04 - Chapter 4 - A Daughter's Secret
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A Daughter's Secret 









Lady Adreana Calder MacArdry lay on her deathbed and considered one last thing she must do in her life. "Fetch my jewel case," she instructed her maid Geillis. The girl obeyed swiftly. Adreana told her to look and find a cloak clasp shaped like a lion's head. Once it had been found, the Lady of Clan MacArdry gave her instructions.

"This is to be given to young Dhugal. Tell him that his father gae it to his mother on the day they married." This was all Adreana could do to fulfill her promise, made ten years ago at her daughter Maryse's death. She had heard through clan gossip that Duncan McLain was now a priest, and newly named tutor to the Crown Prince of Gwynedd. Perhaps one day he and Dhugal would meet at Court and Duncan would recognize the brooch. Adreana didn't know if it would happen, but wanted a reunion between long-lost father and son to happen, if it was meant to.



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