01 - Chapter 1 - Primus Inter Pares By: Kendall Boyd
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Primus Inter Pares  



By: Kendall Boyd  




The brothers Haldane begin the storied history of Gwynedd under shadowy circumstances. Who is that cowled visionary lurking in the dark recesses of the cathedral? 



Author's Note: This story is about Aurelius and Augarin Haldane and the events of the first Haldane king.  Please take into consideration several things as you read this:

  • Katherine may in the future may write on this very subject so I was vague and ambiguous on purpose

  • I also take for granted that the two Haldanes mentioned in the story are Deryni (we may debate this issue in another thread if someone wants to take up the question)

  • I also was purposefully mysterious, hoping to bring the reader into an era where we have never been before in the Deryni world

  • Primus Inter Pares is Latin for "First Among Equals" - the three main characters which are mentioned are Aurelius Haldane, first Archbishop of Valoret; Augarin Haldane, father of Gwynedd and first Haldane king; and lastly one mentioned and introduced only briefly, one of threadmakers, Orin. For it is these three who are the first of many dynasties in the Deryni World.



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