05 - Jesse's Wedding - Chapter 5 - By: Rita Caywood
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Jesse's Wedding



Chapter 5


**Jesse! Where are you at right now? How far away are you from Caerrorie or another accessible portal?** Joram’s queries pounded Jesse as soon as he opened his shields to the probe.

**We’re resting the horses just north of Caerrorie, Joram. Why? Is there something going on in Rhemuth? Has Rhysel had to flee? Has something happened to Michaela or Owain?** Jesse sent his own barrage of questions as his thoughts automatically returned to the “wrongness” of the encounter near Dolban.

**No, Michaela and her sons are fine as far as I know. Seanna’s here! ** Joram explained.

**What! What’s Seanna doing there? Has something happened at Trevalga?** , a surprised Jesse fired back.

**Yes! Gregory has taken ill and his powers have gone awry again! Since you are close to Caerrorie, I think it would be wise if you could make your way to the portal there. I really think you and Tieg should go to Trevalga as soon as you can. How soon can you get here?** Joram sent back.

Jesse quickly calculated the time it would take them to reach Caerrorie and the hidden portal there. **We can be there in about an hour’s time. We’ll have to bring the MacMurrays with us though. I’d rather not have them trying to make it back to Eastmarch on their own right now.**

**That’s fine. I’ll let Fiona know to get a couple of rooms ready for our guests. You can leave the horses in the passageway and have Ansel contact Sam’l or his son, Gerard. They will take care of the horses until it’s safe for someone to retrieve them.** Joram added as he ended his contact with Jesse.

Jesse stayed hunkered down against the oak for a few more moments, his mind whirling at Joram’s news. He well remembered the last time his father’s powers had gone awry and how hard it had been for Rhys to sedate him. This time, however, Rhys’ experience and expertise would not be available. Neither would he be able to count on Evaine or Bishop Cullen. “Sweet Jesu! I wish they were here right now!” he muttered to himself as he slowly got up to tell Ansel and Tieg the change of plans.

As soon as he had been informed of the change, Ansel nodded, “Aye, I think we should get back as quick as we can. The north end of the tunnel isn’t too far from here and while you and Tieg lead our guests and the horses into the passageway, I’ll get Gerard. At least some folks still remember that not all Deryni are evil.”

They saddled up as quickly as they could. Jesse having explained to Murray and Tiarna the reason for the detour to Caerrorie and the Haven. As he helped Tiarna up on her horse, he felt her hand upon his arm and her timid questing brushing feather-light at his shields. He looked up at her and was immediately enthralled by her eyes once more. Jesse let his mind be enveloped with her presence. **Are ye alright? Is there sommat I can help wi’? ** she inquired shyly.

Jesse sighed as he shook his head. He took her hand in his and gently squeezing it, whispered in her mind.

**No, there’s nothing anyone can do right now. I guess I’ll find out just how bad the fever is when Tieg and I get to Trevalga. Until then, your prayers for my father’s welfare wouldn’t be amiss though.**

Within the hour, they were approaching the edge of the woods near Caerrorie. Ansel who had been leading, pulled up just shy of the village and silently guided them to the hidden passageway that led to Tor Caerrorie and the village church. He groped around the rock that made up a small hill and mentally articulated a seemingly random set of syllables. With a soft click, an area of the rock quietly slid open, revealing a dark, yawning passage.

Jesse walked in first and conjured up hand fire as he led the horses and the little party inside. As soon as everyone was safely inside, he quietly pulled the lever that shut the door and lit a more conventional torch kept nearby for just such a purpose. Ansel was already creeping stealthily past the church and towards Saml’s house. He glanced around to make sure he was not seen, but it was only a couple of hours before dawn and the village was quiet. He tried the door and was not disappointed when he found it locked. Placing one hand over the lock, Ansel mentally pictured the lock mechanism and as he bent his head slightly, he suddenly was inside the lock, feeling the tumblers and as he manipulated them just so, they clicked softly and the knob turned easily under his hand.

He slipped in quietly and made his way to Gerard’s room and crouching next to the bed, placed one hand over his mouth, as he shook him awake with the other. As Gerard’s eyes opened, Ansel took control of his mind. **I’m sorry I had to do this, but I need your help. I needed to make sure you wouldn’t cry out in surprise. If I release you, would you promise not raise an alarm until you hear me out?**

Gerard slowly nodded his head, unable to speak yet. Ansel withdrew from his mind and removing his hand from Gerard’s mouth, straightened up. “Lord Ansel! ‘Tis really you!” Gerard breathed out in surprise.

“Yes, my friend, it’s really me and I’m afraid I have to yet again ask your help.” Ansel whispered.

“Your father and sainted grand-sire were always good to us, unlike the cattarah that have moved in since...” he let his sentence trail unfinished.

Ansel sighed and nodded. “I know, Gerard, and that is why, although I hate to do it, I have to ask for your help. I don’t want life to become more difficult for you, but I have to return to a safe house via portal and I need someone to take care of the horses until I can return. Will you help me?”

“But, Yer Grace, they’ve destroyed the Castle an’ built a new manor house. I’m afraid the portal would have been destroyed too.” Gerard replied.

“Yes, I know that, however, there is another portal under the Keep and there’s a passageway that leads to it from the church. I will show you how to work the mechanism if you will agree to feed and water the horses for a few days.” Ansel explained.

“Aye, I’ll help you, just give me a moment to get dressed and you can lead me to the passageway.” Gerard said as he started to get out of bed.

Ansel nodded and walked to the outer room to wait. When Gerard joined him, they silently left the house and crept over to the dark church. Slipping inside they skirted past the altar and made their way to the Sacristy. Ansel then touched Gerard again and asking his permission, entered his mind. He set the spell that would enable Gerard to work the lock mechanism for the hidden passageway and a strong compulsion not to reveal it or any of the night’s activity, even under duress. Once the passageway was opened, they quietly made their way to where the others were waiting in the now revealed portal chamber. As soon as Ansel and Gerard arrived, Tieg took Murray’s arm and escorted him into the portal, Jesse having explained the use of one to both the MacMurrays during Ansel’s absence.

As Tieg and Murray departed, Jesse flashed Tiarna a reassuring smile and escorted her to the now vacant portal square. “Open to me now, and I’ll take you through.” he said as he felt her shields slipping in response to his probe. Tiarna felt Jesse’s calm presence fill her mind just before she felt a swooping sensation as the floor slid away from her for just a moment, before it settled back down and she noticed she was no longer in the dim passageway at Caerrorie.





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