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The Loris Challenge



Set forth by Robert Reginald, author of the Codex Derynianus.


Rob Reginald (co-author of the Codex) posed the following challenge to the newsgroup. Our erstwhile writers rose to the challenge... as you'll see.
"So I pose a challenge to each and every one of you. I lay the literary gauntlet at your feet, those of you with ten toes (any nine-toed beasties are exempt, and I won't even comment on the half-toes). Your honour has been directly challenged. Write a story for this group which portrays Edmund Loris in a positive light. It's such a simple thing, really. Oh yes, and do make it believable."

  Betrayal  (Part 1)
  Bishop Edmund
  The Bishoping of Loris
  Edmund's First Deryni Encounter
  Path to Redemption? (Part 1)
  Young Edmund


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