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June 2002 



Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC chat.psionics.net,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

Channel Rules are now posted please click on phrase to view. 

WARNING:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action. 




Special Note: A supplement to the Codex Derynianus is being created. 

Please contact Jessie if you are able to participate 

2 June 2002

  • 17 Participants  -- Chat Length - 72 Minutes

  • JastaElf is feeling better

  • The_Bee's mother will be having surgery this week.  Good Luck!

  • The Queens activities during the Jubilee were discussed. 

  • The fire at Buckingham Palace was mentioned

  • Horseback Riding was talked about.  

  • Members of, and membership to, the Camberian Council was discussed

  • Peeps!

  • Tyops were had by all

  • Yoda overtook the channel briefly

  • StarWars II : Attack of the Clones was discussed

  • Religious Leaders of the Church of Gwynedd 

  • Kelson's heirs were speculated upon

  • Duncan's education was asked about

  • Katherine tells us what she *really* thinks about Gorony. ;)  

  • Harry Potter snuck in somehow too... 

  • Jasta's son did REALLY well at school!  YAY!!!

9 June 2002

  • 17 Participants, Chat Length - 52 minutes
  • Jasta is still having health problems.
  • Katherine and Scott went to Scotland for a friend's memorial service over the weekend
  • Kelos asked "What do you believe would happen if a drunk Deryni attempted to use a Portal and managed to initiate jump without a totally clear picture of the destination Portal's pattern?" Katherine replied "I don't think a drunk Deryni would have the appropriate focus to operate one."
  • Archangels were discussed at length.
  • Katherine was pretty productive early in the week.
  • The Quick-Portal is working really well. =)
  • A Deryni Fan joined us as a new chatter! Welcome Andy!
  • ottoman joined us from Turkey.
  • Kiri's scottish infrared keyboard got out of hand again. 
  • Deryni Tales was discussed - no spoilers however!

16 June 2002

  • 16 Participants, 82 Minutes

  • Peer was very active today.
  • Ireland does celebrate Father's Day th same day as the US.
  • Broadband connections were mentioned.
  • Katherine did not get anything done on her book thi week, however she did get a lot done on her Lectures, and Martine & Jessie's questions.
  • Katherine will be doing a 10 day Lecture Cruise in late June. 
  • Movies currently in the theaters were discussed. No Spoilers. Windtalkers, Scooby-Doo, Spiderman.
  • There no new news about what is making Jasta ill.
  • Mick Jagger's knighting was mentioned.
  • JastaElf wants to see Liam Neeson knighted, Kiri wants to know when this is! =)
  • Bynw asked who would be able to make it to the Midwest Gathering. (Contact him if your going!)
  • Duncan McLain came into channel to have a word with Jasta about "healing" ;)
  • No one has heard from Laura lately.. she is missed.
  • Shiral was honored by her co-workers for her short story Dhugal at Court being published in Deryni Tales
  • Katherine gave us the Topics of her and Scott's lectures.
  • Katherine will be speaking on: Templars, Wars of Scottish Independence, Hidden Dublin, and possibly on what it's like to be an author
  • Scott will be speaking on: simple heraldry, theft of the Irish crown jewels, and probably Scottish clans.
  • Scott will be doing a panel on Freemasonry at Darkover this year.
  • The delights of a luxury cruise were talked over
  • "Hot and cold running Bishops" were mentioned
  • The QE2 is being de-commissioned, and the Queen Mary 2 is now being built.
  • Cloning and the article in the NY times today was mentioned "genetically modified goats with spider genes spliced in, that will produce milk with silk protein"
  • Various Goat-Spider jokes flew.. er webbed about.
  • Spiders were discussed.
  • Do Clones possess souls? was asked, and speculated about.
  • Shiral asked "Have you ever thought of writing a Deryni Character with serious phobias?" Katherine answered "Er, no. But I've seriously thought about what would happen to someone with vision as bad as mine has gotten."
  • Jasta noted that Jehana had a fear of Deryni Magic, while Dennis noted "A number of characters with a fear of morals: Hubert, Murdoch, Manfred, Rhun..."
  • Eye problems, eyewear, and corrective methods were discussed in detail.
  • Bart asked "Could a person with a suicide trigger and has his/her powers blocked, could they still commit suicide? Katherine answered " A suicide trigger would work even better on a Deryni with power blocked."
  • Katherine indicated that there were Deryni in pre-Coup Gwynedd, and associated with the Haldanes in some fashion.
  • Katherine is still working on layering stuff at the beginning of In the Service of the King

23 June 2002

  • No Official Chat. Katherine en-route to Cruise.

30 June 2002

  • No Official Chat.  Katherine is on a Lecture Cruise. 





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