02 - Chapter 2 - The Mearan Bride
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The Mearan Bride 



Chapter  2




  Following the welcome banquet that evening, Noelie stood in a window embrasure, taking in the cool evening air and what she could glimpse of the twilit castle gardens.

"You appear to be deep in thought, my lady," said a voice behind her. "Would you welcome company, or do you prefer solitude?" Noelie turned to see Prince Rory standing just outside the embrasure. "Your Highness," she said softly, as she curtsied.

"I was wondering if you would care to take a stroll in the gardens," Rory said. "Your brother and my cousin are going down now." She thought his request had to do with chaperoning the couple and so she agreed.

Down in the gardens, Rory and Noelie hung back to give Brecon and Richelle some privacy. Rory drew her into a shadowed copse, where they could not be seen from castle or gardens.

"My lord?" Noelie asked uncertainly.

"Don't worry. I just wanted to talk to you without being interrupted," he reassured her.

"Talk about what?" she asked.

"I know that many people would see you marry my cousin the king. Is that what you want?" Rory looked at her directly, his gray eyes meeting hers.

"If it is what is decided, I will accept such a marriage and do my best to be a good queen," Noelie said slowly. "I don't know if it's appropriate that I say more."

Rory nodded. "Many of Kel's advisors favor another Mearan match, but I honestly don't know that he agrees with them."

"What does that mean?" Noelie asked, her interest growing.

"He recognizes the value of the match but not that it should be him making it. I think he still has bad memories of the last time he tried a Mearan alliance."

"If he truly wants this alliance, then who would he choose instead of himself," Noelie questioned.

Rory looked at her and said simply, "Me."

Noelie frankly stared at him; her eyes wide and her mouth all but hanging open. "Are you serious," she whispered.

"Yes. Kel asked me about it before he left for Torenth. I wanted to let you know before now, but he didn't want you, or me, to have to face your mother if she found out."

"He would truly approve of you asking for my hand?" Noelie couldn't help the smile that began to grow on her face. Rory's face began to sport a similar grin.

"Do I take it that such an offer would meet with my lady's approval?"

"Oh yes," she breathed. Slowly, Rory bent his head toward her and tilted her face up for a gentle kiss on her mouth. After a few such kisses, Rory reluctantly pulled back. "We should find Brecon and Richelle," he said. They went in search of the pair, struggling to put neutral expressions on their faces. They didn't want anyone to suspect anything until after Kelson had talked to Jolyon Ramsay.



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