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Bart Kleber  Bart or Rambart

Bart is currently serving overseas as an emergency medic.  We wish him well and hope he returns safely with all the others who are involved in the conflict on both sides. 

Lives in the north west corner of Iowa. Which is nowhere near a cornfield, despite his tagline. =) He is a chef at Applebee's and also serves in the Iowa National Guard as a medic. He has been reading Katherine Kurtz books since he was about 10 or 11. He began writing his first fan fic in 1997, which the original he will someday burn because it is horrible. Once he completed writing the Mourning Prince, which is dedicated to his late cat Ming the 1st, he decided to continue telling the story. Regent and Duke is being written as we speak, Duke and Regent, and Regent and King will follow. He is currently owned by Ming the 1st's successor, Precious the 1st.

Stories Regent & Duke The Mourning Prince

Bernadette Crumb

A stay-at-home-mom with four children, she manages to find time to not only read the works of Katherine Kurtz, but to practice her writing. Bernadette hopes to eventually finish something worth publishing but in the meantime, her favorite books are fantasy, science fiction and history, with side excursions into romance, mystery and techno-thrillers. Her favorite authors are Katherine Kurtz, David Edding, Timothy Zahn, Robert Heinlein, and Anne McCaffrey. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys baking, designing and making historical and fantasy costumes, and participating in roleplaying games.

Stories  White Foal  Uninvited Guests - Parts 1, 4, 11, 12, 20   

Beverly Allen The_Bee
Beverly Allen (The_Bee) appeared in the mortal world on the same date that Lewys ap Norfal vanished from it. The same year? She's not saying. She began reading Katherine Kurtz's books back when Deryni Rising was the only book KK had written. Besides collecting and recording the lore of Lost Caeriesse, The Bee's ambition is to compose and perform a chorale in four-part harmony, accompanying herself on the flute.
Stories I'm Called Little Buttercup (Filk) The Knighting of King Kelson (Filk)

Celia Grey

Is lawyer in North Carolina. 

Stories Uninvited Guests -  Parts 3 & 21

Dennis Higbee

A gentleman author-at-large.

Stories Uninvited Guests - Parts 5 & 16 The Bishoping of Loris

Donald Lantzke


Stories: Path To Redemption (Loris Challenge)  The Mearan Sunday Herald

Deborah Lemieux


     An avid reader, I recently completed my MA in Anthropology, and when not looking for a job (anyone have any hints where I can be hired?) I can usually be found reading and re-reading KK, among others. I first discovered KK when I was in high school, and I know that these books played a major part in cementing my interest in all things past (which led to my present career choice). I'm also a big fan of Auel, Zelazny, Jordan, Tolkien, Rawn, Williams, Gould and many more.
Stories: Into the Past  


Katy Colby


Katy is the youngest of a large family. From the time her older brother gave her a copy of Deryni Rising, Morgan, Kelson and Rothana have seemed as close as living friends.

Katy lives in Colorado with her husband, two teenagers and Joan the Cat who believes she owns the world. Besides writing, she enjoys playing the Celtic Harp and spending entirely too much time with the SCA.

Stories Terms of His Honor Sword of a Saint

Kendall Boyd


Has been reading Katherine's Deryni novels since the late 70's. I have always been interested in the medieval world. After discovering alt.books.deryni, I fell in the trance of her work even more. I had been working on my own novel, but discovered fan fiction was just as much fun. I began writing short stories to fill the void of the space in between Deryni books.


The Stone of Kings

Primus Inter Pares

Kiri Lindour


A Deryni fan since the age of 12 who has read at least one set of Deryni novels into oblivion. She now manages the authors mailing list, is webmistress of this site, and several others. In real life she is a thirty-something transplant to the left coast who runs her own business, does freelance work on the side, and tries to just keep up with life in general. Academically trained in Ancient History, Archeology, and Religion, she also has a great love of animals and the outdoors.  Which she feels balances it nicely.  She denies vehemently that she is a victim of wanderlust, or a thrill-seeker.  Something which her family argues with most of the time.  She is owned by 4 cats (Mim, Dante, Houdini, & Loki),  two West African Dwarf Frogs (Beatrix & Buttercup), and one snail - Speedy.   She is also the proud owner of Codex # 428.


Uninvited Guests - Parts 8, 9, 10

Deryni Roll Call  

 Queens' Garden Series (coming soon) Rhemuth's Eve of All Souls'

Kristy Henshied

Has been writing fanfiction since seventh grade, when she was converted to sci-fi and fantasy by Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern. She discovered Katherine Kurtz by sheer luck (or was it Saint Camber??) one day in early high school while looking for Mercedes Lackey books that were actually in at her library. Since then she has devoured anything and everything KK, who is her personal hero in writing. A first-year graduate student in molecular biology, the only things she expects to publish are research papers, although many of her idle scribblings can be found on her web site . She is the proud owner of Codex #250, and spends her time (when she's not studying or writing) fantasizing about becoming KK's daughter-in-law.

Stories Uninvited Guests - Parts 6, 17, 22 Tales from Gwynedd 

Linda Richardson

I have been reading KK's work since the mid 1970's. Because I wanted to use her books as the basis for my thesis, I wrote to KK in care of Ballantine, expecting to receive at best a form letter or some standard info from the publisher. To my complete amazement, I got back a personal letter from Katherine that basically said,"wow, I'm flattered; what do you want to know?" I first read DAtZ in those days, too, but many moves and editorship changes put me out of touch with Deryni fandom until the wonderful thing called the Internet put me back in touch with KK, led me to alt.books.deryni, and let me hook up with like minded souls who didn't think writing about Deryni was just plain crazy. Writing time is limited; I recently moved back to the house I grew up in, meaning loads of remodeling and increased time spent on "farm" chores. I practice my craft mainly by pushing my students at the local high school to write. From time to time I also loan out Deryni books to "converts" in the younger generation. I currently share my house with two cats and a dog and spend far too much time online, for which I am totally unrepentant!

