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Current Editor: Julianne Toomey-Kautz


Submission Guidelines 

(by Julianne - August 2009)

At the beginning of your story include:  
            Author's first and last name 
            Home address
Email address
General Story Guidelines:
    Times New Roman 14 point font only

    Rich Text Format (.rtf) is preferable
            Julianne is running Word Perfect 13, which reads most other word processors.

    Do not use funky spacing
    Do not use nifty cool fonts for your title (that's what the editor/publisher is for!)
    Only send the final version of your submission
    There is no minimum length. Come to think of it, there's no maximum either  --
    except that DAtZ can't publish novels/novellas and rarely publishes sequels.
    There have been stories as short as a couple of pages and as long as 50 pages
    typed double-spaced.


The deadline is usually April of the year for summer (July/Aug/Sept) publication.


You can send your submission as an:
    Attachment to an email
    In the body of the email
    You can even send it snail mail, if you like.
            In that case, we ask that you enclose a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)
            so we can get it back to you. 

            (Please click here to contact Julianne for her mailing address [click here] )


        If you think another fan would like to read your story (and Iím just as much a fan as anyone else!), then go for it.  The only thing we object to is badly-written MarySue stories. 

        This term is used in science-fiction/fantasy fandom to refer to a story that is (usually a first effort and poorly-written) about the author's own self (variously disguised) who can do anything and who usually rescues the characters and then ends up in the sack with at least one of them.  We can thank Star Trek fandom for this.
        Actually, you notice I said poorly-written MarySues. I don't mind MarySues with the author as a character. I've written them myself. Wish fulfillment is all well and good, but the story needs to be well enough written to qualify on its own merits. As long as it the plot makes sense and doesn't suffer from idiot plot (the kind of plot where the characters have to be idiots to make the plot work)....



    The editor (Julianne) sends all submitted material off to Katherine, who has final say on what will and will not be included in the zine. It is, after all, her world. She makes the final determination as to whether or not a story works in her universe.


Final Publication dates are usually determined upon Katherine's schedule and avaliability. Being a busy author, and despite her best intentions, there are times when delays happen. 


Further Questions about submissions can be sent directly to Julianne [click here]