Deryni in a Strange Land
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Deryni in a Strange Land 




By: Tenerezu

Originally Posted: Saturday, October 16, 1999


Chapter  1 


  Another shiver passed through me, yet it was anything but cool in the chamber. In fact, it was a bit close. Eight of us tonight...hell, three were too many for me. Yet their presence calmed me a bit. I'd been jumpy all day and for no explainable reason. Its not like the work tonight was going to be hard, or for that matter even that draining.

Gwynn was coming. He said he had news not to be trusted to the relays. Typical Gwynn, direct, blunt, and tactless. The Aldarans were suitable annoyed and once again threatened to pull out. I had sent apologies when I heard, but they sounded hollow even to me. Thereíd be trouble no doubt. After some 20 years, my excuses for him were pretty much exhausted.

I sighed deeply. No, that wasnít the real issue, nor was Gwynnís abrasive tongue. Things were always tense between the lowland Hasturs and the Aldarans. Even more so now with this Varzil character preaching something called the Compact. And although Gwynn was as far removed from the throne in Thendara as I was from being named Aldaran y Aldaran, those fools made more of our friendship than the destruction of Hali.

There it was again, just on the edge of my mind...damn...I almost had it. I had always wished for the Aldaran Gift in full measure, but I guess thatís the price of being nedestro. Small price to pay though, my status as nedestro had allowed me to stay in the Tower all these years. If only...

"Are we ready," Ellemir asked. More of statement than a question, I thought. But thatís Ellie, even when she isnít clothed in formal Keeperís robes. As she glanced around the circle, her gaze fell on me. "If your not well tonight, we can bring Gwynn through with out you", she said. I smiled without humor or rancor. "No, Vai Domna", I replied. "After all these years, I imagine Iíve his pattern better than you or the machines". "Oh!, I've his pattern well enough" she said, but we all caught the unspoken words, "even if I wish I didnít." That thought brought grins to most faces and dispelled my uneasiness. As she tossed me one of her smiles, I heard her gentle prod "weíre waiting for you."

As I dropped into rapport, I realized they had already shielded the circle. They must realize Iím uneasy. Its to be expected though, they all know as much as I love Gwynn, he can be trying, bredhin or no. My mind quested out to the lowlands and to Thendara. "Iíve got him", I sent out silently as I began to warp the energies of the circle to bring Gwynn here.

Lighting flashed outside the Tower windows and thunder filled the room. Something was terribly wrong! As I poured more and more energy into maintaining the slowly materializing Gwynn, I felt the circle begin to weaken and myself with it. Never in 15 years had this happened before. And there it was again, no missing it this time. What had eluded me all day was now before my eyes.

Two figures in a familiar but still strange looking room. " I know Father, but Iíve not seen my sister nor my children in almost two months.How could this be, Gwynn has no children. "Son, just wait a day or so, the weather will clear and we can both ride up. I could use the fresh air. Oh very well, I never could convince you when you had your mind made up". Gwynn and his father barely spoke, yet this man was clearly not his father. "Well Father, thatís true, and may I also point out what good is a portal if its never used" he said with a grin as he stepped neared to the roaring fire. Portal, whatís a portal? "Iíll see you when the weather clears"

Pain lashed through my temples and when I felt I could no longer bear the pain, it faded as I crashed out of the circle. Quickly casting out to be certain there was no injury among us, I found shields snapping in place painfully quick. When I turned to Gwynn, I heard Ellie in my mind, "Ware, he has laran, but that is not Gwynn." I could not believe it; my mind would not accept it. "Merciful Evanda, Who are you?".



Story is unfinished. 





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