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Date: 11 January 2004  

Note:  These transcripts have been edited slightly.  Arrivals, Departures and Greetings of participants have been removed for easier reading.  Other information such as personal e-mails intended for private use have also been removed. 

Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

WARNING:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action. 

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* KK joins and is welcomed by everyone and wished Happy New Year!

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ im in the USA too

~Bynw~ WHOOOT Katherine!!!!

~KK~ Hello, and Happy New Year!

~Debbie-VB~ Happy (hic) New Year right back

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ wow, finally get 2 meet u

~Shiral~ How has 2004 treated you so far, KK?

~KK~ Well, other than my computer having been Cameronized over the Christmas holiday....

~Shiral~ Debbie, that's enough champagne for you!

~Christophle~ I'm in Lancishire. Which is Just over the Irish sea from Co Wicklow. And the Irony is That I've Been going ape for the books and KK is just over the water from me!!!!

~Debbie-VB~ ???Cameronised???? did he expropriate it while home?

~KK~ Well, hello and welcome, Christophle!

~Shiral~ Christophle just discovered the chat room and the website, KK

~Christophle~ Hi Katherine, I've just found the web site & chat room

~KK~ He upgraded my Windows ME to 2000, plus my Norton, and in the process set all kinds of high-ranking security settings, so that for a while, I could hardly even pick up e-mail.

~Christophle~ Oops

~the_Bee~ Duke was here once before, setting bad examples ;-)

~Shiral~ Sounds serious, KK =o)

~Bynw~ well going from Windows ME to 2k is a good thing

* the_Bee is still on windows 98

~Debbie-VB~ Even Micro$oft brass admit ME was a POS

~KK~ I thought I had it sorted out, but just now, I had a devil of a time even getting online. Had to go through my dialup, then through my MIRC icon. Ordinarily, I can just double-click on the icon, and it prompts me to connect.

~wrengl~ i went from 98 to XP in 2002

~the_Bee~ Debbie: whO??

~Christophle~ xp is fab

~wrengl~ yes. i like it

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ grrr, stupid tea

~KK~ I understand that ME is no longer supported, as of Jan. 1--so I sort of had to upgrade.

~Bynw~ XP is good ... ME is junk

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ me was the xp prototype that made it to market

* Sedina joins and is welcomed by everyone

~KK~ But I understand that upgrading from ME to XP can cause problems.

~Debbie-VB~ I had no problems upgrading from ME to WP

~Shiral~ Upgrades can make you tear your hair out

~Debbie-VB~ XP

~wrengl~ i had to do the upgrade because 98 would not work with my dsl

~wrengl~ did you get any writing done, katherine?

~KK~ Big problem was that 2000 wiped out my address book--but he was able to retrieve it with a program he pulled off the internet--for $30!

~KK~ I lost all my filed e-mail messages, though.

* Debbie-VB thinks back to her first computer, a half-a-beast running on 98

~Shiral~ Thank goodness, KK!

~wrengl~ i am actually working on Chapter 6! that happened to me when i upgraded

~Shiral~ Is that like Eric the Half-a bee, debbie?

* Wrengl remembers her first computer -- a tandy 1000ex with no hard drive

~Debbie-VB~ no, in this case it was a 333 mega-hertz processor

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ lol

~KK~ My first was an Apple IIe.

~Christophle~ Katherine I was tellin' the room that I've JUST managed to get your books again after a gap of about ten years 'cause the stopped printing them here in the UK.

~KK~ I need to get more memory for my laptop. He insisted on upgrading it, too--even though I never go online with it, and only use it for word processing.

~wrengl~ glad you found them and us christophle

~Shiral~ Cameron out of control!

~wrengl~ lol

~Christophle~ Athough I'm waiting for " King Javans year"

~Debbie-VB~ Chris, they stopped printing them in the uS too. Most of katherine's catalogue is out of print right now L(((

~KK~ Cameron definitely has a mind of his own.

~Shiral~ And glad that KK managed to join us, today

~wrengl~ computer geek goes home to visit the folks, I see a story in that

~the_Bee~ does XP make dial-up or modem connections work any faster/better?

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ nah

~KK~ I think I've got spare copies of King Javan's Year, Christophle. Yep, Wrengl.

