07 - Camelotis - If Ever You Woud Leave Me
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If Ever You Would Leave Me

By: Shiral
Posted: February 25, 2000

Kelson sings to Rothana:

If ever you would leave me,
It couldnít be this summer,
Seeing you in summer, Iíd never know how,
To cut you from my heart,
Or send you away,
Not even my cousin
Should tear us apart.

But if I let you leave me
You mustnít go in Autumn.
How could I endure Autumn if youíre not with me?
You know how my council
Throws brides at my head,
I need you in Autumn,
So please stay instead.

And could you leave Rhemuth on a snowy winterís morn?
While I stand by a burning Yule fire lonely and forlorn?

If ever you could leave me,
Oh, please donít go in springtime,
Knowing how in spring Iím bewitchíd by you so?
I love you in springtime,
Summer winter and fall,
My Queen, donít ever leave me at all!

(Kelson starts toward Rothana as if to embrace her. She gives him a
sorrowful look but still turns away from him.)


Rothana: Please don't, Kelson.

Kelson sings:

If ever you could leave me,
How can you leave in Springtime,
Knowing how in spring Iím bewitched by you so?
I love you in Springtime,
Summer winter and fall
How can you think of leaving at all?


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