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Renaud von Cardde




From Uninvited Guests

Entry By: Bernadette


  Renaud Von Cardde was orphaned when he and his parents were traveling through the city of Valeston in West Tralia/Orsal. Only son of the youngest son of Mikail Baron von Cardde of East Tralia, his father and mother were killed by a runaway wain in the central square of Valeston, and Renaud was seriously injured. The nearest apothecary, Ettienne de Barre, Senior, is summoned to the accident site with his grandson, Ettienne, Junior. Both are Deryni and Healers and are stunned to discover this boy is Deryni--and that he's unconsciously attempting to heal his damaged legs. They take him into their household and heal him and begin to train him as a Healer. 

Two years later, Ettienne, Jr. is killed by bandits while enroute home from healing a hunting injury of the Count von Orde at his estate outside the city. Renaud continues as student to Ettienne, Sr. and eventually a partner in the business. He discovers his blocking ability in 1118 when a Deryni traveling merchant comes down with a fever while in Valeston and loses control of his powers in his delirium. While using his own abilities to try to suppress the violent reaction to the fever, Renaud accidentally triggers the blocking point, and is subsequently able to treat the merchant safely, and restore his powers.

 Ettienne, Sr. is fascinated by this unusual new skill, but does not have it himself. Several years later, in May 1124, Renaud inadvertently displays the power in the apothecary, when one of his patients, there to get a tonic, falls into a seizure. Another customer who is visiting with the now 100 year old, but still hale, Ettienne, Sr., observes this. It is Alekseyevich who is passing through enroute to somewhere else, and he gets an idea. 

On XII June, Renaud marries the only surviving child of Ettienne, Jr., Elise de Barre (born September IXX 1106 two years before her father's death). Three days later, he is summoned in the middle of the night to the site of an accident, and he heads out with his satchel of drugs and equipment. Elise accompanies him to the door to bolt it behind him, but both are seized from the doorstep and knocked out and later drugged. Their captors deliver the pair to Alekseyevich, who uses the threat of harm against Elise to keep Renaud under his control. In September, Renaud refuses to use his Healing talent to assist in the shape change of Valentin to Prince Rory, and Alekseyevich tortures Elise until Renaud bows to his commands again.

DeBarre Lineage
Ettienne de Barre, Senior
Descendent of a secular Healer who escaped from the sack of St.Neots. (see below)
Kenneth de Barre
born V April 894, has just finished his Healer training at St. Neots when the Christmas Eve attack in 917 occurs. He helps transfer the younger students through the portal, jumping back and forth until his strength gives out. After collapsing from exhaustion, he is sedated and transferred from Dhassa to another place of safety via portal. When he fully recovers his strength, he and two other secular Healers travel together to the Isle of Orsal. The three eventually settle in the city of Valeston in West Tralia, a major trade route hub for the area. They open an apothecary shop and discreetly use their Healing talents for the benefit of their patients. In June 927, Kenneth marries Joice, daughter of the current head of the city's Apothecaries Guild. They have a son, Ettienne, on III May 928. Kenneth dies of a heart attack at ager LXVIII in his home three days after being feted for twenty years as head of the Apothecaries Guild in 956.
Ettienne de Barre
inherits his father's healing gifts and received his training from his father and his father's business partners. He marries Marie du Cather, daughter of William du Cather, his father's senior partner. In September 950, a son, Mikail de Barre is born on XI day of June.
Mikail de Barre
marries Annette von Orde, youngest daughter of the Count von Orde in 979, having met the 13th child of the count when treating illness in that household. They have several daughters before a son is finally born to them in 984, Gallard de Barre. Micheal dies sometime in the fall of 1037 at LXXXV years of age while on a pilgrimage to Hagia Iob in Torenthally.
Gallard de Barre
marries Elise Francon, daughter of the current head of the Apothecaries92 Guild in Valeston. After several miscarriages, they have a daughter, Marie, in 1020 and a son, Ettienne, in 1024. Elise dies from the effects of a difficult birth despite the best efforts of her husband. Gallard dies in 1047.
Ettienne de Barre
marries Gertrude von Dorn in 1049. Their first child is born in 1052 and named Francis. Gertrude dies in her sleep at age LVII.
Francis de Barre
marries Heloise von Orde, another lesser member of the Count von Orde's family. On XIV February, they have one son, whom they name Ettienne to honor his father. Francis dies in the summer of 1087 after contracting the plague while treating the ill.
Ettienne de Barre, Jr
marries Marie LeVale in 1101. A son, Mikail is born in January 1103, but dies aged one month of the yellow sickness. On September XIX in 1106, a daughter is born and named Elise de Barre. Ettienne, Jr. dies in October 1108, a victim of bandits.
Elise de Barre
the sole heir to her grandfather, Ettienne de Barre, Sr. marries Renaud von Cardde on XII June 1124.





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