~Christophle~ Ohhhh......

* Shiral hands KK a cup of hot, perfectly brewed virtual Earl Grey

~wrengl~ bee, one of the problems with XP is that some of the old programs do not work with it

~Shiral~ BRB

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ im drinking yoga tea... has some sort of enlightening herb in it

~Christophle~ Oh earl gray!!!! Shades of Picard there?

~Debbie-VB~ Pat's that's called planned obsolescence

~wrengl~ lol! indeed

~KK~ For those unaware, Cameron is my son; works in network security in Los Angeles.

~the_Bee~ most of the programs on my desktop, I haven't a clue what they're for

* Kiri` joins and is welcomed by everyone

~wrengl~ although i found drivers for the soundcard, printer and scanner

~Kiri`~ afternoon everyone

* Bynw is gonna have to step away from the computer screen ... migraine causing problems LLDebbie-VB~ I have been discovering how to use Word 2000

~wrengl~ then i dumped the printer and bought a new one anyway

~Kiri`~ oh poor bynw. go take care hi to tika!

* the_Bee sends bynw migraine-relief woodgies

~wrengl~ i have the equivalent of Office Premium 2000

~KK~ Hi, Kiri. I started manicuring the DC files over the holidays; got through about 6 chapters on first pass.

~Kiri`~ wow. nice going.

~Christophle~ Katherine, How do you like Co Wicklow. My family tree is from Co Cavern.

~KK~ Also, I finally have the starting point for the new book, and even a few pages written.


~Duke_of_bad_examples~ how is the castle Katherine?

~KK~ Wicklow is beautiful; the Garden of Ireland.

~Kiri`~ can I ask what your starting point is?

~Shiral~ Excellent, KK! Good question, Kiri!

~KK~ The west wing of the castle now has a roof!

~Christophle~ FAB

~Sedina~ wonderful, Katherine

~Kiri`~ duke of bad examples? oh love it! *grins at the nickname

~Shiral~ Marvelosity about the roof

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ lol, long story

~KK~ And today we discovered that the fireplace on the 1st floor (2nd, to US folk) *is* connected to a still-working chimney.

~Shiral~ KK, I now have a copy of the Russian edition of Deryni Tales. =o)

~Kiri`~ Katheirne - any idea when you'll need the last one?

~the_Bee~ are you the same duke i fought a duel arcane with?

~Kiri`~ Katheirne - tha'ts good news.. working fireplace! =)

* Bynw is now known as Bynw[migraine-bbl]

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ yep

~Shiral~ Poor Bynw

~Bynw[migraine-bbl]~ tika is on vacation .... in vegas

~wrengl~ neat about the fireplace katherine

~KK~ Woo-hoo! *I* don't even have that yet, Shiral!

~Shiral~ I haff my sources, Dahlink!

~Kiri`~ shiral i want to see that. it's on my *list* of items to get!

* Bynw[migraine-bbl] goes to lie down

~KK~ Not for at least 6 mo., Kiri--though sooner is better than later.

~wrengl~ take care bynw

~Kiri`~ Katherine ok. i'll have it ready when you're ready for it.. =)

~Shiral~ It's quite thick, a hardcover book, and it has attractive cover art that appears entirely unrelated to the Tales =o)

~Shiral~ It's quite amusing to see the familiar map with all Russian writing for the place names

~KK~ I'll bet.

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ lol

* Kiri` puts down hot tea, clotted cream and scones and repostulates the phrase.. so what is your starting point? *sits back all ears*

~KK~ I expect I'll receive my copies very soon.

~the_Bee~ shiral, do you read Russian?

~Shiral~ "Meara" looks like "MeaPa"

~Shiral~ No, Bee

~Christophle~ I like the cover pic of the hardback version of " Harrowing..."

~Debbie-VB~ But wait till you get it translated and find out that it is now Gwennedski

~Shiral~ But I'm a compulsive completist

~Kiri`~ shiral.. it's your work in there.. you Should have a copy! =)

~Shiral~ I agree, Kiri

~Duke_of_bad_examples~ well, i got 2 go... its been short and interisting KK... i hope 2 see u again!

