04 - Chapter 4 - Primus Inter Pares By: Kendall Boyd
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Primus Inter Pares  



Chapter  4  - A Kingdom Is Born 



But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, 

a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him 

who hath called you of darkness and into his marvelous light. 

-- 1 Peter 2:9

"Brother," Aurelius tried to gain Augarin's attention. "Brother, it is time we left this hall to speak of other affairs."

"Ah, Aurel," Augarin said holding his goblet higher signaling for the steward to refill it. "Why not let me enjoy one night of feasting?"

"You have had too much drink brother," Aurelius said pushing away from the table. "It's time we leave this hall. You have had your fill." Aurelius motioned to the steward to bring help in escorting the king away from the table. Others tried to interfere, but were too drunk to cause any problems.

Aurelius followed as the men bore the weight of the king between them to the corridor beyond.

"I can walk," Augarin said. "I am not as drunk as I appear." He gave the men holding him a hard stare.

The two men stepped away from the king. Augarin swayed for an instant before he caught his footing. Supporting himself on his brother's shoulder, He walked toward his room. "See, I can walk."

"It is not your walk I am concerned about, Sire," Aurelius said in a quiet tone. He moved closer to his brother's side to help shoulder him as he stumbled about. "Maybe I should be," he said with a small laugh.

"What is so important that you had to remove me from my feast?" Augarin questioned suddenly serious.

"Open the doors," Aurelius commanded the guards as they approached the king' s room.

The two guards immediately opened the doors to allow the king and his brother to walk side by side into the room. Aurelius let the king fall to the bed in his half drunken state. He watched, as Augarin lay spread-eagled on the bed as if he was ready for a long night' s sleep. He just shook his head as he let Augarin enjoy his moment. But in that small moment, he moved to the water basin, picked it up, and returned to the side of the bed.

"Forgive me," he whispered closing his eyes looking toward the ceiling for just an instant. A smile slowly emerged from the archbishop's lips and he did it. He drenched the king across the face with the full contents of the water basin.

The king sputtered and waved his hands about trying to overcome the soaking. "Aurel, I cannot believe you did that!" he spat.

"We need to talk."

"It could have waited until morning," Augarin responded wiping the water from his face, and then slinging towards his brother.

"No, now is the time we talk," Aurelius said in an authoritative voice.

"Then, what is it?" Augarin asked giving in to his brother's familiar tone of authority.

"Our time has come. We have fought side by side to bring us to this place. You have supported me in attaining this high and exalted position and it is time to do more."

"More?" Augarin questioned flabbergasted. He had taken off his tunic and thrown it to the floor while his brother spoke.

"What more can we do? You have reached the highest position allowed by law. You are the Archbishop of Valoret despite Johannes decree. What more is there?"

Aurelius frowned at the king's words. "Yes, we have set ourselves free from Johannes tyrannical reign, but consider that only a spiritual reign. You have to lead us in a political arena, you must lead us from these petty battles of counts and nobles to something greater!" he exclaimed.

"I am the High King of Haldane!" Augarin retorted.

"Yes, you are, but you need to be more than just the High King of Haldane. This world has needs for you to be a king that it will never forget. A king of great import for noble and peasant alike, for Deryni and those not Deryni, and for the Church, for the army you will command, and others that I have yet to think of." He paused to let his words sink into his brother's mind. "Broaden your horizons, Augarin, look beyond what you have now, look to the future. Think on these while you build this kingdom. Be more than you have ever dreamed."

Augarin sat on the edge of the bed dumbfounded by his brother's words. He looked to the floor watching the puddles of water grow larger from his tunic and his wet hair. "What else is there brother?"

Aurelius chose his words carefully. "I had a visitor tonight. Of that, I shan't tell you more, but his exact words were 'your brother will father a country.' And for no other reason than that should you become a king this land has never had. You, my dear brother are king and while feasting is important, it fosters camaraderie and loyalty among the men, but leadership is what men need to take them from the hole they live in to the courts of kings. You have chosen the mantle of leadership; wear it with pride, dignity, and honor. But most of all, wear it!"

Augarin looked up at his brother's final words. "That I shall do, Aurel. This I do, I shall not do for myself or even for you and the church, I do it to set men free from the tyrannical rule of the world. This land we call home, shall be home for all men, noble-born or peasant. This mantle you speak of, I shall wear. But you too, have your cross to bear. The church has set before your destiny, live your life to serve God, and I shall live mine to serve the people."


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