03 - Stone of Kings
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The Stone of Kings



The Answer




  We have a winner! I assume you either have a Codex or you really pay close attention when you read.

"The gem is called the Eye of Rom," Rhys's calm voice informed him (Cinhil), as the Healer's hands did something cold and wet to his right earlobe. "Legends say that it fell from the stars on the night of our Savior's birth, and was brought by the Magi as a gift to the Child. Whether or not that is true, it has been in the MacRorie family for twelve generations. We have endowed it with - ah - certain characteristics which will be useful to you a later tonight." -- Camber of Culdi page 263 (paperback)

A couple of you have seen the light as to what the ruby is (some of you by e-mail), but tell me who is this Cunard?





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