* Everyone bids Duke farewell

~KK~ Three years after the infamous 12th Night when Septimus colluded in the death of Krispin, as his brother Bishop Oliver kneels at his grave and nurses bitterness toward Deryni in general and Alyce in particular.

~Shiral~ There is an English title page, facing the Russian title page, and the occasional identifying English sentence, but otherwise it's all Russain

~Christophle~ shiral, you are not the Liverpudlian one from "Deryni tales"???

* Quits: Duke_of_bad_examples (Quit: Leaving)

~wrengl~ Katherine the Three Kings left us a triple surprise this year

~Shiral~ Uh-oh, Katherine... *g*

~Kiri`~ Katherine - ooh sounds good.

~Shiral~ No, but I am in the Tales, Christophle

~Shiral~ "Dhugal at Court" is my story

~KK~ Not three kittens, I hope?

~Debbie-VB~ A triple surprise pat?

~Kiri`~ which was chosen over "Dhugal at the Spa" *flees*

~wrengl~ you got it, katherine

* Quits: Tieg (User has been mind-ripped)

* Tieg2 re-joins and is welcomed back by everyone

~Christophle~ Got you EM

~Shiral~ BAD Kiri, no Biscuit!

~KK~ You're kidding!

~wrengl~ Gold, Frankenscense, and Myrrh! a brown tabby, a light silver, and a silver

~Kiri`~ but i can't have the biscut anyway! =)

~KK~ KIttens in the appropriate colours?

~Kiri`~ giggles

~Shiral~ THree Kittens? Have I missed something?

~wrengl~ yes, shiral

~Kiri`~ pat wow! congrats!

~KK~ Ooooh! Cute!

~wrengl~ Madam presented us with three kittens

~KK~ How old?

~Shiral~ Awww...I just luv wittle kitties...

~the_Bee~ how'd you get them?

~wrengl~ complete with the M on their foreheads

~Debbie-VB~ how are thumper and Gromett taking to the idea?

~wrengl~ little mary Kittens

~Kiri`~ awwww

* Shiral has a soft spot for tabbies..

~wrengl~ Madam got raped, Bee

~Shiral~ Oh dear...

~Kiri`~ isn't that just always the way

* Debbie-VB has a soft spot for kittens, period

~the_Bee~ are you sure is wasn't consensual?

~KK~ They don't usually birth kittens in the dead of winter--speaking of which, I understand you guys are having quite a one.

~Christophle~ Little mar kittens???Am I missin' some thing

* Shiral sends ear scritches to all Holybrook kitties

~the_Bee~ Wrengl's cat had kittens

~Debbie-VB~ We actually had SNOW here in Vancouver!!!!!!!!!

~Kiri`~ is snow in vnacouver unsuual?

~KK~ I understand that Boston set a new record.

~wrengl~ tabby kittens, christophle, have an M on their foreheads

~the_Bee~ Yup

~Shiral~ Right over their eyes and the bridges of their noses

~wrengl~ supposed to be mary's kittens or something like that

~KK~ And M is for Mary--so they're Marian kittens.

~Debbie-VB~ Actually we usually get one snowfall a year, which brings everything to a standstill

~Kiri`~ oh tha'ts what that means.. i thought perhaps it mean little girl kittens or somethign

~wrengl~ yes it got down to 1F here yesterday morning

~the_Bee~ supposed to warm up

~KK~ What genders?

~Shiral~ No snow here, but the end of December and the beginning of January were unusually chilly for us

~wrengl~ do not know yet

~Christophle~ oh right... sorry never had a cat. I was on a totaly different tangent!!!

~KK~ When were they actually born?

~Shiral~ Cats tend to crop up often around here, Christophle

~wrengl~ and she moved them amongst the boxes in the Maid's Room next to the kitchen so we cannot get at them now

~KK~ Yup, most of us are cat fans.

~wrengl~ actually 7 january

~Shiral~ How do you feel about Chocolate, Christophle? That's another popular topic around here =o)

~wrengl~ but close enough, just took the kings longer to get to our house

~Christophle~ AGH... cant stand it!!

~the_Bee~ My sister's cat insisted on raising her kittens in the drawer where Mom kept the cleaning rags

~wrengl~ lol! sounds like a cat

~KK~ Then, they'd be--er--triskadecath night kittens.

