Summer 2002 Deryni Challenge
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Deryni Summer Story Challenge - 2002



Presented on alt.books.deryni 31 July 2002






The Challenge:


Write a Deryni Story (preferably a mystery) that contains, in some form, the items listed below. This story can take place.. anywhere in the 11 Kingdoms, and any period. It can be a short story, a long story, a poem, a filk, anything!  Go ahead.. let fancy strike you! (just not strike you dead!) All responses will be put into the summer challenge section on Airsid.  You have until Aug 25th 2002  =)  Submissions can be posted into alt.books.deryni or sent directly to the webmistress (click here) 


  • Glass of Lemonade (or just lemonade)

  • A Grape

  • A Gift

  • Silk

  • An Ivory Comb

  • A Sunhat

  • A White Lily

  • A Horseshoe

  • A Hammer

  • A Woman's Left Dancing Slipper



A Family Heirloom   Jerry Maher pdf
The Healer's Oath   Roberta Kelm pdf
  Melissa Houle pdf
  Katy Colby pdf
The Queen, the Elf and the Slipper   Mary Alice Kropp pdf
The Queens Token   Marilyn North pdf



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