Derry's Wedding (co-author)

Filks The Simple Joys of Tyranny I Loved You Once in Childhood
C'est Moi! C'est Moi! The Final Seat at Council

Lisa Encsmommy
Stories A Cure for Ardry


Marilyn A North TranshaLass
Marilyn has been a Deryni fan since the mid-80s, and lives in Utah .  She has a degree in history and speaks Spanish fluently.  She loves music, and plays violin, piano, and a little guitar.  She also serves as the choir director in her congregation.  She is currently owned by a black toy poodle named Jacques
Stories Refuge  Suffer the Children Queen's Token

Martine A. Lynch Martine
Martine Lynch is a Chicago girl living in New Jersey, thanks to her Jersey Boy husband. She pays the bills by being a technology consultant, programmer, and web developer for KPMG, and in her spare time studies medieval architecture and society, plays piano, gardens, writes fiction, and tries not to get too addicted to video games.
Stories Queen of Meara  The Apple Tree Fading Flower
Filks Agony Part 1 It Takes Two

Mary Alice Kropp


a resident of the Frigid Northeastern Regions (Londonderry, NH), the mother of 3 girls (21, 19, 17) and provider for 8 cats, 3 aquariums and 1 pond (so far!). She reads fantasy, sf, mysteries and anything else that looks interesting (cereal boxes, old newspapers, license plates….), is a music lover (especially jazz and rock! Go hear some live music!), and probably couldn’t exist without her computer. She also has a full-time job, but that’s the boring bit. She’s been a fan of KK’s fuhevah! She also does a bit of freelance writing, and has written fanfic in several genres, including the Deryni universe. Visit all of us at Thirty-Two Paws!

Stories Close Encounter Second Encounter
Filks A Deryni Night before Christmas

Matt Cushing


The father of 2 wonderful kids and the husband of the most wonderful woman in the world. I began reading KK and fantasy in college and have never stopped. I work for ETS in New Jersey, but I enjoy my second job more - I am a martial arts instructor in TaeKwon Do at Healthquest in Flemington, NJ. I have written short spurts of stories as well as co-authored Derry's Wedding with Linda.  I am into anything Asian in nature and plan on getting a tattoo on my back of a circle with the compass points represented by chinese characters for earth, air, fire, and water. Now all I have to do is work up the courage to get it done ;)

Stories Derry's Wedding (co-author) Healing of Derry

Melissa Houle


Melissa Houle, a soi-disant Deryni Addict has been reading Katherine Kurtz’s books since the mid-70’s. To her own astonishment and delight, she and her fellow fans Susan Werner and Carolyn Shilts were given the task of setting up and maintaining Katherine’s official website, Deryni Destination, in the summer of 1999. She has been doing artwork in some medium or other ever since she was old enough to find a crayon and a wall. Writing actual Deryni fan fiction stories of her own came somewhat later, but is now one of her chief pleasures in life. When not at work or reading, or writing or painting for Deryni Destination, she can often be found in the Deryni_Destinations chat room under the chat nickname Shiral. 


Uninvited Guests - Parts 2, 13, 14, 15, 19, 24

Bishop Loris (Loris Challenge)
The Morning After - Part 2


Cedric & Daffyd
Fie on Festils! Valoret! Deryni, Deryni
I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?  If Ever You Would Leave Me
Twelve Days of Deryni 

Raymond Danner III


Raymond Danner III, who is known as Kelos_al-Hazar in the #Deryni_Destinations chatroom, is a seriously underemployed computer consultant, whose three passions are computers, writing and reading. Also things he does are participate in PBeM (Play By e-Mail) simulations and betatest for various companies. Currently, he is the GM of the USS Resurrection PBeM sim, and is involved in three other sims. His Deryni fanfic piece has been dormant for far too long, largely due to, well, inability to write on it.

Stories Rising of the Phoenix


Roberta Kelm


Roberta was introduced to Katherine's work in the mid-1980s by a guy she liked who worked at a local bookstore (WARNING: having a crush on a guy who works at a bookstore can be VERY expensive!). The guy is long gone, but her love of Katherine's books lives on. When she discovered the alt.books.deryni newsgroup and saw that fan-fic was not only allowed, but encouraged, she decided to try some herself. Her favorite era in Gwyneddian history is the Camber era; her secret desire is to attempt a biography of Alister Cullen before the Restoration, if she could just figure out how to get it started. She has also been playing around with some non-Deryni writing, and is tentatively planning on collaborating with a friend on some stories if they can decide on what to write about! She lives in California with her long-suffering husband Mark (who has read the Adept series but has yet to get started on the Deryni books).

Stories A Yule Tale The Betrothal Reconciliation Crisis of Conscience

Susan Werner

Unicorn 636

Is single and a teacher in Chicago. She teaches 4th, 5th, and 6th grade special education. She also runs the school newspaper. Susan has been a Deryni fan since high school and is an aspiring, although as yet unpublished fantasy writer. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys travel, attending SF/F conventions, swimming, hiking, theatre, and figure skating and gymnastics events. Susan also has the distinction of being known as the newsgroups' Mistress of Complications for her convoluted plot analyses.

Stories Uninvited Guests - Parts 7, 18, 23 Edmund's First Deryni Encounter (Loris Challenge)
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