~wrengl~ madam moved them first from their birthing spot to Spook's Hidey Hole

~Christophle~ Ahm...Shiral. I'm I still in the right place if I've never had a cat and dont eat Chocalate??

~Kiri`~ yes chris.. =)

~wrengl~ so kathi made spook a fleece nest by a radiator

~Shiral~ Yeah, you'll do. YOu love the Deryni books, and that's the main thing

~Debbie-VB~ Don't worry Pat, she'll present them when she thinks they are ready

~Christophle~ Whew...

~wrengl~ spook took one look at her grandkittens and ran the other way

~Shiral~ A person of questionable taste, perhaps, but if you enjoy the books, it's all cool. =o)

~the_Bee~ Peeps are an acceptable alternative to chocolate. And Wrengl is a dog-lover AND a cat-lover

~Christophle~ Ta

~KK~ Adult cats who are not the mom usually think kittens are some alien life form, created to annoy them.

~wrengl~ or she thinks, WE are ready or deserving

* Kiri` grins at KK"s comment

~wrengl~ yes indeed

* jp joins and is welcomed by everyone

~Shiral~ So when the new book opens, Alaric is out of his infancy, then, KK?

~Debbie-VB~ Come to think of it, that describes most adult human's reactions to young children that are not thirs

~Christophle~ Questionable taste!

~wrengl~ verra true debbie

~jp~ evening all

~Sedina~ speaking of kittens, I'll brb... Bueller has managed to lose his toy mouse under the stove and he's going to keep up his pathetic meowing until I get it out for him

~KK~ Yep, but Bronwyn is not yet conceived.

~Kiri`~ i see Beuller has Sedina trained..

~Shiral~ Well, one kid at a time. I'm sure Alaric was enough for any parents to handle

~wrengl~ lol shiral

~Christophle~ Is this the first Childe Morgan Book?

~Shiral~ Bueller?

~the_Bee~ second

~wrengl~ just because Kelric is at least eight handfuls.........

~KK~ This is the second one I'm just beginning; first one came out in November.

~Debbie-VB~ second childe Morgan book. ItKS was #1

~the_Bee~ first is In the King's Service, out last November

~wrengl~ In The Kings Service, Chris

~Christophle~ right

~Shiral~ Hey, Pat, Kelric obviously got it from his dad. =o)

~wrengl~ lol

~Christophle~ got it last week from the US

~Debbie-VB~ as long as you keep alaric away from the honey jar

~wrengl~ good

~Kiri`~ knowing alaric.. he'd have charmed the bees in the hive! or is that duncan ;)

~Sedina~ back...for now, until he knocks it back under the stove again

~wrengl~ lol

~Shiral~ When did you get Bueller, Sedina?

~Sedina~ Shiral - Bueller (according to my sister) is my nephew and my mother's grandkitty

~jp~ I hope that stove's not hot

~Shiral~ Ah

~Sedina~ he's just visiting...much to the relief of the girls

~wrengl~ so Bueller is back visiting, sedina

~jp~ do you have a cat named Ferris too

~wrengl~ just ask the girls -- he visits too often

~Sedina~ oh yeah...and he's surpassed Sadie in size. He's taller and longer than she is, so he really can pin her now when they play

~the_Bee~ LOL

* Debbie-VB has a sudden vision of a cat with little kiity luggage

~Shiral~ And Donal would be approaching the end of his reign, I surmise...

~Sedina~ jp - my sister likes that movie and named him Bueller just because she wanted to be able to call his name like Ben Stein does

~KK~ Yes, but that's still a couple of years away.

~jp~ KK, why did you decide NOT to have Alaric be Donal's childe?

~Shiral~ My friend Judy has a VERY large cat named Sage who runs her house with an iron paw

~KK~ Kenneth turned out to be far more noble than I'd expected, and I just couldn't let him be cuckolded.

~jp~ J

Jebbie-VB~ IIRC, Brion was about 4 at the end of Kings Service, so three years later he'd be 7 wehich means that Donal's got about 7 yrs left

* Kiri` is glad to hear that

~Christophle~ and do we find out what happens to Donels children. OTHER than Brion and Nigel

~Shiral~ I'm glad for Kenneth and Alyce's sake =o)

~the_Bee~ extremely noble, if he and Alyce were that willing to forgive Donal

~KK~ Nope, Brion was older than that.

