A Cure for Ardry
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A Cure for Ardry



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Started by Lisa Escamillo 

Premise:  I would like to try starting a collaborative story, much like the one about Richenda being kidnapped that I saw part of a few weeks ago. I am tossing my hat into the ring with this first bit of story, and just want to preface with the following assumptions:

The story is set in 1160. Dhugal McLain is now in his fifties (52, to be precise) and a widower. He has four children:

Kevin Anthony McLain (the heir, and Earl of Kierney -- and not yet married), Vera Alyce McLain de Haldane (wife of Rory Haldane's son Jashan Cluim Owain Haldane, and mother of his children Alaric Nigel Robert Haldane -- now deceased, Alaric's twin brother Ardry Anthony Michael Haldane, now 6, and Moira Elizabeth Meraude Haldane, age 2), Michael Dhugal McLain (a Michaeline father -- yes, in my idea the Michaelines have been revived), and Margaret Maryse McLain (not yet married). The ages of the children are 32, 30, 26 and 24, respectively.

This story, of course, is not meant to be canonical with the novels.






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