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 Deryni Fudge Fan Fiction


The stories presented here are from the years around 1107.   

They resulted from one groups sessions playing the Deryni Fudge RPG.  

These stories are directly linked to their author's sites.

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Please note, these stories are often written by more than one person, due to character interaction within the game setting.  The stories here are listed out by website author, rather than in chronological order.   

Bernadette's Deryni Fudge Fan Fiction
Title In Game Date Setting / Summary
Lady Marian Lyon Baldwyn July 1107   Character Profile
In the Culdi Highland Pass July 1107   Marian's Introduction. 
Confession July 1107   Castle Pirallen
Kindred Spirits Sept 1107   Manston Hall 
The Lesson Nov 1107   Manston Hall 
Dec 1107

  Baron Rhys Baldwyn's 

       Christmas Court in Rhoreau

Night Conversation Dec 1108   12th Night 
Confrontation   N/A
Not So Idle Conversation Dec 1108

  Twelfth Night (Follows Confrontation &   


The Threat Dec 1108   Twelfth Night
The Admission Dec 1108   Immediately follows The Threat
The Proposal Dec 1108   Evening of 12th Night.
Dysfunction Dec 1108   Follows the Proposal
Surprising Xavier Dec 1108   The morning after 12th Night
The Wedding   N/A
The Attack   N/A
Elegy   N/A
Autumn in Rhorau   N/A
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Jan 1109
Eric Sedlacek's Stories
Character Profiles
Monsignor Brian William Manston Lord Trevor William Manston 
Lord Paul William Manston
Title In Game Date Setting / Summary
Infantile Behavior December 20, 1071 Baby Trevor surprises his aunt and uncle.
Innocence Lost October 7, 1075 Trevor discovers a new trick and gets into trouble.
The Troublesome Son April 29, 1080 Young Trevor starts down the path of disillusionment.
The Calling May 15, 1087 Brian leaves to join the priesthood.
Accident & Confrontation May 1, 1094 A tragedy further divides Trevor and his family.
The End of "Trevor" June 11, 1097 Trevor decides to leave the Manston family forever.
Xavier and Lindsey May 21, 1104 Trevor meets a captivating young musician.
The Promise  March 7, 1105 Trevor must choose between keeping his word and following his heart...or so he believes.
Balancing Act February 23-24, 1108 Trevor must figure out how to fulfill his duty to family without hurting the woman he loves.
Reconciliation April 13th, 1108 Trevor and his father come to terms... and Trevor's life becomes even more complicated.
The Fiery Hand ????, 1108 More challenges for Trevor at Castle Cuilteine ...and yet more questions.
Father Brian's Sermons

These sermons were all preached in-game by Father Brian and written by his player, Eric Sedlacek.

Title In-Game Date Location / Occasion
The Kingdom of God ???, 1107

Misthome - The people of Misthome sorrow over the loss of three young men.

Family ???, 1107

Droghera - The wedding of Lord Edsard and Lady Danna.

The Man by the Mountain ???, 1107

Droghera - Brian tries to save a soul...

The Precious Treasure April 13, 1108

Lyonsvale - The wedding of Baron Rhys and Lady Marian

Eulogy ???, 1108

Barony Manston - 

       Eulogy for Baron William James Manston III

Dennis McKieron's Tales
Dennis McKeirnan of Clan McKeirnan Character Profile
Mearan Episode
Anastasia's Request Poem by Sir Dennis McKeirnan
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