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Lord Trevor William Manston  or  Xavier "The Extraordinary"

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Trevor William Manston was born the fourth son of Baron William James Manston III. The Manstons are an old Deryni family, and as the first Manston to be born with the Healing gift in generations, he was much celebrated as a child. Unfortunately, this did not last. Trevor was a headstrong child who believed it was his duty as a healer to use his gift to relieve the suffering of a much-suffering world. This conflicted with the family duty to protect the family secret of their Deryni blood. His outspoken protests and occasional rebellion created a huge rift between him and the rest of the family...only his younger brother Brian stayed close to him. There was a particular enmity between Trevor and his oldest brother and heir to the Barony, William James Manston IV. After Brian left to become a Priest, Trevor felt totally alone and cut himself off totally from the family he lived with. At age 25, he left the family, planning to never see any of them again.

On his own, he faced the challenge of survival. He tried many means but eventually discovered that life as a travelling acrobat suited him quite well...he could travel from town to town and practice the healing that meant so much to him. But life was hard and lonely.

A year after he left, the loneliness became more and more difficult to he went to Grecotha to find his brother Brian, the one person left he could go to. Brian welcomed his brother gladly and the two renewed their close friendship.

Almost seven years after he left, Trevor met Lindsey, a musician and farmer's daughter who had been thrown out by her family for displaying Deryni powers. The two became friends and travelling companions, and eventually fell in love with one another. He kept his lineage as the son of Baron Manston a secret from her.

Trevor has used several names since he went out on his own. The most recent is "Xavier 'the Extraordinary'". In this persona, Trevor is a performer to the core, flashy and well-spoken. He is now in his mid-thirties, lean, athletic and handsome.

These days, Lindsey's music has made her a bigger draw among the masses than Xavier ever was with his acrobatics act, and she has played at noble courts. But Trevor has shown little of the showman's ego and seems content to watch her shine.

Lindsey has recently discovered the truth of her lover's lineage and it has caused tention between them. Trevor has also since reconciled with his father and is now torn between his duty to help the family he left and his love for Lindsey. He does not know how he can possibly do right by both...but is determined to find a way.

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