiral~ Rhys doesn't seem to be answering his blackberry

~jemler~ and wrengl!!!

~Wrengl~ no he doesn't

~Shiral~ Better get him a cell phone!

~Ethan~ yes please!! and for Wrengl too!!

~Wrengl~ lol

* JastaElf sends for Duncan for good measure

~Brom~ Pat, has Nick Cage, Jon voight, Harvey keital, Sean Bean as main characters

~KK~ I don't think it's widely known.  But she's happily married, and she and her husband adopted a lovely baby who is now a startlingly handsome young man of about 8.

~ambush~ lol

~Shiral~ Let's get everyone who was at St. Neot's on the job!

* JastaElf envisions a tv series: er: st. neot's

* Shiral thinks appreciative thoughts of Sean Bean

~jemler~ i'd still like to know if it was possible to use a

Portal to go back in time

~the_Bee~ KK, wasn't one of your cats born under Anne

McCaffrey's desk?

~Wrengl~ lol shiral

~Ethan~ that's very nice.  Always good to hear of happy things

~Brom~ just picked up the latest AMcM/TMcM pern book ...

~Shiral~ "Sorry, we can't come to the emergency room, right now. We're singing the Adsum Domine!"

~JastaElf~ "Well, sing it in the lift, dammit!  We've got patients coming in!"

* Brom thinks appreciative thought of ... shh!

* JastaElf thinks appreciative thoughts of nigel!!! :-)

~Anon3727~ Have you had a chance to start reading the AMcM/TMcM book yet?

~Shiral~ Surprise, surprise *G*

~Brom~ not yet, got it this afternoon

* JastaElf looks utterly innocent and blinks at Shiral

~KK~ My half-Maine-coon of blessed memory was so born; and Jessie, of present blessings, is from one of her staff folk.

* RainbowDragon is now known as RD_afk

~jemler~ what is a "half-Maine-coon"?

~KK~ Aie!  Just looked at the time!  I didn't realize it's now an hour past Pumpkin Time.

** Everyone bids Katherine farewell, goodnight, happy writing and a good week

~JastaElf~ That's a cat breed jemler...

~Samuel~ good night folks

** Everyone bids Samuel farewell

* Shiral shoots kk's clock

* Samuel departs channel (Quit )~Wrengl~ good night ktherine

~Shiral~ Pumpikins are good!

~JastaElf~ Night KK... I miss you....

~Shiral~  Night KK, good luck finding a new home

~JastaElf~ Give my best to Herr Major....

~Shiral~ Pumpkins, are good, too

~KK~ Mother was a Maine coon cat, father an ordinary moggie. He was a gorgeous silver tabby, only 3 when he was hit by a car and killed.  Rupurrt of happy memory.

~Shiral~ Thanks for popping by

~Shiral~ Poor Rupurrt

* JastaElf smiles to remember the lovely Rupurrt...

~KK~ Good night to all.  And special blessings to Pat and Ethan--and anybody else who needs them.  (That's the nice thing about blessings: there's always plenty to go around!)

~Ethan~ many thanks

~JastaElf~ lol!  indeed!

~Wrengl~ thank ye kindly

~KK~ I'll try to make it back next week.

~Wrengl~ :)

~KK~ I might even be able to tell you we won't be homeless and out on the street, come the end of August!

~Wrengl~ i may have some news by then

~Brom~ greets to scott

~JastaElf~ You can always come stay with me...  *g*

~Bynw~ that would be great news

~Shiral~ That's always good! Not being homeless, I mean

~jemler~ move in here kk!!!

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.

~JastaElf~ Ooo, sparklies....

~KK~ Huggles to all, and nighters!

~Shiral~  Unusual  portal!

~jemler~ Jasta, are you a Tolkien fan?

~Bynw~ sparklies are nice

* KK departs channel (Quit)




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