~Shiral~ Brion was about nine

* jp Such a lovely couple

~Debbie-VB~ My mistake. Me Bad

~KK~ We find out about some of them.

~Shiral~ No Debbie good, just can't count

~Kiri`~ any thoughts on Jiri?

~RainbowDragon~ Jiri?

~jp~ Debbie must have ex-display rental fingers to count on

~Shiral~ Redfearn

~Christophle~ oh. And will there be books to bridge " Bastard prince " to " Deryni Rising"

~KK~ Bastard Prince to ITKS--yes, eventually.

~Debbie-VB~ We are hoping

~Shiral~ Major Coolness!

~Christophle~ FAB

~Kiri`~ ok so that 3 year sabbatical in Bali will be for the Orin/Jodotha books? *giggle*

~Debbie-VB~ 'course, we've got a list of books for katherine to write that is about a mile long

~Christophle~ Still wondering who Duncan and Morgan are decended from..

~Kiri`~ honestly i think we have her earmarked into the next century..

~KK~ Bali is probably one of the *least* likely places I would ever take a sabbatical; too hot!

~Christophle~ I.E Jerusha Or Tieg

~jp~ we may have to help with the task

~the_Bee~ Live Long and Prosper, Katherine!

~Kiri`~ KK - well yeah.. but it sure *looks* pretty

~Shiral~ Katherine, you've got too much writing to do to take a Sabbatical! =o)

~RainbowDragon~ J

J~ I shall try to do both!

* Shiral gives KK the Vulcan salute

~the_Bee~ Christophle: I thought it was Riesel

~jp~ don't go growing pointy ears though

~Shiral~ Oh, pointy ears are rather...distinctive

~Christophle~ nope shes not a healer its Jerusha

~Shiral~ Ah, but she could carry Healer genes

~the_Bee~ but she may carry a recessive Healer gene

~Christophle~ Oh. latent...

~Kiri`~ she needs to relax.. where better than somewhere nice that she doen't have builders and all that where she can relax and .. =)

~Christophle~ or recessive?

~Shiral~ Quiet, soothing surroundings that make it easy to concentrate....

~KK~ I think I'd better sign off now. They're coming tomorrow, early, to cut two doors in the back--big granite-cutting machines that clamp onto the side of the building. It will probably be the scariest day of the build.

~Kiri`~ yikes!

~Shiral~ And noisiest, too!

~Sedina~ oh my gosh

~Debbie-VB~ Tranquilise the fur-kids

~jp~ enjoy

~Kiri`~ escape to dublin!

~Shiral~ Well, Happy New year, and Happy New Book, Katherine! Write well and build well

~Christophle~ Try gran canaria. 4 hours from the UK and fab QUIET beaches

~Kiri`~ take care katheirne!

~Tieg2~ best wishes

~the_Bee~ Hope you have earplugs---for humans and fur-folks

~KK~ They won't hear it inside--and it gets water sprayed on the cut while they're doing it. Still, should be fascinating.

*Everyone bids Katherine farewell, good luck and so forth.

~KK~ Gran Canaria is also too hot for me!

~Kiri`~ scandinavia?

~Christophle~ I love it!!!!

~Shiral~ how about the Mediterranean, Katherine? *g*

~jp~ Lapland

~Shiral~ A nice villa in the South of France?

~Christophle~ but I've got other reasons?

~the_Bee~ a mountain village?

~KK~ I don't know what it is about Brits and the Irish, always wanting to flee to hot places and bake in the sun. Having grown up in So. Florida, I got all that out of my system early, I guess.

~Kiri`~ a Lakehouse in Geneve?

~jp~ Rurapente

~Shiral~ A Swiss Chalet..

~Kiri`~ north pole.. guest of santa

~KK~ Cool climes are my favorite.

~Shiral~ A wee cottage in Scotland...

~KK~ Hmmm, black and white cat now demanding that I go to bed. See you next week, folks.

~Shiral~ Wee, but comfortable and warm

~the_Bee~ Skrithes to Edward and the others

~Shiral~ Night, to Edgar, KK

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. [Quit]



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