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Camber Era




The stories within this volume are from the time 

of the Blessed Saint Camber. 





The Betrothal

Rhys Proposes to Evaine

Print The Betrothal (4 pages)




Cedric & Daffyd

Unable to save himself and his wife, 

Daffyd tries to save his childhood friend.

Print (90 pages)




Crisis of Conscience

A young man, fearing a long-desired goal was closed to him forever, meets a familiar stranger.

Print (4 Pages)




Jesse's Wedding

Jesse MacGregor rescues a young Deryni 

woman from Manfred MacInnis's dastardly plots.

Print - Complete to Chapter 3





A young family flees Dolban, 

with the help of a kind stranger.

Print (3 pages)




Sword of a Saint

A Healer Nun & a Soldier 

        - can they save each other?

Print (3 pages)

A Yule Tale

The Lord guides one of his priests to save 

a young Deryni family from persecution

Print (3 pages)










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