13  -  Chapter 13 - The Mourning Prince
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The Mourning Prince



Chapter  XIII




  Kelson motioned for his uncle to give him his family's letters. "Here are the letters I received from my family. I think maybe you should read them, and then maybe we can come up with a tactful response." Kelson took the letters from his uncle and handed them off to Harold.

"I assume you want us to start without you?" Harold asked glancing at the letters.

"Yes, just kind of get it started. I'll look it over when I get back. And before I forget, don't include anything about what's on the back of the red-backed letter."

"Oh," Harold said as he noticed the writing on the red sheet, "I can read it though?"

"Of course, or I wouldn't have given it to you."

Are you sure this is wise? Camber sent mentally into Kelson's mind.

I think it is. It is about time they know more about who I am, Kelson sent back.

"Can I read it?" Micheala asked, "I am sure my father would like to know about them."

"I don't see why not."

"I should be detained for about an hour, "Kelson said as he watched all of them begin to read over the letters.

"Yeah, okay," Harold said absently, fully engrossed in his reading, "see ya."

Chuckling to himself, Kelson motioned for his uncle to follow him.

"Meow!" Ming said as she sat positioned in Kelson's way. Bending down to scratch behind her ear, Kelson said, "stay here sweetheart. Make sure they don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." Ming just stared at him as he stood up and proceeded with his uncle towards the front of the house where the entrance to the basement was.

With Kelson leading the way, the two men walked to the entrance to the basement, which was near the front door. Flicking the light switch at the top, Kelson began to descend the stairs.

"Where are we going?" Camber asked as he followed his nephew.

"To the basement," Kelson said dryly.

"Well I know that," Camber said exasperatedly, "but where?"

Turning to look at his uncle as they reached the bottom, he whispered, "there is a secret room, hidden behind my laundry room."

"Really?" Camber asked surprised.

"Yes really," Kelson said as he made his way past an entertainment area which had a couch and chair positioned in front of a large TV set and VCR. Following him, Camber noticed that Kelson had stopped in front of a door behind and to the right of the entertainment area.

"The laundry room?" Camber asked as he reached Kelson's side.

"Yes," Kelson said as he opened door and reached to his left to turn the light on. Entering the room behind his nephew, Camber noticed a washer and dryer to his right against the wall, and a sliding closet door to his left. Moving to the sliding door, Kelson slid it aside.

Coming up behind his nephew, Camber saw him trace a sign in the air at the back, left of the closet. A small opening appeared, just big enough for one man at a time to crouch through.

"Go ahead and go through. I'm going to close the closet door behind us," Kelson said waving him into the small opening. As Camber entered the darkened hole, he felt the cold hit him. Exiting the hole on the other side, Camber stood up and positioned himself slightly to the left, to give his nephew enough room to exit. Before he could scan the room with his senses, a light flared behind him. Turning back to the entrance of the hole, he saw that his nephew had entered and had conjured handfire.

"What is this place?" Camber asked.

"What does it look like?" Kelson said, gesturing towards their surroundings.

Camber turned and got a good look at the chamber they were in. It was a small room with a black and white checkered tiled floor, and the same black and white pattern on the walls. To the right of the entrance, he saw what appeared to be an altar with unlit candles sitting on the right and left. To his left, off in the corner was a candleholder with a long candle sitting in it.

"A chapel?" Camber asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Yep, well at least it used to be anyway. I don't think anybody has been down here in years." Having said that, Kelson made his way towards the large candle in the corner. As Camber reached the point where Kelson was, he watched as Kelson waved his hand over the top of the candle and flame appeared. Dispelling his handfire, he turned to his uncle.

"Feel the floor," Kelson said, indicating the black and white squares in the corner. Furrowing his eyebrows in curiosity, Camber bent down and extended his hand out about an inch above the area Kelson had indicated. Extending his senses outward, he felt the slight tingling of a transfer portal.

"What the...?" Camber said as he pulled his hand back.

"Yes, it's a transfer portal," Kelson said as his uncle stood back up. "And no, I don't know who put it here, or how long it has been here," Kelson replied, anticipating his uncle's next question.

"Since you showed me this," Camber asked, "I take it we are going to retrieve the royal regalia?" Kelson just smiled and stepped onto the squares leaving enough room for his uncle. Camber stepped on to the squares just left of Kelson.

"You realize I haven't done this in awhile."

"Yes I do, just relax, lower your shields, and I'll do the rest," Kelson said as he placed his left hand on Cambers right shoulder.

"Exactly where are we going?"

"Somewhere in Gwynedd. I'm not exactly sure where it is." Kelson said as he reached out and triggered the transfer portal with his powers. Before Camber could really think about it, he stirred and suddenly felt the weightlessness and vertigo that always accompanies the use of a transfer portal. Suddenly they were somewhere else.



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