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Kelsonian Era



The stories within are from the time of the King Kelson I.  




The Apple Tree   Princess Evaine falls in love
Close Encounter Derry meets a Mermaid
A Cure for Ardry A tale of Dhugal's grandson 
A Daughter's Secret   A tale of Maryse MacArdry after marrying Duncan
Derry's Wedding Derry meets his Match
A Family Heirloom   Summer 2002 Challenge Entry
Healing of Derry Sequel to Derry's Wedding
Into The Past A Dhassian Healer discovers something.... 
Kelric   Kelric Morgan makes life interesting.
Lady Elinor   A young Deryni spends the summer with Queen Jehana
The Loris Challenge   Rob Reginald's a.d.b Dare (6 Tales)
The Mearan Bride   Noelie Ramsay's view of the events in KKB. 
The Mercy Stroke   Dhugal learns the burdens of leadership. 
Michaelmas Mystery    Summer 2002 Challenge Entry
The Morning After Kelson & Araxie's Bridal Morning 
The Queen, the Elf and the Slipper   Summer 2002 Challenge Entry
The Queen's Token   Summer 2002 Challenge Entry
Queen of Meara Mairona, proclaimed Queen by the Mearan Rebels, flees to Kelson's  court.


Camberian Council examines Morgan

Rising of the Phoenix Resurrection of the Order of St. Michael in Gywndedd
Second Encounter Morgan meets Syrene
Tales From Gwynedd Kristy's Deryni Tales (4 Tales)
Uninvited Guests Deryni Round Robin (Unfinished)
The White Foal Kelson meets Dhugal



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