03 - Jesse's Wedding - Chapter 3 - By: Rita Caywood
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Jesse's Wedding



Chapter 3


Three things happened all at once. Tieg, who had been waiting at the edge of the clearing, now headed towards Ansel and Jesse. After making sure that neither was seriously hurt, he dismounted and went over to where the young borderer lay curled up. He kneeled down next to him and bowing his head, probed for any sign of life. After a few seconds, he raised his head towards Jesse and shook his head.

ďIím afraid, heís dead.Ē he murmured as he stood up and started to head towards the old man.

Ansel was helping the old man to his feet when they all heard Tiarna running towards them, the relief in her face turning to uncertainty and then fear as she noticed her brother laying on the ground. She rushed to him and brushing past Jesse, kneeled down to cradle his head in her lap, whispering, ďNo, no, no....Ē as she rocked back and forth, tears falling unnoticed on the cradled head.

As the scene registered in his mind, Murray gasped as his knees buckled. Tieg who was almost there, hurried over to help Ansel. As they gently lowered the old man on the ground, Tieg cautiously probed his patient and was shocked when his probe met the resistance of fairly well developed shields.

**Heís Deryni!** he sent to Ansel in a tightly focused mental burst.

Ansel taking a closer look at the man realized he had seen him somewhere before but could not immediately remember. Taking a chance, he sent to the borderer, **I have seen you somewhere before. Eastmarch? Aye, Iím Murray, Captain oí the Guards at Lochalyn. Ye seem familiar.**

Meanwhile, Tieg had cut away the material around the wound and was cleaning it, readying himself to go into trance. Murray rolled back his shields as he felt the brush of Tiegís mind against his. Establishing the link and stabilizing it, Tieg gently eased Murray into deep, painless sleep. Bowing his head, Tieg slipped into his healing trance as he pressed his fingers over the wound and felt the blood pumping, increasing its flow as he sent his healing energy into the damaged muscle and tissues, washing away the impurities and mending them. After a few moments, he raised his head as he withdrew his fingers from the wound that had now closed, leaving only a faint pink line which was fading fast.

Jesse joined Tiarna on the ground, taking her in his arms as he gently stroked her back. As her sobbing started to subside, he sent her a feather light query.

**Iím here if you need me.**

At her nod, he added **Do you think youíll be alright?**

She nodded again and slowly wiped off her tears.

**He was so young and full of life! Aní so happy tae finally wear the white belt. Thank you for being here.** she sent back.

Jesse shifted around to face her more fully. Smoothing back her coppery hair, he sighed as he thought of what he could say to ease her pain.

**Your brother was a very brave young man. He did his best to defend your father and you and killed the man who would have killed your father.**

**I know. He died in battle, wií honor aní courage. I felt Ďim die, Jesse. It was a horrible, gut wrenching feeling that Iíve never felt before.**

Tiarna sent back, as she gently moved her brotherís head from her lap and shifted a bit to lay her head on Jesseís chest.

**Iím here for as long as you need me.**

Jesse whispered in her mind as he stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head.





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