06 - Camelotis - Final Seat at the Council
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The Final Seat at Council

sung to the tune of: The Seven Deadly Virtues

By: Linda

Posted: February 22, 2000


[Kelson sings]

To take a seat at Council,
That ghastly narrow group!
Ah, no, my friends, that was not meant for me!
That final seat at council
Is meant for some poor dupe
Who wants a life restricted and unfree!

Take Kyri! Now, she's the flame
Whose easy umbrage gives red hair its wicked name!

And Vivienne! A royal pain!
And very tiresome to hear grumble yet again!

Their fine physician takes notes to sift;
Is it the healer Laran lauds, or just the gift?

Lord Barret is noble, but frankly, quite strict.
De Claron? A man with a cause.
Sofiana is charming, but hard to predict,
And Arilan already gives me pause!

You'll never see that Council
Convincing me I pray
Or making me regard their every sound.
Let others hee their cautions,
I will go my way!
I do not wish to rush in
Where Morgan may not stay!
To take that final sacred place this
Young and sovereign Haldane king will not be bound!


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