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Airsid Policies







General Guidelines


The Airsid Network, previously Deryni Scrolls, is a web Archive for all Deryni related works and Fan Fiction. 


All submissions are subject to approval by the web-team.  At present stories that are considered not suitable reading for all family members are not currently active. (*see below).  


As an archive, Airsid, as was the case with Deryni Scrolls, will post stories, and other interesting items,  submitted into alt.books.deryni.  These are always posted here at the authors discretion, and new authors* are always contacted as to their wishes regarding said items.  

  • It is not our policy at this time to post graphic (sexual or excessively violent) adult content.  We are working on an "Adult's Only' area that will require passwords.  

  • A new author is considered to be someone who does not currently have an item posted here on Airsid, who has never submitted something which is likely to be considered, or who has recently  joined either alt.books,deryni, or Deryni Scrolls - the Author's Mailing List.


Submissions to Airsid can be sent directly to the webmistress at her email  All submissions are welcome.  Submissions do not have to be posted into alt.books.deryni to be accepted. 

Deryni Scrolls - The Author's List

While not a part of Airsid, The Author's List is maintained and run by Kiri and Mary Alice Kropp who is the co-moderator.  This list is for Deryni Authors only and is for the following. 

  • story details and questions that might be spoilers in the newsgroup. 
  • beta reading queries
  • general questions
  • provides summaries and character details of currently existing works
  • The various round robin author's discussions
  • Plot problems
  • Proposal of possible challenges or other story ideas. 

This list is generally quiet but can be a valuable resource.  If interested please contact either of the List Mistresses for details or to be added.



Below I have provided logos with instructions for linking to various parts of Airsid and it's co-sites.  Should you need a specific adjustment to these, please contact me for custom logos. 


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