03 - Chapter 3 - The Mearan Bride
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The Mearan Bride 



Chapter  3




  The next evening, as the various Mearan and Haldane young people entered the Great Hall for dinner, Noelie asked her brother where their parents were.

"Father told me after the hawking today that he and mother would be eating in their rooms tonight. He said he had something to discuss with her and didn't want an audience," said Brecon. "You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

"Well..." Noelie blushed guiltily. Rory had contrived to tell her that Kelson had spoken to her father, so she did know what her parents would be discussing.

"Brecon," Rory said, "How might you like a Haldane Duke for a brother-in-law?"

"A Duke?" Brecon was startled, then looked enlightened. "Would that Duke be you then?"

"If your father can get your mother to agree, then yes. Your father, mine, and the king already have."

"Would this please you," Brecon asked his sister.

"Very much," she answered.

The next couple of weeks passed in a whirlwind. Lady Oksana was persuaded to put her daughter's happiness first and accept a Duke rather than a King as her son-in-law. And of course, her own elevation to a Mearan ducal title, and the promise to Rory and Noelie of another ducal title as well as vice-regal status, had perhaps been a slight encouragement.

After their wedding, held jointly with Brecon and Richelle's own, Rory and his bride danced long into the night. Nothing could put a damper on their joy, not the whispered report of the incident down at the cathedral, or even Kelson's announcement of his bethrothal to the Princess Araxie. Finally it was time for the newly wed couples to be escorted to their bridal chambers. Once they were alone, Rory sat down on the bed beside his wife.

"No regrets about choosing a Duke instead of a King," Rory asked, drawing his fingers through her loose hair.

"None," she reassured him. "Especially since that king has already chosen a queen. I hope that they, like the rest of us, will live happily forever."



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