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The Gwynedd Tales


 Courtesy of Kristy's Kingdom



By: Kristy Henshied    


This is a mirror site for these stories. I'll let Kristy introduce you to her work. You can see Kristy's entire site at The Gwynedd Pages

Alyciane Pardayne, my character on Gwynedd, may seem a little contrived, as she's Alaric Morgan's illegitimate half-sister, but what can I say. Alaric was married before I could get to him, so being related is the next-best thing. ;-)

Alyce, Alaric, Duncan, Dhugal, and Kelson have been having quite a few adventures lately

Terrace Wood
Race to Rhemuth  N/A - unfinshed
Christmas Court N/A - unfinshed
The Second Torenthi War N/A - unfinshed
Sister Alyciane N/A - unfinshed




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